Guidelines and TORs

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Are you looking to start a new Student Union or reactivate one that already exists, but is not active?

Student Unions exist to represent all students within a certain Department or Faculty. That includes all students who major, minor or take at least one course within the Department, Program or Faculty. Constituency Groups represent students united by a certain characteristic.

All of these types of Unions and Groups are formed differently.

In short, a Group or Union is considered valid and active if they:

  • Have members;
  • Have a ratified Constitution;
  • Have an Executive team that is listed in the SFSS Portal
  • Have a seat on Council;
  • Are recognized by the SFSS Board of Directors, and
  • Hold regular meetings and upload meeting minutes to the SFSS Portal.

In order to start or re-activate a Student Union or Group, there are multiple steps involved and it can seem difficult. We’ve created a short guide to make it a little more clear, you can see it below.

For more information on the SFSS by-laws this guide is based on, please refer to the SFSS By-law 8, 9, and 10.

If you are confused and still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] We can answer your questions or meet to go through the steps together.