Christina Loutsik

Hello SFU!

My name is Christina Loutsik, and I am running to be the next President of the Simon Fraser Student Society. I served two consecutive years on the Board, first as a Faculty of Health Sciences Representative, and second as the Vice President of Student Services. My experience on the Board makes me a qualified and reliable candidate for the role of President.

These past two years have been challenging for the SFSS and its membership. We have faced difficulties at an organizational and Board level, which has stunted our ability to serve out membership to our greatest capacity. Being a first-hand witness to these challenges, I have learned the value and importance of strong and healthy leadership that begins with the top of the organization. The role of the President of the SFSS is critical in ensuring the success of the Board, the society Staff, and the members that we serve. 

As your next President, my priority will be to rebuild the foundation of our student society, much of which is rooted in a strong organizational strategic plan. A successful organization needs a clear strategic plan and confident leader that understands the ins and outs of the SFSS. My record and experience speak to my ability to do just this.

The SFSS serves its membership through critical portfolios that are led by individual Vice Presidents. As the president of the SFSS, my role will be to support these portfolios, and ensure our strategic priorities are being met. 

The following is a brief overview of the 5 portfolios:

  • External Relations
    • Lobbying the government on student issues and priorities
    • Strengthening our relationship with other student unions and coalitions
    • Representing the SFSS at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal level
    • Working with external stakeholders to provide essential services like U-Pass
  • University Relations
    • Holding SFU accountable and advocating for student-focused decision making 
    • Holding regular meetings with SFU Administration to ensure we are working collectively to support our membership 
    • Managing and updating the governance practices of the SFSS 
  • Finance 
    • Ensuring the financial success of the SFSS
    • Investing responsibly in student programs, services and organizations
  • Student Services
    • Working with external service providers such as StudentCare to oversee the SFSS Health and Dental Plan
    • Overseeing the SFSS Accessibility Grant and investing in a safer and inclusive campus
    • Building additional supports for the health and wellbeing of the membership (i.e. Wellness Centre, Active Listening Network, etc.) 
  • Student Life 
    • Organizing community engagement opportunities that improve the student experience  
    • Supporting and collaborating with SFSS clubs and student unions executing large-scale events 

The SFSS serves a diverse population of over 26,000 students that all depend on the services, programs, and advocacy our society funds. As the next President of the SFSS, I will ensure that the foundation that these elements are all built on is strong and equipped to work to its full potential. 

If my plan and priorities resonate with you, please be sure to cast your vote via SFU Mail from March 17-19.

Christina Loutsik

Osob Mohamed

My name is Osob Mohamed, and I am running to be the next President of the Simon Fraser Student Society. I believe that undergraduate students at SFU need a student society that will create a community for them, provide quality services, and advocate on their behalf. 

I served as the Faculty of Health Sciences representative for the 2019/2020 year, and I’ve participated in and taken the lead on the following initiatives with progressive values in mind: 

  • Free menstrual products on campus 
  • Reproductive rights & issues policies 
  • Developing a Student Advocacy Office 
  • Voting practices reform 
  • Pushing open access & free educational resources 
  • Open Textbooks Now! Campaign with the BCFS 

..and a number of others. 

I want to see a re-emergence of student activism at SFU. Real change happens when students build power together. Even though we have had a lot of wins this year, the work does not have to stop here. 

TLDR; Now is the time to fight for an affordable education, better governance practices and more to build back student power on campus. Long live student power! Learn more at

Student Affordability and Tuition Freeze Now 

  • Work with Tuition Freeze Now campaign to freeze, and eventually reduce, tuition costs.
    •  For every $100 less in tuition, we save SFU students $3,000,000 a year collectively
  • Keep pushing the provincial and federal governments to replace loans with grants 
  • Push for a 2% cap on international student tuition increases across BC 
  • Work with faculty and professors to move towards Open Education Resources (OERs) 
  • Triple the SFSS Bursary (from $10,000 to $30,000) 

Rebuilding relationship with the Rotunda Community 

The Rotunda groups (SOCA, SFPIRG, CJSF radio, and Embark) finally have a space to call home within the new Student Union Building. I will: 

  • Follow through with housing Rotunda Groups in the SUB this mandate 
  • Support equity-seeking initiatives that Rotunda groups support 

Lobbying SFU to divest from Fossil Fuels and help rebuild climate activism on campus 

  • Work with student groups such as SFU350 to strengthen student advocacy to have SFU divest the endowment from fossil fuels 
  • Ensure the SFSS’s Investment Policy does not include fossil fuels 

Open and Accessible Governance 

  • Tracking votes as each board member should be able to defend and answer for their decisions 
  • Live Streaming meetings to make them more accessible and open for students 
  • Semesterly “State of the Society” Town Halls 
  • Empower Council to keep cheques and balances on board 
    • Giving Council oversight powers 
    • Formalize training for new Council representatives 
    • Bylaw reform – looking into how we can allocate more power to Council 

SFU students deserve a student society that is willing to work with them, and for them. We do not have to settle for mediocrity any longer. 

Long live student power! 

Please remember to vote on March 17-19 through SFU email! #LongLiveStudentPower
FB: @osob4pres
IG: @osob4president

Miguel Resendiz

My name is Miguel Resendiz, and I am a 4th-year business student, passionate about advocating for students, and the people that need it the most. As President, I will work hard to ensure an efficient decision-making process on the board to protect the most vulnerable on campus.

I started my journey serving as a house chair for the Residence Hall Association in 2015, where I advocated for student needs and wants. Additionally, I also served as a Community Advisor, where I played a role in resolving the safety of student’s living space within the residence.

Currently, I am serving as the President of the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS), where I have experienced first hand the bureaucracy and inefficiencies that discourage clubs from taking on innovative projects at our institution.

These are the reasons that drove me to run to be your next President on March 17-19. I commit to:

– Create a culture of dialogue on the board to ensure efficient decision making.

– Start a conversation with SFU about more affordable education and transportation safety during inclement weather.

– Push for the gondola project and better safety standards for snowy weather.

– Ensure that there is a proper protocol to keep every student safe on campus when the weather does not allow them to leave the mountain.

Our university is excellent in many ways but has forgotten to engage our communities. I want to bring more community engagement by facilitating more funding and resources for clubs and student unions across campuses! Let’s stand together and make a difference at SFU.


Samad Raza

My name is Samad Raza and I am running for VP External Relations of the Simon Fraser Student Society. I am a 4th year Communications major with a business minor.  In the past I have served the SFU community as the President of the Residence Hall Association, I worked on improving the rights and freedoms students have under their tenancy agreements. Currently serving as a student Senatorwhere I actively advocate for increasing student resources and cross sharing of resources between departments. I have also founded a free program called Emerge SFU, to help all students learn valuable industry skillsandboost their career. The idea behind Emerge SFU is to promote free education and empower students to achieve their career goals.

I am running for the SFSS Board of Directors so that I can help make education more affordablefor both local and international students. I also want to advocate for international studentsto be treated fairlywith MSP increases.


Students deserve an education that is safe and affordable!

Affordable Education

  • Work with VP University Relations, ABCS, BCFS, and other student unions to lobbyboth the provincial and federal governments for more Open Education Resource(OER) initiativesand free skill workshops for students
    • Work with VP University Relations to hire OER coordinator and promote SFU professors to create more OER content
    • Lobby government to increase funding to BC campus, the organization that advocates, creates, and curates open education resources provincially in BC
      • Government recently announced 3.26 million.
  • Fight for more funding from the Ministry of Education
  • Tie university funding to GDP so that funding grows with the country’s economic growth
  • Fight for a rent capfor residence and housing – lobby government by having the parts of the tenancy act apply to on-campus housing

Fairness for International Students

  • Lobby for a international student tuition cap
    • Push the governmentmandates that universities cap international tuition increases at 2%, same as domestic students
    • International students fees have increased 594% since 1996, and are now on average more than $27,705 per year.

Lobby the provincial government to lower MSP for international students

  • On January 1, 2020 the BC government decided to eliminate MSP fees for BC residents, while they decided to double the international student MSP fees to 75$. This put our international students at greater financial pressure and lack of family plan put graduate international students on even greater financial disadvantage.
    • I will lobby the government to treat international students fairlyand either remove the MSP fees or revert it back to old fees.
    • I will advocate for abetter family plan for our graduate students who have dependents.

Say No to the TMX Pipeline

  • Work with other student societies, action groups, and local allies to fight against the expansion and the TMX pipeline
    • Both SFSS and SFU are against the TMX tank farm expansion due to its serious risk to student safety at SFU Burnaby campus

Continue to advocate for Better (exceeds word count)

Simran Uppal

Dear SFU Students,

My name is Simran Uppal, and I am running to be your next Vice President of External Relations. This past year I have been serving on the SFSS Board of Directors as the Science Representative. I have used my position to work closely with student unions and groups to support student leaders and organizers in the Science department. Through my role, I have developed an understanding of the issues and concerns students face, especially as they try to further student engagement and improve the student experience.

I have also been involved with the Federal, Provincial, Municipal Advocacy and Lobbying Committee, through which I have connected with other student unions and coalitions that are also working to advocate on behalf of students. I have had the opportunity to support and learn about advocacy campaigns such as the Knockout Interest Campaign, Open Education Resources, Fairness for International Students, and Grants not Loans.

My experience on the Board and understanding of the advocacy network student unions work with makes me a qualified and reliable candidate for this role. If I am elected to this position, I intend to prioritize some of the following issues:

International Student Support and Tuition Regulation

  • Lobbying the Provincial government to regulate tuition fees for international students
  • Proposing a provincial cap on annual tuition increases and developing institution-level policies to support the process
  • Increasing awareness around the challenges faced by international students (predatory tuition fee models, standard student services, racism on and off campus, part-time employment challenges, etc.)

Surrey Langley Skytrain

  • Lobbying the federal government to fund the Expo Line extension from Surrey to Langley
  • Decreasing student travel time to the Surrey campus, and enabling more students to access public transportation options
  • Increasing awareness around the need for public transit that produces less pollution, reduces traffic congestion, improves health and reduces stress for students.

