Voting Period: February 15 – 17, 2022

Vote online through your SFU Mail.
Inquiries can be made to the IEC at

Dilraj Nijjar

My name is Dilraj Nijjar, and I am running to serve as your next President on the SFSS Board of Directors.

SFSS could have done a way better job keeping students in the loop. A lot of students were left wondering why certain decisions were made. I strive to make SFSS a transparent student body that does everything it says on the mission statement and more, all while being as transparent as possible.

As your President, I will work to

Increase Process Transparency

  • During the last term, a lot of students were left wondering why certain steps were taken by the SFSS. I will strive to provide full visibility and transparency into how decisions are made by the SFSS. SFSS is for the students, it’s time we made that happen.
  • Push for bylaws that will make sure the transparency at SFSS is not a choice but a duty of every elected member.
  • Empower students by making them a part of the process.

Increase Student Groups Involvement

  • Create a platform called SFU Voice, where any student can go raise a concern without the fear of being harassed and I along with the committee will do everything in its power to solve it.
  • Added after student consultation: Create a mentorship program like BASS Mentorship program for incoming first- or second-year transfer students where they will be paired up with a volunteer mentors who will introduce them to the university life and get them set up for success.

Increase support for international students

  • Many international students leave their family and friends behind in hopes of a better education. This sometimes takes a toll on the student’s mental health, but they are expected to perform as if everything is okay. I will advocate for more mental health resources so that they can get all the help they need to make the best out of their situation.
  • Help create a fostering environment and a SFU family here on campus to compensate for the fact that they have left theirs behind.
  • Bring forward issues like Language barrier and Different Educations formats. As absurd as it may sound, I had never heard of Plagiarism and referencing sources while studying in India. I was expected to know how to cite sources right off the bat. I will work on adapting the available resources and bridge the gap between these resources and the students who need them. 
  • Added after student consultation: Create a Mentorship Program for international students that is more focused on personal life. Newly arrived international students might need help with knowing basic tenancy laws, best places for groceries, help with SIM card/ internet combos, help with transit system, etc.

Get a better Health and Dental Plan

  • Various other student societies are getting 100% coverage for prescription drugs while we let our provider tell us that 80% is the best we can do. I will strive to get better value from our Health and dental plan all while keeping the cost the same or decrease it.

Helen Sofia Pahou

Hello SFU Students! My name is Helen Sofia Pahou (she/her/hers) and I’m running to be your next President of the SFSS. Alongside my team – the SFU Stronger Together Party (STP) – I aim to uphold the SFSS as an empathetic, resilient, student-centric and collective decision-making resource for our entire student body.

As a 4th year student, I’m doing my Bachelor of Arts as a honours major in political science, and a double-minor in legal studies and international studies. Some of the leadership experience I hold includes:

  • Elected 2021/22 Undergraduate Student Senator in the SFU Senate, serving four sub-committees: (1) Senate Committee on University Priorities (SCUP), (2) Senate Committee on International Activities (SCIA), (3) Senate Policy Committee on Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries (SPCSAB), (4) Senate Undergraduate Awards Adjudication Committee (SUAAC).
  • Former Vice Chair throughout the 2020/21 SFSS Council Year.
  • Former Councillor for Political Science during the 2020/21 SFSS Council Year.
  • Department Representative for the Political Science Student Union (PSSU).
  • Former EDI (Equity, Diversity & Inclusion) Research Assistant and Social Policy Researcher for various SFU work units.

Some of the things I advocate for are:


  • Bringing back the use of frequent surveys that engage the ideas of students that fosters discussion and open dialogue.
  • Coordinating more town halls for students to raise their questions and concerns to the SFSS Executive Committee.


  • Ensuring that student sessions for knowledge and engagement are set up with Studentcare, so that students are given an opportunity to better understand the coverages they pay into every semester via tuition.
  • Working with the university to foster stronger ties to key student services outside of the SFSS! This includes SFU Health and Counselling, the Indigenous Student Centre, the Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office (SVSPO), and the Centre for Accessible Learning.


  • Providing clear-cut training to Councillors that focuses on student-consultation and open governance. Making Council a more effective governing body requires leaders who take their time to empower Council with the tools and knowledge to carry out their work.
  • Cultivating positivity and civil discussion within Council.


  • Providing more frequent announcements for upcoming Council Meetings for the entire student body to access!
  • Working with the SFSS Communications team to upgrade the SFSS website in making it more easy to use and easy to locate key documents of the Society (i.e. SFSS By-Laws, Council Policies, the BC Societies Act, etc.).
  • Prioritizing frequent updates to clubs on how to host events and initiatives throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let’s remember that this election serves as an opportunity for welcoming better leadership. Thank you, and I welcome you to reach out to me at the social media platforms below! Thank you all, and stay safe out there!

Instagram: @helen4presidentsfss

STP IG: @sfu_stp


Liam Feng

Shariq Ahsan

Greetings Fellow Students

I’m Shariq Ahsan and I’m running to be your next SFSS President! Over the last 3 years I’ve been heavily involved in the Science and Applied Science Student Unions. Firstly, I served as President of the Physics Student Association (PSA) and then as President of the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS). As PSA President I was able to revamp the structure of the union and foster a greater sense of community. As SUS President I lead an initiative to attain space in the SUB for members of the SUS and SASS communities. I believe that communities like these deserve space to grow and flourish and similarly, I’m willing to fight for the benefit of all groups on campus.

