Gabe Liosis

My name is Gabe Liosis, and I am running with SFU Progressives to be your next President of the SFSS. We’ve made significant headway this year, and many changes SFU made were because SFSS worked to build student power!

I currently serve as the VP University Relations for the SFSS. I ran last year because I wanted to bring back activism to SFSS, returning to its rich history of student unionism. This work must continue. This past year, I successfully:

  • advocate for, and implement, a P/CR/NC grading scheme to give students relief during the pandemic.
  • achieve significant milestones in making the Burnaby Mountain Gondola a reality.
  • stop the invasive exam proctoring pilot project that SFU was conducting during remote instruction.

I spearheaded the effort to reform the SFSS to place more power back in the hands of students, by decentralizing power from a small, unrepresentative Board to a more representative Council, ensuring that every corner of campus is represented on the SFSS’s main decision making body.

We’ve achieved a lot this year, but the work needs to continue. We must build Student Power, Stronger!

COVID-19 Relief

  • Stronger Financial, Mental, and Academic Relief from the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Work with our newly developed SFSS Academic Advocacy Office to ensure that we are continuing to fight to protect students rights in the classroom during remote instruction.
  • Keep pushing for fair and equitable grading options for students enrolled in online courses, by:
    • Extending withdrawal deadlines to provide students relief.
    • Advocate for the Pass/Credit/NoCredit grading scheme to include ALL COURSES, not simply electives.
    • Encouraging compassionate grading and conduct by instructors.
  • Push for a student emergency COVID-19 relief fund.

Student Affordability
Affordable, Accessible And Quality Education For All Students, Not Just The Affluent Ones

  • Mobilize undergraduates and amplify the Tuition Freeze Now movement to reduce the cost of tuition.
  • Push the federal and provincial governments to provide more public funding to post-secondary education, so that SFU does not need to continue hiking our tuition.
  • Continue working with SFU on the Student Affordability Working Group, by introducing new areas of focus, such as Affordable Student Housing, Expanded Health Coverage, and more.

Supporting BIPOC Communities
BIPOC Students Deserve A University That Fights For Them

  • Support the First Nations Student Association and Indigenous students, form relationships with the Host nations, and push SFU governing bodies to actively and appropriately consult with Indigenous community members.
  • Push for an institutional review of policies to ensure hiring practices are prioritizing Black and Indigenous faculty and staff, and work with SFSS Councillors to push this work on a departmental and faculty level too.
  • Pressure SFU to end recruitment and presentation of RCMP to ensure the safety and well-being of marginalized communities, who continue to be disproportionately targeted by vague SFU policies.
  • Pressure SFU to increase de-escalation and equity training for Campus Security and to take steps to increase community-based safety initiatives on campus.

Rebuilding the SFSS
The Time Is Now To Rebuild The SFSS To Work Better For Students

  • Support the new Council to ensure Councillors are well equipped with effective training and knowledge to further their unionism and advocacy in all corners of SFU.
  • Bring more campus groups into Council, such as the independent student societies and marginalized groups, in order to empower their decision-making within the Council system.
  • Create new services and spaces within the SFSS to support marginalized communities and activism, by continuing the establishment of the Black Student Support Centre, creating more accessible support, and hiring a Campaigns and Mobilization Coordinator.

This year, we have seen an unprecedented movement spread around social and racial justice in Canada, the U.S, and with the Farmers’ Protests in India. There is a growing consciousness of these issues – now is the time for us to be bold, and build Student Power, Stronger. 

We Will Not Give Up On Students!

Facebook: @GabeLiosis4Pres

Instagram: @GabeLiosis4Pres

Twitter: @GabeLiosis4Pres

Website: &


Ronit Chawla

My name is Ronit Chawla and I am running to serve as your next VP Internal and Organizational Development on the SFSS Board of Directors. I am a 5th year computing science student.