Burnaby Mountain Tank Farm Safety Plan

  • Prioritizing the safety of SFU students and continuing to lobby for an effective evacuation plan
  • Advocating for climate justice action that ensures the safety and health of students and the environment
  • Continuing to support the Burnaby Mountain Gondola project as a safer and more eco-friendly option for Burnaby

National Housing Strategy

  • Lobbying for additional representation and consideration for student need in the National Housing Strategy
  • Working with municipal provincial and federal governments to develop solutions that improve the living conditions of students and provide proactive proposals to meet the growing demand

In addition to these issues, I hope to carry forward the work on many other advocacy files such as Open Education Resources (OER), single-use plastics, eliminating interest on the federal portion of student loans, refugee rights, renters rebates and the many issues we collaborate on with other student unions and coalitions. Furthermore, I will lobby the provincial government for free therapy for people with anxiety and depression.

If these issues and priorities resonate with you, please be sure to vote!

Simran Uppal

Jobenjit Bassi

Hello SFU Friends!

My name is Jobenjit Bassi and I am running to serve as your next Vice President of Finance on the Simon Fraser Student Society Board of Directors. I am a second-year business student intending on concentrating in finance. I have been heavily involved in student unions and clubs since my first year at SFU.

During my time here at SFU, I’ve been engaged, made connections and can definitely use my experience so far at SFU as a strong foundation. Being a fellow undergraduate student, I understand the difficulties and challenges that students face. I will represent the interests and concerns of all fellow students. The following are some of my involvements and experiences at Simon Fraser University, which allow for you to get to know me better:

  • Student Society At-Large Representative on the Surrey Campus Committee
  • Director of Finance for SFU Punjabi Students Association
  • Events Coordinator for SFU Real Estate Club
  • Various other student clubs, events, and initiatives involvement

If elected as the SFSS Vice President of Finance, I will focus on the following:

Resources for Clubs 

  • Increase core funding for FSUs and DSUs in order allow them to organize more events with the ultimate goal of increasing student
  • Increase allocation of grants for student unions
  • Further support new clubs and their establishment
  • Provide easy financial solutions for Clubs and Student Unions

Affordable Education 

  • Work with the Vice President of External Relations to advocate for a 2% cap on international tuition freeze and push for fairness for international students
  • Reallocate funds to increase scholarships and bursaries to reduce the financial burden students face throughout their university studies

Student Engagement 

  • Focus on hosting low cost events that will prevent deficits but provide the same leisure
  • Increase student engagement by organizing more events throughout the year and attract a wider audience

I highly believe that the voice of the students is powerful in sparking changes in our community. I will do whatever it takes to ensure students are connected, driven, engaged, and inspired. I hope that you share my vision for SFU, and it would be an honour to serve as your 2020/2021 SFSS Vice President of Finance.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my platform and considering me as a candidate for this position. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at: or message me on Facebook.

Voting takes place March 17-19 and I hope I will have your vote! Sincerely,

Jobenjit Bassi

Corbett Gildersleve

Students deserve an SFSS that spends your money responsibly!

My name is Corbett Gildersleve and I’m running to be your next VP Finance on the SFSS Board of Directors.  I have a long history with SFU and the SFSS; working as a student temp, completing my first degree in Computing Science, and now I’m working on a diploma in Social Policy out of Sociology and Anthropology.

I also served as a board member in the Simon Fraser Student Society in 2015and chaired the granting committee, providing funds for student clubs and unionsto hold events. Additionally, I ran a successful ‘No’ vote campaign in 2016 against the SFSS’s bylaw reforms and recently I have been pushing the SFSS to audit the $106,000 deficit for the Fall Kickoff.

So, why am I running for the SFSS again?

  • Because theSFSS spends $750,000 a year on 6 administrators
  • Because the SFSS lost $106,000 on the Fall Kickoff this year
  • Because the 2018 board paid the outgoing CEO a year’s wages and moving expenses to Thunder Bay (around $175,000 in total)for a job he resigned from
  • Because the SFSS has $2.4 million in surplusthat’s just collecting dust
  • Because the SFSS is fundamentally broken and it’s not serving your needs

As your VP Finance, I will work to:

Reduce Administrative Bloat

  • Cut administrative costs in half and implement a spending cap on the department
  • Tie the highest wage earners to a fixed percentage of the lowest wage earners (students) to prevent obscene pay gaps in our non-profit

Increase Club and Student Union Support

  • Shift funds from grants to core funding for student unions and clubs to give them more autonomy and responsibility
  • Review the reimbursement process and find ways to allow more receipt options so that students can be reimbursed quickly
  • Increase Resource Funding so that student groups can purchase items that they need to operate

Develop New Funds

  • Social Justice Fund that assists students with launching campaigns around student poverty, housing and education affordability, environmental and climate justice, etc
  • Large Event Fund to help student groups with funding their signature events
  • Investment Fund (fossil-fuel free) to generate more revenue so that the SFSS does not have to raise student fees

Increase Student Power

  • Implement participatory budgeting so that students can submit projects and vote on where their money is spent
  • Reform the bylaws to give more oversight powers to the Student Council, recognize Constituency Groups, and provide FIC students with full membership benefits and representation


Sahil Nathani

Hello SFU! My name is Sahil Nathani and I am running for VP Finance in the 2020 SFSS elections. I am a 3rd year Beedie student and an Economics Minor. I am running to do what I do best, dealing with numbers.

Over the course of my time at SFU I have known and experienced a lack of good financial management in the SFSS which has affected students’ lives severely. This is why I promise to work on the following as your next VP Finance.

  • Greater transparency between the SFSS and the students.
  • Conduct an internal audit for the $105,995 2019 Fall Kickoff deficit.
  • Better allocation and a general increase in funding for clubs and DSUs.
  • Increase funding Student related Services.
  • Improve human capital of the future board by initiating programs for training potential candidates.


  • Currently I am a TA for BUS237.
    • As a TA I have experienced dealing with SFU firsthand.
    • I have been on both the sides of the table, I have personally experienced and witnessed the excessive amounts of money that students are required to spend on their education apart from their tuition fee.
  • Accounting intern for SanMar Canada.
    • I was a part of the finance team to analyze the operating accounts to help improve operations of the firm.
  • I was an Event and Research Assistant for the Beedie school of business.
    • Engaged with alumni in order to gain a broader perspective of their experiences and how the student council can benefit and learn from it.

Platform summary:

Affordable education:

  • Increase the overall funding for needs-based bursaries.
  • Relocation of funds from the audit of the 2019 fall kickoff deficit to increase the overall budget for bursaries.

Conduct an internal audit for the 2019 fall kickoff deficit:

  • Analyze the numbers in depth to find the policies that were not followed, if any.
  • Efficient budgeting and careful planning for the 2020 Fall Kickoff from the information learned from the audit.

Better allocation of funding for clubs and DSUs

  • Analyze the budgets and increase the available funding to clubs and DSUs.
  • Decrease the deficits to relocate funds for diverse, inclusive and cultural events and clubs.

I want to work with the students for the students. Afterall, it is the student money. 

Thank you, for taking the time to read my platform. You can reach me at for any questions, queries and comments that you might have.

IG- Sahil_Nathani

Lara Radwan


Hello SFU!

My name is Lara Radwan, and I am running to be your next VP Finance executive on the Simon Fraser Student Society Board of Directors. I am a Business student majoring in Finance, Marketing, and International Business.

Through traveling across three continents to find the perfect school for myself, I decided to do everything in my power to move to Canada’s most engaged university all the way from Dubai.

I have hopped around between 13 schools across North America, Asia, and Europe in my life and have picked up different on strategies schools tend to approach things. Since moving to SFU, I immediately recognized the opportunities we are not attaining.

  • Students do not feel like the fees that they are paying for is being reciprocated back to them.
  • The allocation of funding and poor long term budget planning has caused inadequate surpluses and deficits in the wrong areas, leaving the fees that students pay for to go down the drain.

Business Experience:

  • Currently ASA President at SFU, and was acting Finance Director in 2019
  • I was Magnet Studio Production’s Financial Database Intern in Dubai
  • I got in-depth hands-on experience in my own business; an e-commerce clothing store for Babies and Toddlers.
  • I am apart of the Cost Analysis Team for Ventanas – Windows Company in Vancouver
  • I was apart of a Beedie School of Business Research & Management team
  • Currently collaborating with numerous organizations on charity projects and campaigns to empower minorities, youth, and refugees that you can see on my Instagram @lara_radwan

As your VP Finance I will concentrate on:

Transparency and bridging the gap

  • Ultimately I want to bridge that evident gap between the SFSS and the student body. With so much information inaccessible to students, students are often left out of the equation in the decision-making process. Voices of the students need to be heard at the board, as this is a student society meant to represent the voices of the students.

Increase Club and Union funding

  • Through an in-depth cost analysis, I will dig into the $2 million dollar surplus and allocate what I can back to the students. With decreased funding for clubs and DSU’s, students are often left to pay from their own pockets when we have a $2 million dollar surplus of student fees just sitting there.
  • I will aim to increase core funding for unions and clubs and maintain workshops to help clubs budget plan responsibly.

Increased Student Engagement

  • I will take it upon myself to help student clubs think outside the box with their financial capabilities. With adequate funding, students will be able to go over and beyond with their ideas, encouraging more students to take part in new engaging activities.

Efficient financial goals through strategic long term planning

  • I will conduct an audit for the $106,000 deficit for the Fall Kickoff
  • Decrease unnecessary inflated administration expenses
  • Restructure the budgeting

Affordable Education

  • I will advocate for a tuition freeze and lobby to implement a cap on International and Domestic student fees increase.

Platform Summary:

  1. Audit the 106,000 deficit for Fall Kickoff
  2. Decrease unnecessary fee inflations and administration costs
  3. Ultimately restructure the budget so we can correctly allocate the money back to the students
  • In short, I want students to see that money they are paying for to come back to them at SFU to take on bigger experiences!

If you would like to see this happen

Vote for Lara Radwan for VP Finance on March 17, 18, 19 through SFSS Election email

Follow me on Instagram to see the cool projects I’m working on @lara_radwan and hear more about my platform and the changes I aspire to make!

Lara Radwan

Jennifer Chou

Hi! I’m Jennifer Chou (she/her/hers), AKA Meme Queen. You might have seen me around campus events because I’m always where the free food is. Here’s why you should vote for me:

I’m progressive, responsible, and will get things done.


Because I don’t procrastinate – I even wrote this platform early!

If you’re still not convinced of the sheer willpower it takes not to sit back and watch Netflix right now, read on – there’s a TL;DR summary at the bottom.

Transparency and Accountability

To back up my points, here are some links to the work I’ve done so far.