If elected I commit to:

Effective and Safe Return to Campus during the Pandemic

  • Ensuring that student needs are always prioritized
  • Pushing the University to create contingency plans that are communicated to students well in advance
  • Pushing SFU to provide remote options for long term use
  • Pushing to increase affordability and accessibility for international and BIPOC students

Mental Health Supports:

  • Provide more mental health supports beyond MySSP
  • Provide SFSS Councilors and student union, clubs, and constituency group executives access to more mental health supports in doing their jobs
  • Creating a mental health committee to oversee more emphasis on student wellbeing

DSU and Club Supports:

  • Implement better trainings for the executive teams of Student Unions, Clubs, and other Groups on campus
  • Help facilitate effective collaboration between Unions, Clubs, and Groups
  • Work to release Council agendas in a timely manner to allow for proper consultation and transparency
  • Commit to further outreach initiatives to better educate and involve the membership on services the SFSS provides

Increased Support for BIPOC Communities:

  • Having the SFSS undertake more material activism initiatives
  • Ensure that SFSS initiatives on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion are being continued and expanded
  • Ensure that marginalized communities have a say in all aspects of campus life

Releasing Exam Schedules at Enrollment Time:

  • During the pandemic SFU switched to releasing final exam schedules mid-way through the semester. This proved to be a challenge for many students as exam dates was a major factor in selecting their schedules. As SFSS President I will push SFU to finalize exam schedules during enrollment times so students can plan accordingly.

I am very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had over the last few years to work on different executive teams and advocate for student needs. I truly cherish the positions I’ve held and the people I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with. Student power is on the rise, and I hope that I will have the opportunity to lead these initiatives as your next SFSS President.

If you have questions or would like to know more about initiatives on campus, please feel free to reach out.

Shariq Ahsan

Sophonie Priebe

My name is Sophonie Priebe, and I am running with the SFU Progressives to be your next SFSS President. I’m a third-year joint-major in Criminology and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, with a minor in Psychology.

I’m an adopted, Haitian/Dominican Black woman, into a multi-ethnic family with a strong connection to my church community. At times, they have not identified with my lived experiences, but have enabled me to impart learning with grace and compassion.

I’m the VP for the Students of Caribbean and African Ancestry, the SASS Rep, and the Events and Social Media Coordinate of GSWS Student Union. Through these positions, I’ve collaborated with student unions for events and campaigns, such as pushing for the Black Faculty Hiring and Black student scholarships at the SFU Senate.

My experiences have strengthened me to defend and advocate for workers, organizers, LGBTQ2SIA+, disabled, racialized, migrant, and/or low-income students. We come from all walks of life and have sacrificed so much yet still keep our voices.

As your President, I will build on the work of my predecessors and in solidarity with all students on campus by building joy, celebration, and empowering the community by:

Defend Student Safety During COVID-19

  • Advocate for increased rapid testing, PCR testing sites, free N95 masks on all campuses, and clear communication on transmissions
  • Work with and amplify the demands of DNA to safeguard disabled students on campus

Increase Student Supports

  • Advocate for increased permanent hiring of Black, Indigenous, and other underrepresented communities Counsellors at SFU HCS
  • Push SFU for more hybrid courses and adopt the SFSS Accessible Course Practices Campaign demands to improve accessible education for ALL students

Advocate for Student Rights and Equity 

  • Work with the VP Equity and Sustainability to centre survivors of sexual assault and racial discrimination by implementing trauma-informed reporting
  • Empower and increase the presence of Constituency Groups, Clubs, and independent Student Societies by supporting referendums for dedicated program funding
  • Ensure a lens of Equity and Justice in SFSS policies and practices to provide sustainable support for people traditionally excluded by the SFSS and SFU

Build Community Care and Solidarity

  • Empower Student Unions and Clubs to host events that are accessible, empowering, and joyful through collaborations with the Events Committee
  • Celebrate student wins and build them up with community allies through consultations, respect, and solidarity
  • Work with the Outreach Committee to hold town halls to consult with, hear from, and answer questions by students

Students have made significant headway this year, building on a legacy of radical student activism. The SFSS, GSS, Constituency Groups, and campus organizers have worked together to bring meaningful change to students.

I am here alongside a formidable group of individuals to bring together all Students, Staff, Faculty, Workers and Organizers – to Defend Student Power on Campus!

Vincent Huang


My name is Vincent Huang, and I am running to be the next President of Simon Fraser Student Society.

I see a world where most people are willing to help each other to achieve anything we set to achieve, and I believe that the only way we can do this is to take care of each other and work together as one.

Last month (January) alone, SFU has require us to attend in-person classes without investing in anything that makes us feel safe.

Many students say that:

  • They think that their money spend is not worth their knowledge,
  • They feel like their needs is not properly addressed,
  • Most of them don’t know how to apply their learning in the real world.