Following are some of my involvements and experiences:

  • Currently Project Manager for FIFA22 at EA sports
  • Orientation leader for First year students
  • Designated tutor for Faculty of applied science
  • VP Planning for SFU Fashion Week
  • VP Finance for SFU Cricket Club
  • Web Developer coordinator at SFU MISA
  • For almost last two years, Data Scientist at Surrey School District
  • Web developer/analyst at SFU communication

As your VP Internal, I will work to:

Increase Student Groups Involvement:

  • Work with VP student affairs and VP finance to increase the required fundings for the student groups.
  • What I have realized is that mostly student don’t know what are the right steps towards landing their dream job. So, I aim at bridging this skill and knowledge gap by actively working with VP student affairs to promote/support more student groups in all academic majors.

Affordable Education:

  • Lobby for student tuition Cap.
  • More Bursaries and scholarships, as it help students to access an affordable education and also manage their budget.
  • I reckon that Work-study is a very program which not only provides students with some professional experience but a side income. As of now, this program has many flaws not all the students are able to land this opportunity. I will ensure this program is advocated within the right/fair parameters and everyone gets a chance to learn and explore.

Individual and Interaction over Processes

  • Empower students by giving them a voice through Forums for student feedback.
  • Collaborate with VP finance to initiate a program which promotes professional development opportunities. The idea is to provide students with the services, Activities. Mentors etc. which they think will help them successfully transition their ideas and skills to actual possibilities.

Board Accountability

  • Provide full visibility and transparency to the students, by giving the students a platform where they can question the board members and get their answers.
  • Provide access to cloud recordings of all the board meetings.
  • Encourage every VP to publish MSP (Monthly status reports) on their progress towards their goals and agenda.

Following my work ethics and values of courage, Focus, Commitment, Respect, Openness I pledge to lift every voice and empower student to achieve more.

VOTE Ronit Chawla for VP Internal and Organizational Development on Feb 16-18th via SFU Mail



Corbett Gildersleve

Students deserve an open, effective and resourceful SFSS.

My name is Corbett Gildersleve and I am running to be your VP Internal and Organizational Development with the SFU Progressives to build Student Power, Stronger on campus. I have worked as a student temp, completing my degree in Computing Science and now working on a diploma in Social Policy. This year, I served as a student Senator and Undergrad Representative on the Board of Governors, and I have been involved within the SFSS and SFU for many years!

I am proud of my work as the VP Finance for the SFSS, alongside the rest of members that are part of this outgoing Board.

  • Reducing the admin budget by $400,000, shifting that to hire more equity, advocacy and frontline student-support staff to put more money in the hands of students
  • Saving thousands this year on software by joining Techsoup Canada to access free or discounted software
  • Reforming our bylaws to give back power to students by giving each student union, constituency, and affiliated student group a voice in decisions
  • Supporting students in this pandemic by shifting $400,000 in unspent budget funds to spring and summer emergency COVID-19 funding to put money back in student’s pockets

As VP Internal and Organizational Development I will work on:

Open, Equitable and Transparent Governance

  • Livestream board meetings with captioning to make them more open, accessible, and inclusive for all students
  • Hold regular fall and spring referendums for more opportunities to let students make decisions in the SFSS
  • Vote tracking, detailed minutes, and better recordkeeping with an accessible online archive of the SFSS’s decisions, history, and activities
  • Work with the SFSS to host town halls around finances, advocacy initiatives, events, and services
  • Work to ensure that the board processes are a safe and open space to empower marginalized voices with inclusive governance practices (pronouns, access needs, etc)

Student Leadership Training

  • Provide a training program for Council, Executives, and committee members around core SFSS matters like finances, campaigning, policies, and team leading
  • Work with the VP Events and Student Affairs to create specialized training for club and student union executive positions like President, Treasurer, and Communications, etc.
  • Work with Executives to effectively implement their campaign goals as well as the Society’s Strategic Plan
  • Develop Robert’s Rules training material to help students understand, engage, and communicate during the General Membership, Council, and Committee meetings

Modernize the SFSS

  • Use discounts through Techsoup to improve our software, analysis, and project management tools
  • Phase out cheques for more direct deposit/e-transfers for quicker club/student union reimbursements 
  • Hire an IT/Tech coordinator to support the Student Union Building, research, and upgrade the SFSS’s software and website

We will not give up on students, nor give up making the SFSS more open, accessible, and inclusive

#OpenSFSS #AccessibleSFSS #WeWillNotGiveUpOnStudents

Facebook: @corbett.gildersleve





 Cole Gorst

My name is Cole Gorst and I am running for the position of VP Finance & Services with the SFSS. Here is a little bit about me:

I am majoring in the Beedie School of Business with a concentration in accounting and finance. Currently I work with a non-profit called the Newton Canadian Baseball Association. I do their general accounting stuff like recording invoices, doing monthly reports, reviewing the budget, etc. My dad is a VP of the CUPE labour union, which is part of what inspired me to run for this position.