  • Support for Clubs, DSUs, and student groups (Greek Life Organizations and sport-related clubs)
  • More sustainable and accessible events
  • Mental health initiatives
  • Improved bursaries and food bank program

But how? Action plan

Support for student groups

  • Act as liaison between groups and SFSS, communicating and addressing challenges
  • Promote and support events hosted by student groups
  • Listen and act on concerns of student groups by attending Council meetings
  • Work with VP Finance to increase core funding for active student groups

More sustainable and accessible events

  • I acted as the liaison between SFU Disability and Neurodiversity Alliance and SFSS Fall Kickoff committee to make accessibility concerns known
  • I have hosted sustainable (low-waste) workshops with groups I have been involved in, such as SFU Knitting Club and Emerge SFU – I want to host more workshops like these

Mental health initiatives

  • I will continue the SFSS Care Packages project (report 1, 2,3), which has only gotten more sustainable (products from sustainable, local brands)
  • My experience working with SFU Health & Counselling allows for future collaboration opportunities

Improved bursaries and food bank program

  • Many students cannot come to events due to financial reasons (can’t afford tickets, don’t have time to go because of a job)
  • I will push to increase SFSS’ bursary funding
  • I want to improve the food bank program such as making it more well-known

If you have any questions about my platform, let me know! Your time at SFU is important – I’m here to help you make the most of it.


TL;DR: As someone with experience in many student groups, I want to support other student groups, make events more sustainable and accessible, lead mental health initiatives, and improve bursaries and the food bank program. 

Rachel Dee

My name is Rachel Dee and I am a third-year Beedie Student running to be your next VP Student Life! This year I hope to elevate student experience by improving events structures, funding and resource allocation by:

Hosting Inclusive Campus Wide Events. Events run by the SFSS need to be inclusive to all student groups and collectively build an engaging student community. I plan to host a variety of events along the lines of seasonal, cultural, and UN Holiday Events. This includes events for International Women’s Month, Chinese New Year, LGBT Month, Black History Month, Holi, Autism Awareness Day, and many more. To achieve my goal of more events, I want to better incorporate Union and Club involvement in event planning to utilize enlarged resources, funding, and attendance numbers.

Increasing External Sponsorship & Partnerships. I plan to increase our number of external sponsorships of the Vancouver Night-Life Background as well as F&B companies. I want to host SFSS Student Club Nights at Vancouver Nightclubs and Bars, and work to receive discounted ticket pricing to special events or specific nights. For regular Study Pub Nights, I want to obtain sponsorships from companies including Hey Y’all & Nude Soda to sponsor and have their products available for attending students. Provided these sponsorships are attained, I would then look into collaborating to host a viable Fall event for SFU students with SFSS feasibility as the main priority.

Self-Care Initiatives. To ensure sufficient self care resources for all students, I advocate for creating more opportunities for long-term self care practice. Examples of the events I’d like to host include workshops on stress-relief, self-care and love seminars, life-coaching sessions, and bi-weekly drop-in yoga sessions. With these new events, we are able to prioritize the health of students and provide greater structured support to students in our membership.

Weekly Food Resources. I want to increase the free food resources available around all campuses. New snack and food options include Taco Tuesdays, Wing Wednesdays, and study treats. Though snacks can be great once a week, I want to add food resources for students throughout different days and have them easily accessible in different areas of campus.

Vote Rachel. I have been involved in numerous student organizations; namely, BASS, CaseIT, and HRSA. I have led multiple events managing 300+ attendees and stakeholders, budgets of $40,000+, and coordinators exceeding 40+.

Since November 2018, I have been an SFSS Member Services Employee and am already fully trained and understanding of all internal processes. I have supported Clubs, Groups, and Unions for over one year and understand all administrative procedures in the SFSS and policies working with SFU. Therefore, I am able to begin event planning and working with students as soon as I am elected into the position!

I have the necessary knowledge and experience to elevate student experience and am confident in my ability to do so. Please Vote Rachel for a year of lively events and student engagement!


Platform & Involvement:

Saqib Madhany

Hello SFU,

My name is Saqib Madhany or as you know me as the DJ, I am currently studying communications and I intend on pursuing my career in marketing. As a student at SFU who is running for VP Student Life, I want to be the person who makes a Noticeable change across all campuses.

If elected:

  • I aim to restructure the fall-kick off concert To do this I will budget this year’s concert by reducing additional costs, send out polls online to all the students of SFU giving them the chance to choose the artist of their choice with a budget of course. This will bring the student community together as it will have a good turn out and avoid any circumstances that happened during last year’s fall-kick off the concert. Additionally, we should give local artists the chance to be a part of this concert where they can be noticed and appreciated.
  • Work alongside board members to improve student mental health by updating their knowledge of the sexual harassment and mental health. Emphasizing this throughout all three campuses by having workshops, guest speakers,
  • Work with the VP Finance on directing finances towards underfunded clubs and student unions which can create cultural engagement where individuals feel a sense of home and can exchange cultures.
  • Promote themed pub nights to build that SFU culture in which we all I remember DJ’ing at the previously named Highland pub where I would meet several students who would have a blast dancing away, groups of students bonding this is what I intend on bringing back. These pub nights can collaborate with student clubs & student unions.
  • Transparency between student board and students by having recorded meetings with the events committee.
  • Having worked with Greek-life as a DJ to several of their events I want them to be recognized for the hard work they are putting and creating an amazing social vibe for all students. I plan to keep this going and have more collaborative events with Greek life and SFSS.
  • I will make it my priority to increase SFSS bursary funding in which it can benefit several students who require

My skill set is well suited for being your next VP Student Life this year, which can benefit the students of SFU and ensure they have an amazing year. I will make sure I do my level best to implement all these changes within this year and live up to my word.

Thank you for reading my platform. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind Regards, Saqib Madhany

Prince Cheema

Dear SFU,

My name is Prince Cheema. I’m running to be your next VP Student Services. I’m in my Fourth Year doing my Honours in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. I have been an active member of the SFU community over the past few years and I plan to use these experiences to bring students a more positive and engaging experience on campus.

As your next VP Student Services, I will:

Restructure and enhance Student Engagement

In 2020, SFU will finally experience the new $55 million Student Union Building, however we need a finalized completion date for students to move in. I want to build a transition plan upon the input of students. The SFSS must be more transparent with the students in regard to the new building as it is an essential piece which will contribute greatly to SFU’s community. In addition, the stadium project is underway as well and SFU NCAA athletes have not received appropriate accommodations on par with other universities. During my term, I hope to work alongside the Student Athletic Advisory Committee to engage and present athletes better on our campus. Furthermore, the current student health and dental plan is not being optimized by students. By reducing costs of the current health and dental plan for students along with providing more optimal service through the integration of fair pharmacare, students will receive exponentially better prescription drug coverage.

Sexual Violence Prevention and Mental Health Resources

SFSS Bylaws need to support and promote mental health resources and sexual violence prevention. With the launch of additional online mental health services over the last year, SFU students continue to wait in line for appointments at SFU health and counselling. Currently, the Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy is not enforced strongly enough to cover all SFU classrooms. SFU needs a constant reminder that no form of sexual violence and misconduct should be tolerated within our classrooms. I will advocate and promote a consent culture by working with students, staff, and admin to ensure that SFU is a safe environment.

Better Service Support for all Student Unions and Clubs on Campus

Growing and maintaining our communication, funding, and support for clubs and student unions in their initiatives is key to continuing to grow our campus spirit. Student groups are the driving force for social life on campus. I believe that increasing student involvement on campus will lead to a higher sense of community at SFU. I will achieve this by working towards enhancing the student experience at SFU by hearing feedback directly from the students, and addressing their concerns to provide programs, services, and opportunities for each and every student. My goal as the next elected VP Student Services is to identify issues that directly affect the students at SFU and make it a priority to resolve them.

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours truly,
Prince Cheema
(778) 713 2300

Matthew Provost

Oki Niitaniko (Hello, my name is) Matthew Provost I am a Indigenous Student from Siksikaitsiitapii (Blackfoot) Territory, and I will be running a Progressive campaign for VP Student Services in the 2020 SFSS elections.

Currently, I am in my third year in Indigenous Studies with a focus on Indigenous Methodologies and Public Policy, & Minoring in Communications. I have spent three years on the board for the First Nations Student Association and on SFU’s Aboriginal Steering Committee, one year on SFPIRG’s Board of Directors, and a term as the Chair for the First Nations Studies Student Union.

I want to run for this position solely due to building relationships in a good way. As an Indigenous undergraduate I want to bring a new perspective to the SFSS that will encompass my ability to Indigenize through a lens that is truly built on equity, diversity, and inclusion.

All students deserve to have services and support to ensure their success at SFU.

Student Support is Key

  • Advocacy for more services that meet the needs of our diverse student population
  • Ensuring that relationships with students is centered within our services
  • Work with the accessibility committee to ensure our services are accessible to ALL students

Improve Service Quality and Awareness

  • Inform students better on the services they pay for
  • Review services to ensure they center in equity, diversity, and inclusion, and that they actually are benefiting students
  • Survey students on creating new services and improving current ones

Improving Food Security

  • Make new partnerships with charity organizations and nonprofits to reduce food insecurity with students
    • Support Veggie Lunch to feed more students at a low-cost
    • Partner with organizations to develop a food bank delivery/pick up service

Foundational Support for Student Groups

  • Creating a student union and club “starter pack” to assist up and coming groups
    • Ex. grants for promotional material, sponsorship and organizational workshops
  • Student Life 101
    • Info sessions and workshops on courses, cooking, budgeting, taxes, selfcare
  • Review the grant approval and reimbursement processes for clubs & DSU’s so that students are not taking on the financial burden of hosting events

Vote Matthew Provost for SFSS VP Student Services March 17-19.

Thank you so much for your support!

Insta: & @matt4vpservices

Gabe Liosis

Hello, my name is Gabe Liosis, and I am running to be your next Vice-President University Relations.

I’m an active member of the community at SFU, including involvement with the Political Science Student Union, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, TEDxSFU2019, the Residence Hall Association, and serving as the current Chair of the SFSS Student Council.

Students deserve a Board that is passionate about empowering students and amplifying their voices on issues that matter.


Saving Students Money

  • Pressure SFU for a Tuition Freeze Now. We need to elect progressive student representatives who will push the university to lower tuition and fight for fully funded post-secondary education
  • Push for Open Educational Resources, including Free and Open Textbooks for All.
  • More Bursaries and Scholarships, providing easier access to an affordable post-secondary education
  • I want to work with the Residence Hall Association to ensure private investors do not take advantage of residents by raising rent astronomically.