As a president, I will demand and pressure SFU to:

  • Operate with their students in mind
  • Based their decisions on students benefit
  • Opportunities for hands-on practice and work to apply what you’ve learned!

TL;DR – It is time that SFU prioritize their students need above profits and provide us with more opportunities for us to try our field of interest and apply what we have learned or what we should have been taught (Personal Finance, Investment, taxes, etc.)

My Top Three Priorities as SFSS President:

Every Single Individuals Matter! No One Left Behind!

A safe space for anyone to raise their voice and actually be heard!

The SUB closure has made a lot of us overload other areas of campus which defeat the purpose of “social distancing”.

We will commit to listening to each individual and understanding where you come from so that we can make changes that make a difference!

  • We Implement Your Decision!
  • Public Opinion Platform: submit your needs, opinions, and concerns
    • Talk to Us! Personally voice your needs (in-person!)
  • Open Window Policy: Full Transparency!
  • Weekly Progress Report: Accurate weekly goals, progress, and spending report

Understanding and Application of Personal Finance and Investment

Everyone knows that personal finance and investment are important in ensuring future financial success, but have we learned how to use them in our life?

  • Free Personal Finance and Investment Program for Everyone! (step-by-step application in your life)
  • More Opportunities: Test your skills from competitive clubs and opportunities
    • BEAM Simulations: Apply your knowledge with a BEAM-like scenario,
    • Entry-level Consulting Clubs,
    • Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, the Metaverse,
    • etc.

No-Commitment Career Exploration: TRY Everything

How do we know what music we like? We listen to many songs and decide.

  • Establish a career simulation without prerequisites (REAL working environment simulations)
    • Real look at what you will do through test projects, problems, and cases
  • Subsidize career exploring events and courses and invite knowledgeable speakers to share their experiences with you.

Goals Beyond my Top Three Priorities:

  • Any COVID-19 related issues: SFU must prioritize their student physical and mental health and safety above anything else
  • Tuition Freeze for two more years and 2% cap for international students increases.
  • More Open Education Resources (OERs)!


Rea Chatterjee

Hi, I’m Rea Chatterjee and I am running with the SFU Progressives as the VP Equity and Sustainability. I am a Psychology major with a joint-minor in Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, and Counselling and Human Development.

As a first generation, queer woman of colour, who grew up in a low-income household, I have felt the effects of social and institutional barriers first-hand. This lived experience guides my work. I believe that all students, especially those from marginalized communities, must feel welcome, safe, and heard.

In order to accomplish this, SFU and the SFSS must acknowledge, address and act upon the historical and ongoing legacy of oppression against marginalized communities including BIPOC, queer, disabled, neurodivergent, lower-caste and low-income students.

I am grateful to Ucwalmicw SFU professor Kicya7 who shared Opaskwayak Cree Professor Dr. Shawn Wilson’s teachings on “Right Action”- that “Wisdom is Knowledge in Action.” This has guided my advocacy work and has taught me that we must act.

Building on my experience with leading an interfaith group that delivered 25,000+ meals to houseless folks in Whalley, co-founder of my highschool’s first mental health club, a Friends of Simon tutor, and organizer with SFU350, I will build an accessible movement where students across faculties, and affiliations come together to put knowledge into action.

TL;DR: I will work to build an equitable, intersectional and justice-centred university where students belong and will not be ignored.

Uphold Climate Justice, Collaboration, and Action

  • Support an intersectional climate justice movement that confronts the ongoing history of colonial systems, centres Indigenous students, activists, and the Host Nations whose unceded and stolen land where SFU is situated
  • Work with SFU350 in keeping the university accountable to their climate action commitments
  • Take action against the TMX Pipeline Expansion project, supporting solidarity efforts of Indigenous land defenders

Increase Equitable and Intersectional Support for Students

  • Build upon previous wins such as the Black Faculty Cluster Hiring, and establish bursaries for BIPOC and low-income students
  • Equip marginalized students accessing SFU health and counselling with advocates as they go through the processes of receiving adequate care
  • Work with SFU, Equity Seeking and Community groups to expand EDI initiatives
  • Lead the Equity and Sustainability Committee to improve training on campuses, and lead the BIPOC Committee in supporting Black, Indigenous, and racialized advocacy across campuses

Make the Student Movement Accessible to All

  • Create an accessible and sustainable student movement that is centred in rest, joy, and community
  • Eliminate accessibility barriers for students to join the student movement by supplying financial support for educational resources, platforms, and workshops
  • Amplify and collaborate with student campaigns across all constituency groups, DSUs, and faculties on campus

The current VPES Marie Haddad has made incredible progress, but there is much more to do. Join me and the SFU Progressives in centering equity and justice and defending student power on campus.

Please remember to vote on February 15-17 through SFU Mail!

Janaye Majer

Hi, I’m Janaye (she/her). I’m running for the VP Events and Student Affairs position with the SFU Progressives. You might’ve seen me hosting events for SFU SOCA like the First Year Social. I also helped with planning Catch Ah Vybz, which had over 40 attendees.

My love language is gift giving, so you’ll often find me giving out free food at events. It’s also part of why I love to plan events and meet new people! You can always contact me since I’m open to listening to any suggestions.