Anyways, here are some of the things I want to change:

Propose a budget for a lower student activity fee.

  • Use the surplus the SFSS has on club funding to help save costs for students.
  • Get a report on the progress of the student union building, and look into finding a sponsorship to reduce the SFU Levy fee, which all students are having to pay.
  • Ensure that financial resources are being distributed properly to key clubs, and unions.
  • Negotiate with SFU on returning tuition rates back to normal/advocate for tuition freeze.

The SFSS has not really done a good job with helping all SFU students financially. They condemn SFU for increasing tuition, yet plan to increase their spending and charge students more. A bit hypocritical don’t you think?

Encourage responsible representation of SFU students through fair, unbiased, and professional communication.

  • Encourage the president and all SFSS board members to speak responsibly on behalf of students.
  • Ensure that the SFSS does not publish misleading or incomplete information.
  • Answer student inquiries with respect, and condemn any instances of SFSS board members fostering bullying culture.
  • Treat students of any race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or creed, with due respect.

It is no secret that the arrest of an SFU alumni this previous winter was the breeding ground of many hateful and disrespectful comments. The SFSS failed to provide students with the full story, and immediately jumped to conclusions without first properly researching the issue. Additionally, students have reached out to me and said they have felt they have been attacked or bullied by executives of the SFSS on Facebook or other social media for sharing their opinion on the situation. I want to make sure that the SFSS will never foster any community for bullying or hate.

Increase student engagement moving into a post-covid period

  • Have the SFSS send out more emails, polls, and social media posts to increase engagement with the student body.
  • Create an improved system where individuals and student clubs can inquire on the SFSS budget.
  • Organize clear and easily accessible summaries of SFSS meetings including:
    • What was voted on.
    • Who voted for it.
    • What does it mean for students.

When I was a first year student, I didn’t even know the SFSS existed. When I started my campaign, I learned that many students at SFU don’t even realize that they are members of the SFSS. I see this as a failure of the SFSS to engage with students at Canada’s most engaged university. I have heard complaints from students that they have to pay for the UPASS, which they will never use. When the SFSS voted on whether to reinstate the UPASS program, it was a very close vote, and only roughly 10% of students voted. I want to increase that number, and make sure that all SFU students are given a proper chance to actually make their voice heard.

This is a democratic process after all, and a democracy doesn’t work unless everyone is voting on what they want.

So yeah that’s a detailed summary of what I stand for. I encourage anyone reading this to share it with as many people as possible. Research the other candidates, what they have done in the past, and if you think their platform will actually help you out.



Almas Phangura

My name is Almas Phangura and I’m running to be your next VP Finance and Services with the SFU Progressives. I am a fourth year student in the Faculty of Science.

I am passionate about equitable services, especially pertaining to increasing access and opportunity for marginalised groups who are a part of our SFU community. This past year, I have seen how the SFSS did not turn their backs on students and put our needs first at a time when we needed to be heard and supported. The considerable efforts the Progressives put in to support us during these challenging times inspired me to join this fight to defend student power.
Over the past four years, I have worked in various positions to equip myself for the role, ranging from administration, HR, and bookkeeping in the Healthcare and Mortgage sector. My background in Science has provided me with a more rigorous analytical perspective, reflected in my understanding of complex systems and detail-driven analysis. I intend to integrate my background in this field with my passion for community building and volunteering to continue instilling progressive change on campus.

As VP Finance and Services, I will commit to:

  • Improve Funding for Clubs and Student Unions
  • Fight for Affordable Education
  • Improve the Health and Dental Plan
  • Better SFSS Financial Planning
  • Better Transparency and Accountability in the SFSS

Improve Funding for Clubs and Student Unions 

  • Increase the Student Union Core Funding by $300/term for everyone, thus doubling the funding for half of our smaller  student unions, and helping them expand their advocacy efforts.
  • Work with the Members Services Advisory Committee to make the grant system more open, efficient, and accessible.
  • Increase the grant amounts for food and AV costs to allow student unions and clubs to host larger events.