Ensuring Students Rights Are Protected

  • Empower the Ombudsperson by restoring funding and giving them the power to also mediate SFSS situations
  • Ensuring a Student Advocate is hired by the next Board.


Keeping the Board Accountable to Students

  • Semesterly Town Halls with the Board and Press Coverage so that students can ask questions and get answers
  • Work with the VP Student Life to create a “State of the Society”from each VP to update students every September and January on their platform progress
  • Push to live stream Board meetings and make it accessible online for students to watch


Investing in the Future of Our Students

  • Create a first-years student committee to make SFSS events, services, and activities more welcoming to new students
  • Work with SFU Student Services to consult with first-year students around issues, services, and projects that would make their transition into SFU a success
  • Create a general volunteer pool to decrease barriers for accessing the SFSS and furthering community involvement.

Thank you for reading my platform! There are many more projects I would like to work on as VP University Relations, and I will be covering them on my campaign pages at:

Full Platform:
FB: @gabe4universityrelations
IG: @gabe4universityrelations

Julian  Loutsik

Hello SFU!

My name is Julian Loutsik and I am running to be your next   Vice  President of University Relations. This past year, I have served on the SFSS Board of Directors and the Environment Representative, and I have had the opportunity to develop a strong understanding of how the SFSS interacts with SFU.

I believe the role of University Relations is absolutely essential in ensuring that student voices are included in all relevant decision-making that takes place at SFU. When elected, my role will be to leverage our collective power as a group of 26,000 students, and play a very proactive role in the creation of our student experience.

Here are some priorities I will include in my portfolio:

Relationship Building
The University Relations portfolio is tasked with fostering and maintaining close working relationships with SFU Administration. With the recent selection of our university’s new President, we have a great opportunity to create a strong transition experience for both the SFSS and SFU. This transition has created space for both organizations to evaluate our working relationship, and foster positive change that can be built upon in the future.

Student Advocacy
Organizing and supporting advocacy campaigns that are essential for the rights of students. For example, international student tuition regulation, open education resources, clear and safe emergency response procedures, timely campus closure alerts, student-focused budget planning, and many more!

Zero-Waste Campus
This past year, I have been a member for SFU Re-Use for Good Committee. This committee has taken on the task of eliminating single-use plastics from all our campuses. As the Vice President of University Relations, I would like to continue building on this action and form a strategic plan on how the SFSS can contribute to making all of our campuses zero-waste in the near future. We also have a great opportunity to use the Student Union Building as an example of how we can play an active role in climate action.

Bylaw Reform
The SFSS bylaws have not been updated in years, and many of them are either outdated and do not adequately reflect the organization the SFSS has moulded into. As a Board member, I look forward to overseeing the process of updating and reforming our bylaws so that they align with our organizational goals and the needs of our membership. This process is critical as it is an essential piece of governance which forms the foundation of the SFSS along with the Society’s Act.

Information on Construction
These past few years, SFU students have faced many challenges with the numerous on-going construction projects taking place on the Burnaby campus. These work sites have created mobility challenges, noise pollution, and added to the stress of getting around on campus. My role will be to work with SFU on creating a clear communication channel where SFU students can see where these active work sites are and how long the work will last in each area. Additionally, students should be able to look at clear detours that can meet all of the mobility needs (exceeds word limit)

Rubab Singh

I am Rubab Singh and with your vote, I will serve as the next VP University Relations for the SFSS.

In my 4 years at SFU I have served the university community and worked at SFU Residence Life as a Community Advisor and Programming Assistant, SFU Recreation, SFU library, Peer Mentor for FASS and as President of ISF, SFSS club.

These are some of the changes that I would like to advocate for after learning from my experiences at the university level.

Affordable Education:

  • Tuition cap
  • I would advocate for a 4-year tuition freeze which would give students a chance to plan out the exact expenses of their degree before enrolling in a program
  • I will lobby to cap the International students fee increase to 2% which is the same as domestic students.
  • More Scholarships and Bursaries for students.
  • Open Textbooks:
    • Integrate a section for textbook cost reflections on the course evaluations and determine the courses that have the highest prices for textbooks. Request the university to provide these books as Open Education Resources (OER).

Housing Security:

  • Develop a service as part of the SFSS, that provides advising and support to students in difficulty with their landlord, fellow tenants or neighbors for off-campus housing.
  • Guide them in their house search.
  • This service will also serve as a long-term support resource that advocates alongside the Residence Hall Association (RHA) to advocate for rent affordability for on-campus housing.

Professional Development Opportunities:

  • The idea is to create a framework that will allow students to turn their ideas and skills into actual possibilities, in the form of collaborative and individual student led workshops and projects.
  • The workshops would have no barriers of faculty requirements ensuring that students make new connections with other students from different disciplines and also lead such initiatives.

Prioritize Student Groups Over Profit:

  • I would ensure that student groups/clubs have priority in booking the venues (at Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver), as opposed to private parties and commercial organizations.
  • Revamp the Go SFSS portal to incorporate a new system that tracks the progress of bookings and grants.
  • Implement an online feedback system that allows student groups to reflect on their experience. 

Board Accountability:

  • Transparent meeting minutes with live stream Board meetings.
  • Board reports: holding every board member accountable for releasing a monthly and semesterly report or video which is easy to understand for the general student community. This report must be officially available on the SFSS website.

Student voices need to be heard for changes to occur. This starts with the trust in the student body (SFSS) which is the foundation for student advocacy and governance. All decisions made by the University need to be student centered and I am determined to speak up and make sure that the opinions and needs of my fellow students are put forward.

Vote RUBAB SINGH for VP UNIVERSITY RELATIONS on March 17-19th via SFU Mail. 

IG: @rubabkebab

Harry Preet Singh

My name is Harry Preet Singh and I am running to be your next Faculty of Applied Science Representative on the SFSS Board of Directors. I am currently pursuing Computing Science and a minor in Statistics.

I am currently a Community Adviser within the SFU Residence where I respond to problems among residents, build community through hosting events to help new students socialize and make friends. Additionally, I volunteer at SFU Recreation as a Fitness Assistant where I help with the day to day workings of the Fitness Centre.

I am also the External Relations Coordinator of SFU Surge which is a club focused on collaborating with students to turn ideas into technical projects.

My reason to run for this position is that as an Applied Science student, I feel there is a dire need for more student involvement within our faculty. By instilling involvement, I aim to convey the importance of transparency, developing relevant technical experience and making the SFSS work for what we pay for.

Support FAS Student Unions and Clubs

  • Regularly monthly with student union and club leaders to update them on board actions and bring back FAS issues to the board
  • Advocate for more financial support for bigger FAS projects like OpFair, Silicon Valley trips, Team Phantom, Systems Hack, etc.

More Open Labs

  • Lab access should not be tied to your major nor your classes, but instead, should be accessible throughout the year as long as you are a student
  • Make more labs accessible 24/7 like Library during midterms and finals
  • More multi-purpose labs, so that students have more options to work on their projects

Earlier Course Offerings

  • It’s common in Applied Science that course offerings are posted later than other faculties and they often change last minute
    • Advocate for Applied Science to follow other faculties and be more consistent with their course offerings

Make Education Accessible for All

  • Push the University to support more open classrooms, lecture recordings, etc. so that students don’t have to travel in bad weather, long distances, or when sick in order to learn
  • More Open Education Resource options to reduce the financial burden on students
  • Dedicated study spaces at residence
    • Current breezeway meeting rooms are underused and often empty

I hope to make SFU a better place for everyone who is a part of it and for that I need the support from all of you. Please find my contact below and let me know if you have any questions or concerns with my platform.

Facebook: @Harry4AppSciRep


Inderpreet Gakhal

Welcome to my platform!        

     My name is Inderpreet Gakhal I am a fourth-year undergraduate student in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. I am majoring in Criminology and minoring in legal studies. As a SFSS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Representative candidate I am proud to say I am representing the largest and most diverse faculty. I hope to fulfill the two tenants of this faculty as mentioned by dean Jane Pulkingham. I want to ensure students are engaged to become lifetime learners. These skills will enable them to adapt to various workplace environments they encounter. Overall, I am running for this position to ensure the voices of all students are recognized by implementing positive transformations. 

     During my degree, I have developed dynamic skills throughout my experiences. Currently I am working as a research assistant with professor Gail Anderson. Academically I aim to maintain a good standing and I have obtained a position on the Dean’s honor roll. Aside from my academic career I work for a crown corporation in British Columbia. My experiences with BC Hydro provide me an opportunity to be an engaged Canadian citizen by working with consumers and the government. Overall, these experiences make me a strong candidate for this position to advocate for the opportunities that all students deserve.

As your FASS Representative I aim to fulfill the following goals:

Improve student engagement:

     I want to increase student engagement by improving communication between SFSS and clubs/DSUs. By actively addressing their questions and concerns. In this process, I will ensure there is both transparency and accountability. I will work alongside the student engagement coordinator to ensure the peer mentorship program in FASS is strengthened. For first and second year students to build connections on campus. I will also work with student unions within the department to promote career fairs and introduce students to more opportunities once they graduate. Most importantly I want to remove the communication barrier between students and SFSS. In fact, I have already began doing this by providing SFU students with a quick survey to rate their overall university experience. Having the direct input from students is vital for creating an engaged campus culture. If elected I will work alongside the events committee to support and promote upcoming events, such as frosh/kickoff events.

Mental health awareness:

     In accordance, to the IRP in 2019 (an undergraduate student survey) only 9% of respondents use SSP (student support program). I will work with SSP to ensure more students are accessing this program. I will also support mental health clubs on campus to provide them with the support and resources they need to increase awareness. Currently, there are long waitlists for receiving mental health resources. I will work with SFU health and counselling to provide students with accessible resources. Such as providing students with care packages throughout the semester and increasing events, which emphasize mental health awareness.

Actively advocate for student rights

Overall, I want to ensure my initiatives are driven by insight from previous deficits. Currently, there has been a stance to increase tuition. (exceeds word limit)

Sude Guvendik

My name is Sude Guvendik and I am running to be your representative for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. I am an International Studies student who sits on the SFSS University and Academic Affairs Committee as an at-large member. I believe in progressive values and I have volunteered for several clubs, helping them with fundraising and hosting events.

As an international student, living in residence, I have heard many issues from students about sexual harassment, mental health issues, and loneliness.  SOCA has been a home away from home for me and I want all students to have their own space on campus where they can belong.

My ultimate goal is to develop/cultivate SFU’s school spirit starting with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences through celebrating SFU’s diversity and strengthening mentorship between first years and fourth years.