Fun events I’d love to host

  • Host fun events in the new SUB
  • Have a Fall Kickoff (and support local student artists too!)
  • Intramural Olympics with SFU Athletics
  • Work with SFU Esports to improve the Gaming Lounge

Mental health support for students

  • Collaborate with SFU Health & Counseling on Dog Therapy, Bunny Therapy, Cat Therapy, etc. for more than once a semester
  • Host a self-care workshop

Marginalized students’ well-being

  • Continue collaborating with SOCA for events and well-being initiatives
  • Advocate for equitable practices at SFU
  • Collaborate with different clubs on campus to have a cultural events month
  • Make events more accessible for students


As someone with experience planning fun events, I have a lot of cool event ideas I’d love to collaborate with many student groups on. I’d also love to focus on mental health and BIPOC students’ well-being to make events more mindful and accessible.

Vaibhav Arora

Hello SFU!

My name is Vaibhav Arora, and I am excited to run for the 2022 SFSS Elections as your VP Events and Student Affairs. I am a 4th year student doing a joint major in Business and Economics. I have served as the Director of Administration and Director of Funding at ESS, but you all might remember me as the guy who helps students file taxes every year as a volunteer or the guy who started the SFU International students page to raise the SFU students concerns 2 years ago. I am also a volunteer at the City of Surrey and MS Society of Canada. I am a “Media Specialist” by profession and a “Poet” at heart. After years of experience working in NGOs and NPOs to make positive change in the lives of families, seniors, and young people, I am now taking it to politics. I have been an artist myself and a sportsperson my entire life. I know what events and activities can mean to an individual. I was honored to represent my city at the state level in table tennis. One of my poems on the lives of students was acknowledged at an exhibit at FIC.

As your VP Events and Student Affairs, I aim to work for:

  • Organizing events to combat racism, oppression, and minority domination
  • Organizing activities that support artists
  • Collaborating with Clubs to host fun events and pub nights
  • Arranging more Athletic activities
  • Mentoring students that need my help regarding events

Vote via SFU Mail from Feb 15-17

Remember, it is not about ME, it is about US.

* I am not affiliated with any party

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out:

Donya Pourtaghi

Withdrew from the Elections.

Eshana Baran

Hi, I am Eshana Baran (she/her) and I am running with the SFU Progressives for the VP External and Community Affairs. I’m in my second year, majoring in International Studies.

COVID prevented me from getting a true first year experience as online learning is difficult, but being a part of the SFU community made me feel welcome. I want to create a supportive atmosphere for communities as was done for us during these times.

As high school council President, I acquired leadership skills such as listening, advocacy, and community organizing. We organized Terry Fox Runs, Cancer Benefit Weeks for the Surrey Hospital Foundation, and Food Drives.

At SFU, I’m currently a peer mentor with FassOne Surrey to first years and tutor immigrant and refugee students in K-12 through the Friends of Simon program. Through this difficult first year, I’ve been able to help others adapt to university life by sharing my experiences and connecting them to relevant resources.

This experience taught me the importance of advocating for and supporting students in need. I want to advocate with and for minorities, while making SFU an equitable space. I will do this through reaching out to organizations and lobbying the government on issues that currently impact students:

TL;DR: We Will Defend Student Power, and Build Solidarity and Community across Campus.

Adequate COVID-19 Protections on Campus

  • Pushing the government to provide SFU with ample rapid testing and free N95 masks for students during the pandemic
  • Bringing pop-up vaccination clinics and testing sites to campus and residence
  • Support student’s mental health through supporting and advocating for 24/7 mental health counseling resources

Fighting for Lower Tuition

  • Advocate for removing GPA and other accessibility barriers in grants and bursaries for low-income students
  • Support the revival of the Tuition Freeze movement to stop the annual 2% domestic and 4% international tuition increase
  • Lobby the Ministry of Education to lower tuition by increasing public funding for Post-Secondary Education

Achieve Affordable Student Housing

  • Work with SFU and the GSS to lobby the government to subsidize student housing fees to 50% of market rates
  • Collaborate with the Residence Hall Association to survey student residence for ways to improve affordability
  • Support the SFSS researching their own low-income student housing project

Safe and Affordable Transportation

  • Continue to work with SFU to advocate for a timely completion of the Burnaby Mountain Gondola
  • Collaborate with TransLink to develop safer transit options for snow days
  • Lobbying for students with access needs to get adequate support with transit facilities

2022 City Council Elections

  • Engage students by overseeing the SFSS ‘Get Out the Vote’ campaign for Surrey, Vancouver, Burnaby, and New Westminster city elections
  • Work with VP University and Academic Affairs on hosting candidate debates for Surrey, Vancouver, and Burnaby City Council
  • Advocate for student affordability and accessibility issues

Please remember to vote on February 15-17 through SFU Mail!

Abhishek (Abhi) Parmar

My name is Abhi Parmar (he/him) and I am running to be your VP Finance & Services for the SFSS under the Stronger Together Party (STP) because I believe in transparency, communication and collaboration. I am a 4th year student at the Beedie School of Business.