Affordable Education  

  • Despite SFU announcing a multi-year tuition increase, I will push for a tuition freeze!
  • Double funding from $30,000 to $60,000 per year for bursaries to support low-income students.

Improve the Health and Dental Plan

  • Integrate psycho-educational assessment coverage.
  • Support a bidding process to select an insurer who can provide students more expansive health coverage.
  • Increase mental health coverage

Better SFSS Financial Planning

  • Develop a three-year financial plan to create strong, long-term student support services, as well as increase funding for student advocacy initiatives.
  • Create a fundraising group to receive external grants and sponsorships to save students money, and make SFSS large-scale events more accessible and affordable.

Better Transparency and Accountability 

  • Present the SFSS’s finances and spending at Town Hall Meetings to increase transparency and accountability channels.
  • Breakdown the SFSS’s finances in a comprehensive visual format so students have a better understanding of where their money goes.

If you resonate with my line of thought, please cast your vote for Almas Phangura for VP Finance and Services on February 16-18 via SFU Mail.


Facebook: @Almas4VPFS or @almasphangura

Instagram: @almasphangura


Pledge to Vote:


Serena Bains

My name is Serena Bains and I am running to be the next Vice-President University and Academic Affairs with the SFSS Progressives to defend student power.

In my time at SFU, I have advocated for the needs of marginalized students through SFSS Council as the representative for SFU Disability and Neurodiversity Alliance (SFU DNA), in addition to my work as a member of SFU DNA, and as an accessibility liaison for the SFU Sustainability Office, SFU Facilities Services and SFU Ancillary Services.

My goal on the SFSS Executive Committee is to continue advocating for the needs of students, while increasing student engagement and activism on campus to build student power stronger!

TLDR; Students deserve a safe, accessible and affordable SFSS.

Tuition and Student Affordability

Reducing Student Costs

  • Keep pushing for a Tuition Freeze Now. Pressure SFU to lower tuition costs, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, while fighting for the goal of tuition-free education by working alongside the SFSS to lobby the provincial government to prioritize post-secondary funding.
  • More accessible bursaries; increasing the number of low-barrier bursaries (no GPA requirement) and COVID-19 Relief Funds available to students.
  • Fight for affordable housing and student renter rights on campus, so student renters are covered under the Residential Tenancy Act and that the ~2% rent cap applies to them. While aiming towards pushing for projects that are 50% of the market rate.
  • Continue the work being done by the Student Affordability Working Group, to reduce costs associated with food security, textbooks and more.

Student Safety

Supporting BIPOC Students

  • Work with VP ES to reduce police recruitment and presentations on campus, creating a safer environment for Black and Indigenous students. While working towards the ultimate goal of community-based safety initiatives.
  • Pressure SFU to re-evaluate their relationship with public safety organizations, emphasizing the need for education and training regarding anti-Black racism and de-escalation.
  • Standing in solidarity with Black and Indigenous students, prioritizing their lived experience and the work already being done by the SFSS BIPOC Committee against SFU’s racist policies.

Safer Transportation Options       

  • Ensuring student voices are represented in the final approval stages of the Burnaby Mountain Gondola project at Burnaby City Council and Translink’s Mayors’ Council, in addition to working with SFU and the Gondola Working group to advance this project.

Student Governance Power

Increasing Student Representation

  • Push SFU for more student representation on university decision-making bodies and formalize these processes through policy. Student’s only have ⅓ of the votes on the Senate and ⅛ of the votes on the Board of Governors, despite students being the largest financial contributors.
  • Encourage and support more students to run for Senate and Board of Governors, so student perspectives and needs are represented on University bodies.
  • Prioritize representation of students from marginalized communities, especially on bodies that directly affect them (SFU EDI Council, SFSS Accessibility Committee, SFU Aboriginal Reconciliation Council).