SFU Passport to Leadership
SFU Student Walkout – Building student activism; standing in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en.
Students of the Caribbean and African Ancestry (SOCA)
Muslim Student Association (MSA)
Power to Girls – Girls 360 Project program aimed at mentoring and empowering teen girls in West Africa


Students deserve an SFU that is inclusive, supportive, and welcoming to everyone!

Improving the first-year student experience 

  • Work with FASS to plan and hold a “what I wish I knew in my first year” workshop
  • Encourage more first-year students to join the FASS Peer Mentorship program
  • Strengthening mental health support for first-year international students in residence
    • Increased training for CAs and RAs around different cultural and social needs of international students
    • Connect cultural clubs and RHA to hold joint social events to connect more first-year students with the wider SFU community

Student Union Support

  • Increased funding for FASS DSUs to allow for more events and programs
  • Enable DSUs to choose room booking locations
  • Lobby the Faculty to develop more common rooms for student unions
  • Work with SASS to help develop more interfaculty frosh/kickoff events

Celebrate SFU’s Cultural Diversity

  • Collaborate with VP Student Life and the events committee to hold a spring multicultural food and language festival
    • Connect cultural clubs and SFU programs to bring food, music, and entertainment to share with students
  • Create monthly panel discussion events to enhance our understandings of each other


Advocate for the Tuition Freeze Now

  • We need a Tuition Freeze, as tuition has increased by 200% since 2001
    • Two-year tuition freeze for all students; international and domestic.

Contact details here:

Simran Jir

Dear SFU Students,

My name is Simran Jir and I’m running to serve as your next Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Representative on the Board of Directors for SFSS. I am a second-year student pursuing a degree in Criminology, alongside a certificate in social justice and legal studies. As the representative of FASS, I will actively push for positive changes that keep the best interest of students and also increasing awareness and transparency.

My promises to you include the following:

  • Mental Health Awareness

    • Provide alternatives so that students aren’t waiting long and are able to utilize the resources that are provided. Such as holding frequent info sessions that inform students what is available for them and also recruit volunteers.
    • Work alongside the Senate and advocate for a fall reading break. The reading break will provide a well-deserved break for everyone amidst all the assignments and exams that cluster upon students.
    • Work alongside My SSP to fill in voids that need to be filled revolving around funding/advertisement but also connect and support individuals in the SFU community.
  • Increasing student engagement
    • Increase a sense of community and diversity that’ll be inclusive towards everyone on all campus’. I will meet with various clubs and DSU’s and discuss what they’re progressing in and what they’d like to improve. Changes that would be imposed are the ones that’ll result in positive changes that endorse the idea/goal that everyone is being included and also increase engagement in the SFU community.
    • Increase core funding for clubs/DSU’s to enhance student engagement and activities. Being able to have smooth career nights and info sessions that’ll increase awareness of clubs FASS has to offer and the opportunities those clubs withhold. I would to do this so that regardless of what year you are in you get a memorable experience. Also, making sure clubs/DSU’s are able to provide activities and events that students desire to do/see.
    • Also, I would like to ban plastic straws from the SUB and use paper straws instead to engage sustainability in the community.
  • Advocating for more study spaces
    • Eliminate the hardships many students face will trying to book study room and not being able to find an adequate space/ area to study at by advocating for more study spaces at all three campus’.
    • Reforming the scheduling system that’s used for SFU Surrey room booking. Once students book a room under their student ID, they must check in on the website at the time of the booking to assure they’re using the room in a limited amount of time. Frequently seen, students book rooms but sometimes they don’t go to the booked room or go somewhere else. That takes away from another student facilitating their studying

Thank you for reading my platform. I hope my goals resonate with you. Remember to vote March 17-19 via SFU mail.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Instagram: simranjir_

Simran Jir

Sanaa Cassum



name is Sanaa Cassum and I am currently a third-year business student. It is with absolute pleasure and pride that I would like to announce my candidature to be your next Business Representative. Through my previous experiences within Beedie and SFU at large, I have gained communication, leadership and organizational skills, that I will employ when representing our faculty and working towards a more engaged, supported and united community.

I have actively been involved in the following:

  • Organizing Committee, CaseIT 2018
  • Member, YWiB’s Soul Mentorship and Wise Development Program
  • Volunteer, JDC West
  • Volunteer, Global Community Mentorship Program
  • Student Fundraiser, University Advancement
  • Community Advisor, SFU Residences

I promise to prioritize on the following:

Encourage inclusive involvement in student clubs: I will not only extend my support to incoming students, but also transfer and senior students, who may have refrained from being actively involved in the past. Many students are deterred by the domination of established active members in the clubs. I intend on helping students build on themselves, by supporting initiatives like Transfer Launch and holding attractive corporate nights in order to help connect students to the opportunities they have. This will ensure involvement of newer, diverse voices in these organizations.

Support student’s mental health: As students, we often undergo increased stress that might deter us from our studies and other commitments. In a recent survey by Health and Counselling, 1 in 6 students at SFU have been diagnosed with mental health issues. Having raised funds for HCS previously, I believe that the current accessibility to HCS can be significantly improved. I want to work with the rest of the board to ensure better and more timely access to counsellors and health care professionals.

Better access to financial resources: Beedie students are the most affected by the constant tuition fees increases. Having raised funds for scholarships and bursaries previously, I will use the knowledge that I have gained in order to advocate for the better allocation of financial support towards Beedie students.

Access to academic resources: Creation of an academic portal for Beedie students, giving them access to past exams, assignments and sample papers, which will encourage learning. Students can benefit from student-led workshops for development of skills or tutoring for additional help, outside of office hours. This could be similar to those students attend during Math 157, for accounting, marketing, coding etc. These initiatives would be in conjunction with professors and the DSU.

I want to give students the ability to create endless possibilities for themselves. I will ensure that the voice of our clubs and students are heard and that they have access to the funding and resources they need. I will implement this by increasing the transparency and connectivity within our office and encouraging discussions between club presidents, students and SFSS representatives and evaluating the progress towards these goals.

Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to connect with me via email ( or Facebook!



Mehtaab Gill


My name is Mehtaab Gill and I am running to be your next Business Representative for the SFSS Board of Directors. I am a second year Beedie student intending to concentrate in Finance and Human Resources. In the last two years at SFU, I have been actively involved in the Beedie community and familiarized myself with the clubs and organizations that contribute to the success of the department.

My involvement at SFU includes:

  • President/Founder, SFU Real Estate Club
  • External Executive, SFSS Events Committee
  • Corporate Relations Coordinator, BASS
  • Workshop Manager, Enactus SFU
  • Mentor, BASS Mentorship Program
  • Event Volunteer, JDC West
  • Director of Finance, Sikh Students Association

My involvement with Beedie clubs and BASS has allowed me to familiarize myself with some of the challenges that Beedie clubs face, one of which is the disconnect between business clubs and the SFSS. By nature, business clubs are very active and are constantly organizing programs and activities to provide value to our department, and our drive and propensity to keep growing requires proactive support and services.

The SFSS is the umbrella organization that directly contributes to the success of Beedie organizations and events through funding and resource allocation. As your next Business Representative, it will be my responsibility to ensure that the SFSS is keeping up with our ambitious clubs and student organizers. Hi 

Some of my priorities will be to:

  • Improve Communication Channels
    • Create a space to meet with Beedie Presidents regularly to ensure their clubs are being serviced adequately by the SFSS
    • Hold workshops where SFSS Staff can inform new club leaders on the resources available to them (i.e. SFSS policies, grants, room bookings, contract review assistance, event insurance, etc.)
    • Become the primary SFSS point of contact for Beedie clubs and students so that they have access to quick and clear information
  • Become an Active SFSS Presence
    • The strength of Beedie students is their ability to create a wealth of programming and events for the department, and I want to be an active SFSS representative at these events
    • It is very important for me to attend events where new and incoming students can get information directly from the SFSS on the resources and opportunities available to them
    • Ease the transition for first year students by promoting opportunities to get involved
  • Increase Opportunities for Business Clubs
    • Advocate for an increase in grants that are invested directly into club branding and marketing (i.e. posters, banners, and t-shirts)
    • Ensure Beedie clubs have access to promote their events on a central SFSS calendar that reaches the entirety of our undergraduate population
    • Encourage Beedie clubs to pitch events directly to the board to access larger pools of funding
    • Propose more event collaborations between Beedie clubs and the SFSS (i.e. YWiB IWD Gala)

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform and please email me at  if you have any questions. If my priorities resonate with you, please be sure to vote!

Mehtaab Gill

Pariya Zabihi

Dear SFU Undergraduates,

My name is Pariya Zabihi(she/her/hers) and I am running to be your next Business Representative for the SFSS Board of Directors. After two years at SFU, I have worked with a number of groups on campus.  I served as a radio show host at CJSF where I introduced listeners to local Canadian artists. I’m also a part of the CJSF organizing committee, SFU Walkout, and most recently, the Philosophy Student Union.

As an active member of the SFU community, I’ve experienced both the highs and lows of being a student at this university. From the lack of Beedie school spirit, to unjust tuition raises, I see and experience the result of poor decision-making every day. With progressive values in mind, I will prioritize the needs of marginalized students. If elected, I will continue to advocate for SFU students by working directly with Beedie and the SFSS to ensure your voices are heard. My promises to you include the following:

Increase Resources for Beedie Students 

  • Work to organize more multi-program career fairs and networkingevents to expose Beedie students to the current job market, and ease the transition into the labour market
  • Push SFU to open West Mall classroomsin the evenings for further study spaces
  • Increase funding for large-scale Beedie club events and competitions to support their needs

Strengthen the Beedie Community

  • Organize inclusive eventsthat invite awider-range of Beedie students across campuses
  • Continue to advocate for increased mental health services

 Work to actively support and fight for International Students

  • Increase academic support for international students,
    • Public-speaking workshops, writing workshops, and needs-based grants
  • Advocate for a Tuition Freeze 
    • Beedie students have the highest tuition, and year-over-year increaseshaven’t fixedthe education issues students face at SFU
    • In Spring 2019, the SFU Board of Governors approved a 20% tuition increase for international business studentswho make up a quarter of Beedie
    • We need a freeze and I will fight for one

In order to make important and urgent changes at SFU, we need to bridge the gap between the SFSS and Beedie School of Business. As your next business representative, I will fight for your rights and amplify your voices whenever necessary. Vote on March 17-19 via SFU Mail, and please remember to take care of yourselves this school year. If you have any questions about my platform, please don’t hesitate to contact me through email and/or my social medias.
FB: @Pariya4BusinessRep
IG: @Pariya4BusinessRep




Aman Ahmad

Hi, I’m Aman Ahmad and I’m annoyed.