I have had various leadership positions in organizations at SFU:

  • I have been on Senate for 3 years serving a combined 18 terms on senate committees.
  • Highlights from Senate include Getting P/F grading in Spring 2019 and P/CR/NC for later semesters, contributing to the discussion on what a “credit hour’ is to help create better expectations of workload students should expect, ensuring students get fair appeals when appealing punishments to academic discipline issues to SCODA and advocating for a lower tuition for students on SCUP and SCEMP.
  • I am the current Vice chair of SFSS council
    • Have been the Political Science Councillor since September
    • Was part of the Events Committee for 2 years (Vice chair for a year)
      • Highlights include the Redbull x SFSS Carnival that was held in Convocation mall prior to the pandemic and a Stanley Cup Finals virtual watch party
  • I have been a Hive leader for 2 years and was a welcome leader prior to that
  • I have been exec with the Political Science Student Union (PSSU) for 2 years

Part of communication and transparency is having realistic campaign promises. The vast majority of previous execs struggled to meet 50% of their campaign promises and goals. I have set realistic and actionable goals which serve as the floor for what I will do if elected. I hope to do more than what is listed, but this what I can promise:

  •  A push for the allocation funds from SFU for new councillors and not just crisis councillors but accessible councillors (I would also like to explore if the SFSS can contribute to this but I don’t want to overpromise)
  • Increased core funding for DSUs and potentially clubs and help with student engagement efforts for both groups
  • Open and honest communication with the student body and with councillors
  • Feeds into transparency and ensuring big money motions have at least 3 business days before voting on it (emergency exceptions but extremely limited)
  • Pay councillors on time and re-evaluate payment model to tie it with hours or actions completed
  • Encourage dialogue among students, councillors and other members to the SFU community
  •  Make the reimbursement process for club and DSU execs easier and hopefully faster
    •  Hope to make e-transfers possible as well as cheques

Additionally, I have relevant finance experience from the following:

  • Part time work as an Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Handling invoices and financial statements
  • Treasurer of the PSSU for 2 years
  • Requested grants and tracked core funding to ensure there was enough for events

Thank you for reading through my platform! You can contact me and learn more about me here:

Saima Chowdhury

Students need better benefits, more support, and an SFSS that works for them!

Hello, I’m Saima Nur Chowdhury and I’m running for VP Finance and Services. I’m a 3rd year double major in International Studies and Political Science. I have been involved extensively with clubs, student unions and independent student societies where I’ve learned about and worked on issues important to both international and domestic students.

In 2019, I served as a director in Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFPIRG)  providing grants and opportunities to students and as the VP Events for International Studies Students’ Association. Currently, I’m an SFU Senator and CJSF 90.1 Radio show host. Furthermore, I have volunteered with the SFU SVSPO’s Active Bystander Network.

In the SFSS, I have volunteered in the SFSS Women’s Centre, and helped the Bangladeshi Students’ Association, Indian Students’ Federation, Pakistani Students’ Association at events. 

The SFSS has gone through many positive changes in the last two years with the SUB being finished, shrunk admin costs, and the new Council powers. Now, students need more support, more dedicated funds, and better benefits.

As your VP Finance and Services, I will work to:

Restructure the SFSS’s Finances 

  • Research and implement a new financial model for the SFSS so that important SFSS services and supports have stable and dedicated funding
  • Create an annual budget for the Space Expansion Fund and use it to fund upgrades for student union offices and common spaces
  • Task Finance Office staff to develop a multi-year financial budget based on the SFSS’s new strategic plan, so that students know what things will cost

Increase Student Benefits

  • Work with other executives to bring more COVID-19 support to campus including N95 masks, pop up clinics, and emergency funding support
  • Survey students for areas to Improve Health and Dental Plan benefits and work with Studentcare to implement what students need
  • Research an SFSS Rent Bank to support student renters who need short-term help when money gets tight
  • Work with DNA and the Accessibility Committee to use the Accessibility Fund for an Accessibility Bursary to remove barriers to education for disabled students

Improve Member Services

  • Consult with student unions, clubs, and constituency groups to increase and expand the funding and services the receive from the SFSS
  • Develop a Fall referendum campaign for dedicated fees to increase student union, club, and constituency group grant, core, and travel funds

Support International Students

  • Work with FIC students to hold a referendum to join the SFSS as Associate Members to obtain full voting rights and membership benefits like the UPass
  • Support the VP External and Community Affairs, Migrant Students United, and ISA to push for MSP, tuition funding, and other supports for international students

Please remember to vote on February 15-17 through SFU Mail!

Sohan Jayprakash Baviskar 

­­Hello SFU,

My name is Sohan Baviskar and I am running to be YOUR next VP Finance and Services on the SFSS Board of Directors. I am a third year student currently pursuing a major in Economics and a minor in Business, but you might remember me better as the friendly barista at Westmall Starbucks!

I have previously served as the VP Finance for the Residence Hall Association (RHA) at SFU, where I managed the yearly budget of $50,000 to improve student experiences and deliver to their interests. I was honoured to be nominated for SFU’s delegation that attended the National Leadership Conference (NACURH) at California State University. I have also represented SFU at the Pacific Regional Business Conference (PACURH) at the State University of Portland. These conferences discussed the problems students face and the many initiatives student bodies are taking at universities across North America. Understanding these perspectives enables me to understand your concerns and restructure our yearly budget to address those needs.

