Got questions about how to start and run a club? Read more below.


Guidelines and TORs

  1. New Club Proposals submissions are open from the first business day of the 2nd week of Fall Semester to the first business day of the 4th week of the Fall Semester. Any submissions received outside of this time line will be automatically rejected.
  2. Check the Club Directory to make sure that the club you want to start does not exist already. If the club exists or there is a club with a similar mandate, please join that club. Please note that only currently enrolled SFU Undergraduate students are able to start clubs – Graduate Students and FIC students, Alumni are not eligible to start SFSS Clubs.
  3. If your club does not yet exist, you must fill out and submit the club proposal form. You will need to submit the SFU Confirmation of Enrolment for you and at least one other club executive in the form.
  4. The submission will be reviewed in the month of October.
  5. Based on the amount of detail and information provided in your proposal, you may be contacted by a Club Coordinator to answer some follow up questions.
  6. If there are no conflicts with SFU or SFSS policies, the proposal will be sent to our insurers to make sure that there is adequate coverage for the proposed club activities.
  7. If multiple proposals are submitted with the same or similar mandates, the first completed proposal submission will be accepted – all submissions are time stamped at the time of submission.
  8. If the club proposal is approved by our insurers, the student who submitted the proposal will be asked to complete the SFSS Canvas Course training within the month of November, and to email us their executive and membership lists upon completion. Failure to complete the course by November 30 will result in the proposal being terminated.
  9. Once the SFSS Canvas Course training is completed, please notify the Club Coordinators, and attach your club executive and membership lists. You must have enough executives and members in order to register your club.
  10. If the requirements are met, the club will be emailed a link and a registration code to the register the club and its members.
  11. Once there are at least 2 confirmed executives and at least 20 general members confirmed in the Club Portal, the club will have full “Approved” status.
  12. The decision to reject a club proposal is final.


The club lockers in the SUB are available for requesting during the summer semester!

Starting in May, you can request the club lockers through the Club Portal. Executives with fund/facilities authority can request using the “Renew/Request Locker” link under the “Club Management Tools & Forms” section.

The available lockers will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, but it is not guaranteed that you will get one due to limited supply. Groups that are allocated alternate storage space by other departments on campus are not eligible for a SUB locker. (E.g. groups that have common rooms, other lockers, or storage).

Please note that “club lockers” refer to the lockers located in the Student Union Building (SUB) on Level 1000 and 2000. They are different from the lockers that are rented through SFU Recreation.

Any group that is assigned a locker must adhere to the SFSS Student Union Building Locker Guidelines.

  1. Complete the cheque requisition form (for pick up). See instructions on how to fill out the Cheque Requisition Form here.
  2. If the reimbursement is being funded by a grant, the Event & Project Summary Form must be completed as well. Reimbursements from Resource Funding, Petty Cash, or the club Trust Account, do not require this form.
  3. Attach all relevant receipts:
    1. They must be itemized and original (no photocopies or photographs, and must list items purchased – not just the debit/credit receipt); they must also show that payment was made.
    2. Purchases made in other currencies must be accompanied by the payment amount in Canadian dollars (shown either on a bank statement, or calculated by using the exchange rate at the time of the purchase).
    3. Make sure all receipts, invoices, and supporting documentation are securely attached to the Cheque Requisition Form. Any missing or incomplete information will result in delays in processing.
  4. Prize & Gift Card Receipt Form: Reimbursement requests for gift cards must be accompanied by the completed Prize & Gift Card Receipt Form for each recipient of a gift card and/or prize.
  5. Honorarium Form: Reimbursement requests for honorariums must be accompanied by the completed Honorarium Form for each recipient of an honorarium.
  6. Submit your reimbursement papers at the SFSS Student Centre (SUB 3115) during office hours (Monday-Friday from 10:00am-4:00pm), or in the blue drop-box at the SUB front desk after hours.

Please refer to the detailed instructions here