Annoyed with the lack of support from our faculty.

Annoyed with the lack of opportunities from our faculty.

Most of all, I’m annoyed by all the arts major jokes I’ve had to endure.

In fact, I’m so annoyed that I’m running to be your next FCAT Representative on the SFSS Board of directors to change things myself.

As a 4th year FCAT student, I know that we need better leadership and support from the faculty.

We need opportunities to develop our degrees without relying solely on the co-op program to succeed.

Faculties such as Business already provide their students access to networking events with industry professionals, Fortune-500 companies who come to campus to recruit, and workshops to further develop their skills. And to top it off, after graduation they have a Beedie portal in which they can access job postings, recruiters and other alumni.

If elected, I will:  

Increase student support

  • By hosting more networking events and workshops for students to develop their degrees and careers
  • Developing career building workshops for FCAT students through existing unions and clubs
  • Find mentors that can better guide students in their career goals

Work with VP Finance to increase funding and support for 

  • Student Unions: (CMNSU, IATSU, FSU, DSU, TSU, MSU, and VASU) to give them a greater level of autonomy
  • Student Clubs to provide them with greater freedom for their events

Have better communication and engagement in faculty 

  • By contributing to the faculty union meetings
  • Helping Student and unions plan events and workshops

Become the voice for students 

  • I will act as a liaison between the SFSS and the Faculty of Education to communicate with students to ensure that their voices are heard and taken into consideration.
  • Work on strengthening the community to enable us to have greater peer support after graduation

If you have any questions or recommendations, feel free to reach out at:

(Shameless social media plug)

Instagram: @AmanFCAT

TL;DR  As FCAT Rep I want to provide students more opportunities to develop their degrees and careers outside the co-op program and give Student Unions and Clubs greater level of autonomy. As well as strengthening the FCAT community for folks after graduation.



Haider Masood

My name is Haider Masood (he/his)and I’m a third-year Communication student minoring in Business.

Through my involvement as a Residence Orientation Leader, Welcome Volunteer, a Team Leader, SFU Orientation Leader, RHA elections coordinator, and volunteering for the Indian Student Federation (ISF), I learned about problems other students face, which increased my passion for Student Advocacy.

I am advocating for progressive students in order to push progressive values. This is why I am running to be your next FCAT representative. I commit to:


  • Increased funding cap of FCAT DSUs to increase their financial flexibility
  • Priority access to room booking for Surrey-based FCAT DSUs
    • Enable DSUs to choose the location of the room booking
  • Continue monthly FCAT wide executive meetings to build on the good work the current FCAT rep, Fiona Li, has done
    • Increases communication between student unions, the SFSS, and staff
    • Allows for more collaboration opportunities
  • Publish rules about SFSS club portal/orientation sessions
  • Hold meetings at least once a semester in each campus to help increase collaboration


  • Live streaming meetings with dedicated open floor sections
  • Advocate for making FIC students members of the SFSS
    • Even though FIC students pay fees for the SFSS, they are still not eligible for the SFSS membership and have no voting rights
  • Advocating for Translink U-pass for FIC students


  • Working towards providing more spaces for student unions and clubs to help them build their communities
  • Push SFU to renovate or dedicate more common spaces for studying and holding events


  • Tuition has increased by 200% since 2001
  • Lobby the federal and provincial governments to increase education funding
  • Push for a two-year tuition freeze for all students; international and domestic

As your FCAT Representative, I will passionately work towards the interest of students to make sure your time at SFU is more engaging and better.
FB: @Haider4FCATRep
IG: @Haider4FCATRep



Tagwa Ali

Hello SFU Students!

My name is Taqwa Ali (she/her), and I am running to be your next Education Representative on the SFSS Board of Directors!

I am currently in the Teacher Education Program (PDP), and prior to starting this program I completed my BGS at SFU with Education minors in Learning and Developmental Disabilities & Early Learning. I am very passionate about connecting studentsand organizing events that facilitate student engagement, and will bring this passion with me in my role as Education Representative.

This passion for connecting & engaging students has played a big part in my roles as:

  • Event Coordinator for SFU’s SSA(Somali Students Association) where I help organize social and professional/networking events.
  • Youth Worker with the North Shore Neighborhood Housewhere I help plan, organise and oversee community programs aimed at supporting youth.
  • Volunteer with Al-Iman Community Centrein Surrey where we host bi-weekly socials and free weekly tutoring support for youth in Surrey.

As a future teacher, I am committed to advocating for my students– but how can I honor this commitment without advocating for my peers and colleagues now? This is what inspired me to run for Education Representative. I want to use my position in the Board of Directors to advocate andfight for marginalized groups and communities on campus.


I want to be Education Representative in order to increase engagement and opportunities for Education students and bring progressive change to the student body at SFU!

Connect PDP and Education Students

  • More information nights and resources to help education students transitioning into the Professional Development Program.
  • Coordinating with SFU and external partners to increase more volunteer and co-op opportunities.
  • More networking nights to connect PDP alumni and education students.

Strengthen Engagement within Education students

  • Organize more community building events to connect Education Students.
  • Support the ESA and help spread awareness of their events and initiatives.

Bring positive change to the student body at SFU!

  • Supporting Marginalized Communities on campus which includes rebuilding the relationship with Rotunda groups and supporting other marginalized groups at SFU
  • Fighting for lower tuition and more open education resources across SFU.
  • More dedicated staff support for student unions and faculties.


Overall, I want to be the Education representative in order to increase engagement and opportunitiesfor Education students and bring positive changeto the student body at SFU!

Remember to vote on March 17-19 through SFU email!

FB: @Taqwa4EduRep
IG: @Taqwa4EduRep

Emerly Liu

Hey SFU!

My name is Emerly Liu, I am a third-year Education student, and I am re-running to be your Faculty of Education Representative on the SFSS Board of Directors 2020/2021.

As the previous President of the Education Student Association (ESA), and the Faculty of Education Representative for the SFSS Board of Directors 2019/2020 term, I have worked alongside SFSS staff, Faculty, and students alike to improve the student experience at SFU. I intend to continue to interact with and listen to students to advocate on their behalf. In doing so, I will be able to accurately represent student ideas and needs to the Faculty, and support all SFU students by making information, resources, and services more accessible.

1.  Collaborate with Faculty and student groups to enhance opportunities for students to gain practical experience 

I seek to continue my work with ESA, the Undergraduate Programs Committee, and the Faculty to promote resources and services that emphasize student engagement, impart valuable life skills, and direct students to volunteer and work opportunities within the community. The majority of Education students are aspiring teachers who need experience volunteering or working with children, but many students have voiced that they don’t know how to outreach to schools, or other youth-related programs. I want to organize events and workshops, such as subsidized first aid courses, PDP alumni panels, and school district sessions that educate and connect students to relevant supports.

2.  Increase the number of Open Educational Resources (OER) used at SFU 

As a member of SFU’s OER Working Group Committee, I have learned a great deal about open educational resources and why they are immensely beneficial to students. OER are freely available materials that can be used as an alternative to traditional textbooks—of which students spend on average $200 per semester. Since its establishment in 2016, the Committee has funded over 30 Faculty- and staff-led projects that have saved SFU students more than

$1,000,000. I want to see these numbers skyrocket by expanding student campaigns to raise awareness for textbook affordability initiatives, and urge Faculty to adopt OER in their courses.

3.  Modify the Student Health and Dental Plan to include psycho-educational assessments 

Students of all abilities have diverse learning needs, and I want to ensure that all students receive equitable support to optimize their learning experience. By subsidizing learning assessments for students with learning disabilities, the SFSS can help eliminate barriers to education, and SFU can provide the appropriate accommodations and modifications that students require to thrive. Furthermore, I want to collaborate with the Centre for Accessible Learning to educate students on disability and about disability-related resources and services that are available on campus.

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform and for making an informed decision. For any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact me via

Cheers, Emerly Liu

Anuki Karunajeewa

Dear SFU students,

My name is Anuki Karunajeewa (she/her) I’m a 4th year REM major (Resource and Environmental Management), Sociology minor and a student activistwith progressive values, passionate about climate justice. When I’m not at a protest or rally, you can catch me chilling near mountains and lakes, making Tik Toks with my friends, or listening to rap or R&B on Spotify and constantly discovering new music.

After hearing about the SUB space issue, I realized I wanted to run so that if I was on the board, I would have the power tofight for issueslike this. That’s why I’m running as the SFSS Faculty of Environment Representative. Since the SFSS is a student society, as a representative I will use our extensive political capital to push for meaningful progressive change.

Co-creator of SFU Student Walkout
Faculty rep of BESU
Collaboration with SFU 350
President of DogwoodSFU
MetroVancouver Post Secondary Students Coalition for Justice
Embark Social Sustainability volunteer
SFU Passport to Leadership
SFU Semester in Dialogue
Climate Guides

Strong Communication With FEnv

  • Improve funding, advertising, and collaborationbetween FEnv student unions, clubs, and the SFSS so that events can be bigger and more attended
    • Work with student unions and groups to bring in more educational and training events and improve on current workshops
  • Advocatingfor FEnv student groups, clubs and unions on the board for faster reimbursement solutions and better funding

Sustainability and Climate Justice

  • Push for SFU to divest and promote investing in sustainable energy with other advocacy groups such as Embark and SFU 350
  • I want to go above and beyond the business-as-usual atmosphere and promote a climate justice focused campus
  • Rally students for climate focused solutionsi.e. against the TMX pipeline, pressuring SFU to divest, Indigenous sovereignty…etc
  • Make sure SFSS’s new investment policy is fossil-fuel free 
  • Push for SFSS to develop a sustainable organization,devote more resources to real climate advocacy, develop advocacy policy, and be more vocal about our future

Better Events

  • Support large-scale events like the Kickoff to be planned well in advance so that losses no longer happen
  • Town Hallsabout various climate issues to inform students and the community
  • Work towards creating better Frosh events, so students in FEnv are more engaged and connected

Affordable Education

  • Fight for atuition freezeand more open education resourcesto save students money

Supporting Marginalized Students

  • Continue to supportmarginalized communitiesby helping find adequate spacesin the SUBand on campus

Vote on March 17-19, 2020 via SFU Mail!