Bank on me and I’ll treasure your vote! 

As your VP Finance and Services, I will work to:

Increase the Undergraduate Health Fund

Students have been paying $5 million per year towards this fund for extended health and dental benefits. Under my leadership the SFSS would also contribute towards this fund from its reserve funds to procure additional mental health services on campus.

Advocate for Hybrid Learning Options 

  • Longer more flexible course drop deadlines
  • P/fail options

Advocacy for advisory positions 

Our previous board members have made many valuable changes for the betterment of students. It would benefit SFU to have them come on board as advisors to the SFSS. This enables the current board to learn from their experiences and allows for diversity of opinions.

 Increase funding for the Technology Fund

To support our move towards hybrid learning, the Technology Fund will help students access tools to better their online learning experience. These tools not only include software, but also hardware like laptops and desktops.

Develop new funds

Investment Fund: to support sustainable projects, priority will be given to SFU student led initiatives.

SFU Events Fund: to transform from a commuter school to a strengthened SFU community, this fund will support SFU-wide events like Fall Kickoff and other signature events.

COVID-19 Relief Fund: to provide access to N-95 masks, on-campus testing facilities, and essential PPE requirements.

International Student Fund: increase contribution towards

Restructuring and comprehensive budgeting

Increase SFSS’s contribution towards need-based bursaries from 7.5% to 15% of the total budget

Increase club grants from 7.5% to 12% of the total budget

Hold a referendum with FIC to give full membership benefits and representation in the SFSS electoral process 

Every year FIC students contribute $370,000 towards the SFSS through their tuition fees. However, they unfortunately do not get the opportunity to elect their representatives. They constitute a large part of our student body and their voices deserve to be heard!

Chloe Homenuke

Hello, I’m Chloe Homenuke (she/her) and I am running with the SFU Progressives for VP Internal and Organizational Development. I am currently a second-year environmental science major and I am working towards a double major in economics and a minor in Indigenous studies.

I started in Fall 2020 when learning was fully remote. Online learning was disconnecting and amplified my worries of missing out on the “university experience”, which inspired me to become more involved with my student union.

I joined the environmental science student union (EVSCSU) as an events coordinator in January 2021, where I learned to engage with students and organize events. I saw the gap between students and the SFSS, which motivated me to serve as my union’s Council representative starting in April 2021 and Co-president in September 2021.

While on Council, I realized how policy impacted student services, programs, and funding. I helped organize an anti-TMX march and passed a motion at council, represented the SFSS at the ABCS Student Climate Action Initiative, sat as vice-chair of the External and Community Affairs Committee and I am currently serving as the Acting VP Internal and Organizational Development.

My student union and Council experience have provided me with insight and experiences for how to bridge the gap between the SFSS and students. As your VP of Internal and Organizational Development, I will ensure that students are engaged, involved, and informed about the SFSS and its decisions.

TL;DR: Reconnect and bridge the gap between students and the SFSS.

Stronger Student Governance & Consultation

  • Survey undergrads about ways to improve the Health and Dental Plan benefits, lower education costs (OER and tuition), and increase education accessibility
  • Expand existing Council training programs to include committees and their student-at-large members
  • Work with the VP Finance and Services to research stipends for student union and club executives, and implement committee stipends for student-at-large members

Defend Student Power

  • Consult with student Senators, the RHA, BIPOC Committee, and Accessibility Committee on developing a Student Bill of Rights at SFU
  • Work with the VP University and Academic Affairs to push SFU for more hybrid courses to give students a choice on what is best for their needs

Greater Council & Student Outreach

  • Hire more communications staff to allow more posts regarding Council meetings and major motions
  • Work with the Outreach Committee to develop informational videos and infographics about SFSS structure and services

Transparent and Engaged Governance

  • Collaborate with the Outreach committee to hold “State of the Society” Town Halls every semester
  • Improve governance accessibility by live streaming Council meetings
  • Ensure notice of motions are sent to members for more than just policy changes
  • Build on work done on an online SFSS archive that’s accessible to students

We Will Defend Student Power, and Build Solidarity and Community across Campus.

Please remember to vote on February 15-17 through SFU Mail!

Judit Nagy

A data-driven SFSS – student-centric, student-led.

My name is Judit Nagy (she/her) and I’m running to be your VP Internal and Organizational Development of the SFSS under the SFU Stronger Together Party (STP) to ensure that the SFSS becomes more than just a punchline for SFU students. Currently, I’m a psychology major, double minoring in political science and counseling and human development.