You can find my contact details here:




Daria Elrick

Hello SFU!

My name is Daria Elrick and I am a third-year student in the Population and Quantitative Health stream in the Faculty of Health Sciences. In my last year at SFU I would like to give back to my student community and represent my peers on the 2020/21 Board of Directors. I am confident that I have the leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills necessary to successfully act as your Faculty of Health Sciences Representative.

In my time at SFU, I have been actively involved with student groups and activities to support students. I am currently involved with the following organizations:

  • Chapter President – Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity
  • Organ Director – Blood, Organ, Stem Cell Club

Through these groups I have assisted in the planning and execution of:

  • Annual MedConnect conference which is a full day conference for students who are aspiring to go on to a career in medicine which includes workshops, speakers, and professional panels
  • Anatomy Fashion Show, an annual event which showcases the SFU community art and science to raise funds for the BC Children’s Hospital
  • Multiple Stem Cell Drives to add donors to the Canadian Blood Services OneMatch registry
  • Inaugural Organ Donation Awareness event

Based on these experiences, I have learned teamwork, collaboration, event-planning and budgeting skills; all of which are essential traits of a successful Board member.

As a member of the Board of Directors, we have a huge responsibility to students. We, above all, have a responsibility to support students. Here are some ways I will do this as a member of the SFSS Board:

Support Students’ Financial Interests:

–        Support SFU Tuition Freeze Now

–        Advocate for open-source resources

Increasing Engagement of Members:

–        Educate members about the SFSS

–        Make information about SFSS initiatives accessible

–        Provide forums for students to voice their opinions

Support the Holistic Health of Students:

–        Educate members on the resources available to them

–        Implement new initiatives to support students’ health, for example, introducing wellness days

–     Consult students on areas for improvement

Support Health Science Students’ Interests:

–        Work with HSUSU to create programing relevant to Health Sciences students including professional development

–        Work to connect students with industry professionals to support their career advancement


While the specific actions and promises are important to consider when choosing which candidate to elect, I believe it is also important to know a candidate’s values and how they align with yours. These are three key values of mine that I believe are essential to a Board Representative:

  1. Honesty and Transparency
  2. Equity
  3. Evidence-based decision making

For more detail on how these specifically apply to my candidacy as well as on the platform points described above, please follow this link:

Based on the information I have provided you, I sincerely hope that you will trust me to serve on your Board of Directors.

If you have any questions, thoughts, opinions, or otherwise, I am always happy to talk. Please reach out to me at

Warmest regards,
Daria Elrick

Roopan Garcha

Hello SFU Students!

My name is Roopan Garcha, and I am running to serve as your next Health Sciences Representative for the Simon Fraser Student Society. I am a second-year student in the Faculty of Health Sciences, with a concentration in Life Sciences. By becoming a member on the board, I am inspired to enhance student experience, provide reassuring support, and voice student concerns.

In the previous year, I have worked alongside the Health Sciences Undergraduate Student Union (HSUSU) on initiatives that brought forward a more positive and engaging experience on campus.

If elected, I plan to focus on the following:


  • In support of allocating space in the new Student Union Building towards wellness initiatives and programs to enhance mental, emotional and physical
  • Bring awareness to existing resources, such as My Student Support Program (My SSP), and work with the health and counselling services to improve current mental health services based on previous reviews from the
  • To Improve the process of booking appointments and decreasing waitlists to meet with a registered clinical counsellor, mental health nurse or physician on
  • Create a list of sustainable vendors to be utilised by all clubs, DSU’s, and FSU’s to help promote an eco-friendly


  • Promote semesterly career panels, which will provide more accessible knowledge in terms of volunteer and work experience opportunities that are open to Health Science students regardless of their
  • I will continue to collaborate with HSUSU to host monthly Q&A Panels and Study Sessions targeted towards students in FHS who have questions or concerns regarding their degree or experience at
  • Work towards organizing a Health Sciences Frosh and look at alternatives, such as collaborating with an interdisciplinary
  • Advocate for an increased amount of core funding to host more events at all campuses


  • Endorse the BC Open Textbook Program. This program is targeted towards allowing students free access to textbooks through open educational resources adopted by professors throughout
  • Increase Health Science course offerings to decrease waiting lists and allow students to graduate in a timely
  • Implement free online course materials, such as course access
  • Increase scholarships, bursaries and grants to lessen the financial burden faced by students.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my platform. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. Your voice matters!

Email: Instagram: @roopangarcha Facebook: @roopangarcha

Nafoni Modi


My name is Nafoni Modi(she/her).  I am currently a 3rd year student in the Faculty of Health Sciences. I am running to be your next Health Sciences Representative on the Simon Fraser Student Society Board of Directors.

Currently, I am a Faculty of Health Sciences Peer Mentor where I share my experiences with new students to help them improve their school, work, and personal life balance. Externally, I am heavily involved in community based programs and associations. I serve on the Equatorian South-Sudanese Community Association of British Columbia (ESSCA-BC) executive board as the Secretary General.We provide workshops and tools to better the community.  This role has given me experience with nonprofit bylaws, policies, and processes that will allow me to be an effective SFSS Board member.

Furthermore, I volunteer with Vancouver Coastal Health’s Harm Reduction Unit. Through this role, I assist clients in accessing clean supplies, maintain inventory, and track statistics. This role has shown me how imperative and vital it is to have programs and resources created specifically for communities who need them the most, especially during times like the Opioid Crisis British Columbia is currently facing.

I want to run for Health Sciences representative in order to bring progressive change within the Health Sciences faculty, the SFSS, and the overall student body at SFU.

Improve the Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Work with VP University Relations and Senate to offer more Health Sciences course offerings, i.e., required courses being offered every semester, as opposed to once per year, and multiple sections a semester.
    • Will cut down on waitlists
    • Will allow students to graduate on time
  • Work to provide more accessible volunteer and co-op opportunities for HSCI students
  • Work closely with HSUSU to improve HSCI student life and overall experience
    • Collaborate on events
    • Advocate on the board for better funding for HSCI groups, clubs and unions

Affordable Education and accessible resources

  • Advocate for the implementation of open-source textbooks
  • Advocate for more study spacesfor SFU students at SFU Surrey and SFU Vancouver
  • Advocate for midterm and syllabus transparencyduring course picking season

Supporting Marginalized Students

  • Continue to supportmarginalized communitieson campus, and create a strong relationship with them

Thank you all,

Please vote on March 17-19, 2020, via SFU Mail

Let’s bring progressive change to SFU!

My contact details are as follows, please don’t hesitate to reach out!
FB: @nafoni4hscirep
IG: @nafoni4hscirep


WeiChun Kua

My name is WeiChun Kua (he/him/his) and I am running to be your Science Representative for the Simon Fraser Student Society. I am a fourth year international student majoring in Biology with a concentration in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation.

Aside from academics, I am heavily involved in on-campus clubs and activism. I am the President of the Orangutan Awareness Club. I am also an active member of SFU350, and am the co-founder of its subgroup, “Justice, No Pipeline”. As a stateless minority, I understand the importance of advocating for minority groups on campus and social justice issues. That is why I am a co-founder of the SFU Student Walkout, which organizes to bring back student activism on SFU campuses.

As your Science Representative, I will push for greater transparency within the SFSS, as well as increased student engagement in SFSS politics and greater awareness of its resources. I believe that students should use their collective power to mobilize for progressive changes. As an international student, I see first-hand how tuition increases impact students, and strongly support the Tuition Freeze Now campaign because education should be accessible for all.


We deserve a student society that is willing to advocate for all students including Indigenous and minority communities, even when it’s the most inconvenient.


  • Partner with Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) and Departmental Student Unions (DSUs) to organize more frequent, casual, community-building events like study sessions, movie nights, and game nights.
  • Implement a Science Student Advisory Committee to allow students to directly communicate with SFSS Student Council, their Department heads, and each other to advocate for their needs.

Dedicated Support for Sciences

  • More support for science student unions and clubs for their annual events and projects like SUS Winter Formal, Kine Games, and SURJ

Student Union Space and Funding

  • Work with SFU and science student unions to upgrade and renovate their spaces, making them more usable for their members
  • Work with Science Undergraduate Society and DSUs to push for more common room space in the Faculty of Science so they have a home in their own faculty
  • Increase core funding for Student Unions so that they have more financial autonomy

Better Grants and Room Booking

  • Improve the room booking process so that you book further into the future and know what rooms are available
  • Simpler grant process with online reimbursement submission options
  • Faster turnaround time on reimbursements so that students don’t rack up interest and fee charges

Climate Justice and Reviving Activism on Campus

  • Work with EMBARK, SFU350 & ChangeSFU to pressure SFU to take meaningful actions on climate change such as divesting from fossil fuels, declaring a climate emergency and take action against the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion
  • Create an atmosphere where student advocacy is encouraged and welcomed
  • Build a strong relationship with student advocacy groups such as FNSA and Tuition Freeze Now

Voting period is March 17-19 via SFU Mail
FB: @weichun4sciencerep
IG: @weichun4sciencerep

Boris Perdija 

Hello SFU!

My name is Boris Perdija and I am running for the Science Representative position on the SFSS!

As a third year student at SFU, I have had the amazing opportunity of holding the VP External position in the Science Undergraduate Society and actively helped to promote the social and academic well being of students at SFU. This experience has not only made me more comfortable with event planning, but it has also given me a base of understanding of what procedures work between DSU’s and the SFSS, and what things need to be improved on.

To summarize my platform briefly, my biggest goal is to continue making SFU a more engaged university by focusing on events, as well as supporting the safety and well-being of students on campus. It’s without question that a strong sense of community is one of the most important aspects of an active student body, and it also happens to be that this is one of the things that could be most worked on here at SFU.

In the next year, I aim to continue being involved with the science undergraduate society and the various science DSU’s on campus. If elected, I will:

  • Help create larger event awareness around campus and make it easier for students to get involved with the various DSU’s at SFU. There are a plethora of opportunities here at this university though many people simply do not know they exist. From working on the Science Undergraduate society and speaking to various students, I’ve also learned how difficult it is for DSU’s to get reimbursements for their purchases as well as how many hoops they have to jump through to book rooms for their events.  This makes it so much harder for DSU’s to engage with their department and it’s something I aim to look into.
  • Assist in maintaining a clear form of communication between the SFSS and student body. With an advocacy office just being passed, I aim to support its introduction and ensure that students are able to readily submit their comments and concerns. My hope is that the needs and concerns of students can be addressed quickly, clearly, and be supported by the SFSS.
  • Help support student safety during seasonal and adverse conditions.  SFU hasn’t had a great reputation for responding to unusual events such as bus strikes and winter conditions, and I aim to advocate for the pre-planning of (predictable) events such as these. We have also all experienced the challenges that have come with construction on campus and I plan on supporting previous initiatives to help deal with the noise pollution at our school, as well as look into other ways the SFSS can help.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my platform!  If you have any questions or concerns you can reach me either on Facebook or through email at

Boris Perdija

Balqees Jama 

We deserve an effective, accessible, progressive Student Society.