I’ve been annoying SFU for a very long time:

  • I’m the current president of the Society of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS)
  • I’ve also spent the past year as the president of the Political Science Student Union (PSSU)
  • I’m also an undergrad student Senator, serving of five sub-committees, including the Research Ethics Board (REB) and Senate Committee on Teaching and Learning (SCUTL)
  • You can also catch me at the Student Learning Commons (SLC) as a Writing and Learning Peer
  • I also recently left a staff position I held in a department, where I served as a communications assistant

As VP Internal, I’ll be concentrating on:

Data-driven Decision Making:

  • Bringing empiricism back to student government. No more assumptions. Students should have the final say in how their government (that they’re paying for) operates!
  • Periodic surveys sent to students on issues concerning the Society. I’ve used this method for similar projects such as PSSU Outreach Initiatives and the STP COVID-19 Outreach.
  • Bring back the regular Town Halls! As decisions are made on your behalf (representative democracy says “hi”), you should have the chance to add to the discussion. No more hiding behind statements – let’s have a discussion instead.
  • Make SFSS research reports easily accessible to the student population. People should have the chance to double-check our work.

Responsible Governance:

  • Work to reduce “surprise” and “last-minute” agenda items. These are directly impacting Council’s ability to consult their membership, creating distrust.
  • Work with Student Groups to increase access between reps and the membership (that’s you!). Students are entitled to knowing who represents them.
  • Clearly communicate what the SFSS is, how it operates & is capable of, empowering students to seek out the right resources and institutions.

Making Council Competent:

  • Create a comprehensive training program for council that concentrates on student-consultation, governance practices, policy analysis, basic data analysis, and critical thinking.
  • Empower & encourage council to bring motions forward and run their own committees.
  • Eradicate priority speaking. First come, first serve.

Clear Communication between Students and the SFSS:

  • Work with the SFSS Communications to create a comprehensive newsletter for students to keep up to date with major SFSS projects, events, and policy changes.
  • Simplify major policy changes and make them accessible for all students.
  • Work with the communication team to make the SFSS website more comprehensive and inviting for students-use.

It’s time to unite SFU. It’s time to hand the SFSS back to students because we’re stronger together.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime to chat or just to send memes!

IG: @judit4vpinternal (@justjudit16)

STP IG: @sfu_stp


Nicholas Hynds

Withdrew from the Elections.

Samiya Rashmi


“United we stand and divided we fall”, let’s work together to make a difference. #changeforbetter

Why I am running

I strive to help students receive their basic rights, build democracy and freedom of speech for students.

Since 2020, the pandemic has affected many students Mentally, Financially, and Socially. Due to the socially distanced and online classes, many students experience loneliness and little social interaction, which leads to a lack of motivation, stress and leads to depression. Personally, I also felt this way. In 2020, I lost my job, and everything online made me feel demotivated, lost the meaning of my life, and became depressed. It was very discouraging and started to haunt me. I strive for human interaction, I learned the importance of mental health, which I never thought could ever happen to me.

As your VP Internal and organizational development, I would advocate;

  • Funding Universal Health Care (MSP) for students.
  • 24/7 mental health support and activities.
  • Real-world education experience and a moderate course load
  • Sustainable Campus policies (e.g., bring your own cup etc)
  • Student democracy and freedom of speech.
  • More Financial support / bursary
  • Hybrid courses and reopening of the STUDENT UNION BUILDING.

I understand, many of you are facing problems relating to these issues. Now is the time to stand up for your rights.

Remember we are the only reason that SFU is still standing today!!


Main Objectives

We aim to advocate for students with basic rights such as affordable universal health care and 24/7 mental health care service. As an international student, we are required to pay $75 a month, which is not affordable for many students.

Access to important software and free educational materials such as journals, books, Skillshare, etc are essential to students learning new skills to compete in the global market. No more paying for online books on Vitalsource.

Reopening of the Student Union Building. We need more study space and why should we shut down to that $65 million dollar building?

About Me

I am a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Resource Environment Management (REM) and pursuing a certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Currently I am working as a team leader in one of the marketing firms.


President at IJM at SFU

Career Peer Educator at SFU

Former VP of Education at Burnaby Mountain Toastmaster at SFU

Former Food Rescue Team at Embark Sustainability

As a member of the SFSS board, my experience in a number of industries including marketing firms, charities, and fire safety education will add extra value to the team. I am passionate about work that involves helping and mentoring people.


Do you think mental health is important?

Do you want Hybrid class?

Do you think SUB should reopen?

If you agree PLEASE VOTE for the change

Pledge to Vote on February 15-17, 2021


To learn more:

Have question? Email me:

Dhruvit Maniya


Student Affordability:

  • Tution Freeze : Keep pushing the Tution freeze during the pandemic.
  • Open and Free Textbook: Make all the exams and quizzes available on Canvas so that students do not need to buy subscriptions of Third-party like Pearson and Wiley. Request SFU to have all the e books required for course on SFU library portal.
  • Bursaries and Scholarships: Request SFU to allocate more funds to bursaries and scholarships.

Increase Student Engagement:

  • Increase Student engagement by communicating the Events more effectively and increase the participation.
  • Make campus lively by adding few activities on campus.

Information on Construction:

  • Request a detailed Report and Audit on all the construction at SFU campus and make it available to students on request.

Introduce New Courses and Updated Curriculum:

  • Requesting SFU to add courses related to modern world including course for trading different asset class and Course for sport management.

Improve Engineering Labs:

  • Request SFU to upgrade equipments in Engineering labs by conducting a Survey for students on what new equipments and add and what existing equipments to upgrade.


Nicole (Nikki) Kirigin

My name is Nikki Kirigin (she/her) and I am running to be your VP University and Academic Affairs of the SFSS under the SFU Stronger Together Party (STP).

As your VP University and Academic Affairs, I will prioritize the needs of all students instead of agendas and ideologies.


  • I am the President of the Philosophy Student Union (PSU).
  • I am the Vice President of the Cognitive Science Student Society.
  • I have been involved in the SFSS Council as the Cognitive Science & Philosophy Councillor, which has given me an insider-view of how the SFSS operates.
  • I am also an executive, founder, and president of 8 SFU clubs.

Philosophy & Approach:

I intend to approach the position of VP University and Academic Affairs like a sponge.

  • Instead of projecting my own ideas onto the student body, I will adjust my aims according to student needs. If my personal perspectives conflict with the student body, I will prioritize the latter.

I will create a representative and transparent SFSS via a five-step plan:

  1. Making myself available to students for low-barrier discussions via deliberate & personalized outreach—I will walk around campus & mingle in social areas (such as the fire pits) several times per week and encourage discussion.
  2. Polling the student body to understand and represent student needs and perspectives BEFORE the SFSS makes major decisions.
  3. Hosting weekly in-person and virtual office hours, both open and by appointment.
  4. Regularly tabling in campus common areas.
  5. Hosting regular Town Halls, where students can directly voice their perspectives on official SFSS matters in an encouraging, non-judgemental, and open manner.

TL;DR: Reforming the SFSS can only be achieved through an uncompromising prioritization of student voices, which is outlined in my five-step plan. I will prioritize open-dialogue, transparency, and student engagement—creating an SFSS that is representative of the needs of the student body.


  • A transparent and representative SFSS. I pledge to prioritize the needs of the student body instead of personal beliefs or agendas, leaving no students unheard.
  • Permanently reopening the Student Union Building (SUB).
  • Advocating for mandated lecture recordings and hybrid options at the policy level to improve accessibility, safety, and student autonomy.
  • Articulate the necessity of mandated mental health accommodations at the university policy level & improving the availability and quality of mental health resources on campus.
  • Working with IT to improve the stability, reliability, and ease of access of campus WiFi and GoSFU.
  • Collaborating with administrators to make meaningful and impactful changes at the university policy level.
  • Advocating for the needs of neurodiverse students and groups disadvantaged by the structure of the education system.

Please read my full platform (linked below) for details on steps I am actively taking to achieve each listed aim as your VP University & Academic Affairs!

Simran Sarai

My name is Simran Sarai, and I am running with the SFU Progressives to be your next Vice-President of University and Academic Affairs.

In my 3 years at SFU, I have witnessed and experienced the immense pressures students face. 2 years into the COVID-19 pandemic, students continue to experience unaffordable tuition, inaccessible learning options, and more.

In my time at SFU, I have volunteered for the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation, Ocean Wise, and am a project lead for The Year of the Salish Sea Project.

Post-secondary education isn’t easy or accessible. However, I truly believe that if we work collectively, we can push SFU to dismantle the barriers that so many students face.

As VP UAA, I hope to facilitate student engagement and dialogue to make SFU a more vibrant, accessible, and inclusive environment.

TLDR; Increase student engagement and mobilize for a safe, accessible, and affordable education.


  • Work with Executives and Council to hold regular town halls, and facilitate dialogue between students, SFSS, and SFU
  • Consult extensively with students on prospective policy put forth by both SFU and SFSS. Improve accessibility of meetings, reports, and survey results.


  • Fight for access to free rapid tests for all.
  • Push SFU to provide adequate and free PPE (N95 masks) on campuses.
  • Demand SFU clearly communicates exposure and transmission events on campuses.
  • Ensure university infrastructure is adequately ventilated, to reduce transmission of airborne viruses, including Covid-19.


  • Pressure SFU for a Tuition Freeze Now. Work with council, students, and SFU Board of Governors to push for lower tuition and fight for full publicly funded post-secondary education.
  • Mandate Open Educational Resources. This includes free and open textbooks for all.
  • Accessible Bursaries and Scholarships. Collaborate with the Financial Aid and Awards office to gather student data, and work with SFU Advancement and donors to change scholarship requirements.
  • Push SFU to create equity-based students scholarships, bursaries and awards for racialized and marginalized students such as women, disabled, neurodivergent, and single parent students, and recognize the specific barriers to access that these students continually face.


  • Advocate for hybrid class options. Work with and amplify the needs of existing student groups on campus calling for accessible hybrid options. Mandate recorded lectures.
  • Work with council and SFU to provide training and workshops against all forms of discrimination including racism, casteism, homophobia, and transphobia.
  • Work alongside the VPES to build on previously implemented student-led work, such as Black Faculty Cluster Hiring.
  • Push SFU to increase mental health supports, and improve academic concession policy to better support students struggling with mental health, as well as disabled and marginalized students.

We Will Defend Student Power, and Build Solidarity and Community across Campus.

Please remember to vote on February 15-17 through SFU Mail!