My name is Balqees Jama and I am running to be your At-Large Representative. I want to continue building student activism on campus, and make our Student Society more easily accessible for students to benefit from. I’m passionate about advocating for students on issues like tuition increases, student support services, transparency in decision-making processes, etc.

My goal on SFSS Board is to empower students at SFU to engage with campus life how they see fit. I was eagerly involved in residence activities during my first year. More recently, I have worked in community-building and advocacy with Students of Caribbean and African Ancestry (SOCA) and Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFPIRG).


The relationship between SFSS and the Rotunda Community has been damaged over the last several years. While they have come to a compromise for housing on campus, I hope to rebuild relations by:

  • Ensure SFSS supports the groups in relocating to the new Student Union Building
  • Consult with the student groups on how to empower them
  • Sharing Rotunda events on official SFSS calendar, like currently done with Women’s Centre and Out on Campus
  • Providing regular SFSS updates on events and accomplishments on CJSF Campus Radio


It is our Student Society’s responsibility to make sure the different avenues of community engagement are as visible and accessible as possible. I plan to address this on the Board by working to:

  • Build School Spirit working with VP Student Life (Eg. Hype Squad for athletics events)
  • Establish practical support workshops (eg. a trip to Learning Commons, how to book rooms, how to apply for grants, effectively navigate goSFU site, etc)
  • Invite student clubs, DSU’s, and student organizations to promote events on the SFSS Calendar and SFSS social media platforms.
  • Collaborate with the Residence Hall Association


  •  Work with Tuition Freeze Now campaign to pressure SFU to stop tuition increases, and fight for more education funding
  • Collaborate with clubs and student groups that are advocating for justice (climate, economic, racial, disability, etc) 
  • Establish a Social Justice Fund to help fund student-led campaigns pushing for changes around student poverty, housing and education affordability, etc


The SFSS collects $11 million from you. Do you know how it is being spent? Students deserve to know, and have a say, in decisions being made that directly affect them. I plan to improve transparency by pushing to:

  • Live Stream all SFSS meetings
  • Track votes of the 16 elected Board of Directors
  • Host monthly SFSS town halls
  • Create a Promise Tracker readily available on our website
  • Include more elaborate, relevant information on the SFSS website.

Students deserve an effective and progressive Student Society. The power to vote is in your hands.


You can support my mission by following my social media:

FB and IG: @balqees4atlarge


Arnaz Lalani

Hello SFU!

My name is Arnaz Lalani and I am a 3rd-year international student studying Business and Communications. It is with immense pride that I wish to announce that I am running for the position of At-Large Representative to foster a more connected, unified, and engaged community of SFU students.

Throughout my SFU journey, I have attempted to be involved with various student and university-led initiatives, which have developed in me an enormous sense of loyalty and commitment towards the institution. A few notable examples of my previous leadership experience include serving as VP Communications for SFU Residence Hall Association as well as Team Lead at Alumni Calling Campaign with SFU Advancement and Alumni Engagement wherein I have worked towards raising awareness and funds for scholarships and bursaries as well as mental health initiatives at SFU.

If you choose to have faith in me, I promise to use my strong leadership and communication background to represent and fight for ALL students of SFU with the highest level of determination and dedication! Alongside hearing what are highly concerning issues to be dealt with from students themselves, I also plan on prioritizing the following pressing matters-

SFU is known to be a commuter campus, which has led to a lack of unity and sociability among students on campus. This problem has deeper roots as it not only affects student unity but also their progress and can even impact their mental health! If elected, I will advocate for increased SFU social events as well as more student spaces on campus with increased facilities in the new Student Union Building. Furthermore, as all students are equal members of SFSS, everyone should have access to any information regarding the workings of the organization as a whole. If elected, I will advocate for increased engagement and transparency between SFSS and ALL students and clubs.

It is no secret that being able to take care of one’s physical and mental health is a costly, time-consuming process. As students who often undergo a ton of pressure and stress, access to both physical and mental health care is very important! However, this has not been achieved in the recent past due to long waitlists to see health care providers at SFU Health and Counselling, as well as other factors such as the increase of MSP costs for international students. This year, the SFSS must focus on improving the accessibility and affordability of health services for ALL SFU students!

Scholarships and bursaries are the primary reasons many students are able to think about pursuing their education at SFU, and without them, a lot would not be able to continue or even start their journeys here. As a thankful recipient of these gifts in the past, I know first-hand the importance of these funds. If elected, my top priority is to advocate for increased funding for scholarships and bursaries for ALL students from ALL faculties.

As an international student (exceeds word count)

Phum Luckkid

Hi my name is Phum, you should vote for me because I am hardworking!

 I’ll have you know there was one time I took an 8:30 tutorial and I showed up for every single one. Ok maybe I missed one but you get the idea.

Wow, that’s great, what else do you do? Let me tell you!


  • Student At-Large SFSS University and Academic Affairs Committee
  • Sponsorships Director UNICEF SFU
  • Volunteer Coordinator SFU Anime (+Summer Festival)
  • Treasurer SFU Peak Frequency
  • President Altered Reality Club
  • Active member of Psychology Students Union.

“Wowee you sure seem qualified” you might think to yourself . Haha thanks, here is how I’m going to integrate that experience into action.

A more transparent SFSS – A lot of candidates say they want more transparency but what does this actually mean?

  • Town Halls – Students should be directly informed on change by the board and not by The Peak. The SFSS should create events to inform students on important changes before they occur.
  • Timely upload of meeting minutes – Check the meeting minutes for council right now, when was it filed? Yes, there are month long delays between the minutes and the meetings, file them sooner.
  • Visible SFSS policies regarding clubs & DSU’s – Currently, the policies regarding club events are unclear. There is a Canvas course that teaches them but it is hard to access or people do not know about it. I propose to have all policies published and updated

Active consultation with student groups – Any club or DSU exec can list 100000 complaints about the SFSS but change never seems to occur.

  • Speak to students – I can’t believe I have to put this on my platform. The voices of students, especially those that are actively involved in Clubs and DSU’s must be heard. The bridge between the students’ concerns and the SFSS is missing, let’s fix that.

Core funding for clubs – Currently for a club to spend money they need approval from the SFSS. Core funding is money a club can spend on miscellaneous necessities without supervision from the SFSS. For more info please visit my full platform below.

SFSS Event policy overhaul:

  • Room booking: Booking SFSS rooms such as forum chambers is a shot in the dark, you never know what room is available at all times. Execs know the struggle of planning an event but then finding out that all rooms are bookedL. Why not publish the room booking calendar?
  • Allow for more Food options on non-SFSS spaces – SFU Catering pizza is horrible, clubs should be allowed to provide their own food with a food permit
  • Increase upper limit on grants for smaller clubs – Currently, smaller clubs receive less money from grants than bigger clubs due to their size. This is problematic because without money, how can a club be expected to grow?

Thank you for reading but the word count does not allow me to elaborate.

My name is Phum and I care about student groups.


Full platform:

Geetanjli Sharma

Hello SFU,

My name is Geetanjli Sharma and I am a second year student. I am running to be your next At-Large Representative to create a community that is inclusive of all to provide a sense of belonging to the students of SFU.

While I have been at SFU, I have been involved in various organizations within the university such as:

  •  Business Administration Student Society (2019-2020)
  • CaseIt (2018-2019)

If elected my goal will be to create a socially connected community within the SFU campuses through creating change regarding the following issues: 

  • Develop a community atmosphere on campus
    Create inclusive events that everyone is welcome to attend to decrease the notion that SFU is a “commuter school” and allow for a better diversified social environment throughout faculties. 
  • Raise awareness on issues regarding sexual violence: Having previously volunteered with women’s shelters I have began to understand the extent that people face sexual harassment and violence. Therefore, I will advocate for initiatives such as an update to the MLU and for club executives to be trained to ensure that events are safe for all participating.
  • Push for sustainable practices on campus:  Advocate for the goal of a zero-waste campus, and work with student organizations and faculty  to progress forward towards reaching this goal. I would love to work with Re-use for good to help create waste goals for all three campuses and the SUB building.
  • Raise awareness on discrimination: Having parents that are immigrants has taught me the struggle that many minority groups face and how little they feel their voice is heard. My goal is to raise awareness on how people are discriminated against due to their race, religion, sexual orientation and gender. Further it would be my goal to meet with and support ethnic and minority groups to ensure that they are treated fairly 

Here is the link to my facebook event page:

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform, if you have an questions or comments feel free to message me on facebook or email at 

Harman Shergill

My name is Harman Shergill and I am a second-year Business student. I am running to be your next At-Large Representative because I want to create and foster a connected community amongst everyone at SFU.

While I have been at SFU, I have been involved in various capacities within the Simon Fraser Student Society and the university.

Punjabi Student Association Director (2019-2020)
H.O.P.E. Member (2019-2020)

If I am elected, I will help create a strong community through the establishment of stronger communication between the SFSS and student clubs.

Here are my goals:

Improving mental awareness and accessibility of helpful resources

○ Back in September, I had a friend who applied for therapy but, unfortunately, they did not receive help until January. At SFU, the average wait time to see a therapist is at least two months, which is far too long of a wait. The Hi-Five club has suggested we implement an active-listener program in which an assigned peer will stay in contact with a student while they wait for the care they need. I would like to put this program in place so that no student will have to wait for mental health help alone.

Develop better communication between SFSS and student organizations.

○ As a director for the Punjabi Student Association, I have seen firsthand how difficult it can be to reach out to SFSS for any assistance or feedback. In many cases, even applying for a simple grant that your club asks for every year can be daunting and unclear. I would like to simplify the process of asking for grants through a more streamlined application that is simpler to use.

Raise awareness on issues regarding sexual violence

○ In today’s society, sexual violence has become widespread and deeply rooted. If I am elected,  I would like to arrange workshops, events and initiatives to increase awareness and an understanding of sexual violence.

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me through my email,

Harman Shergill


Learn about the 2020 referenda here.