Facebook: @Serena4VPUAA

Instagram: @serena4vpuaa




Mathew Provost

Oki, Niito’taaatatsiyopa Matthew Provost. Niisto nohto’to Piikani ki Kainai, Siksikatsitapii, Mamioyiiksi ki Ni’taitsskaiksi. Greetings my name is Matthew Provost. I come from Piikani nation and Kainai nation, from the Blackfoot Confederacy.

Currently I am in my last year studying Indigenous Studies with a focus on Public Policy and Minoring in Communications. Prior to being on the SFSS Board, I was a board member for the First Nations Student Association, Aboriginal Front Door Society on the Downtown EastSide, and Simon Fraser Public Interest Resource Group. I have run campaigns, worked with youth, elders and community. I have built strong relationships with so many folks so I hope to have the opportunity to continue this work in a good way.

I have had the amazing opportunity to be elected onto the current board of directors as the current VP Student Services. Being on the board this year throughout COVID I have been able to identify the work that needs to be done in order to support students through these precarious times.

I am currently running for VP External Relations of the Simon Fraser Student Society with the SFU Progressives. As the current VP Student Services, I have been able to:

  • Establish the Black, Indigenous & People of Colour Committee (BIPOC)
  • Centre Reconciliation efforts & advocacy for Indigenous students
  • Work with the Current VP External & SFU Surrey to support both the Food Hub & Farm to Campus
  • Ensure COVID-19 support through the current Health & Dental plan
  • Advocate for more Mental Wellness Resources for BIPOC students
  • Work with the First Nations Students Association to support Indigenous student voices through the “Let Us Speak” Campaign. 

I want to continue to do work with an open heart and an open mind. I will continue to advocate for students who need essential support and resources. I understand the hardships that have been present during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for BIPOC and International students.

As your VP External & Community Affairs I will:

Increase Student Affordability

  • Fight for a student housing subsidy and rent cap
  • Advocate for additional grants and public funding options for BIPOC students
  • Establish and provide accessible resources for student affordability and living through making external collaborations with organizations
  • Fight for increased public funding from the provincial government for Universities so that students aren’t being exploited by high tuition costs.

Advocacy & Lobbying

  • Say NO to TMX and all pipelines on Indigenous land and support work that is ongoing
  • Support and Collaborate on Climate Justice Initiatives with groups on and off-campus
  • Amplify and collaborate with groups to continue anti-racism advocacy initiatives and efforts
  • Lobby for additional Health & Wellness supports and resources for marginalized students 

Relationship Building

  • Establish and strengthen relationships with xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw (Squamish), Sel̓íl̓witulh (Tsleil-Waututh).
  • Building external relationships with Food Banks, Community Groups, not-for-profits for additional resources for students
  • Strengthen Relationships with other Student Unions to mobilize student power across the country

COVID-19 Relief

  • Fight for Additional UPASS Exemptions
  • Advocate for Additional Housing Security for Students
  • Advocate to Freeze Federal Student loan payments for the duration of the pandemic.
  • Working with VP Finance & Services to provide more COVID Relief funding options

This is a time of stress as we go through this COVID-19 pandemic and we need better supports for all our students. It is important to fight for your interests, now more than ever. At the end of the day, I have been fighting, and regardless of efforts by folks to have us stop working for the rights of our members, We will not give up on students. We will Build Student Power, Stronger.

Vote Matthew Provost for VP External & Community Affairs

Facebook: @Matt4VPX

Instagram:  @Matt4VPX

Website: &



Karan Sharda

Hello SFU, I am Karan Sharda and with your vote, I will serve as the next VP External Relations for the SFSS.

From the past 2 years at SFU I have served the university community and as a current President of ISF, SFSS club, I have had the opportunity to develop a strong understanding of how the SFSS interacts with SFU.

I believe the role of External Relations is absolutely essential in ensuring that no student voices are unheard when it comes to make relevant decision at SFU. When elected, my role will be to leverage our collective power as a group of students, and play a very proactive role in the creation of our student experience.

Part time Job opportubines:

  • Develop a service as part of the SFSS, that provides advising and support to students who are facing challenges in finding part-time employment challenges.
  • Reaching out to external vendors and partners in order to increase more part time job opportunities for the SFU students.
  • This service will also serve as a long-term support resource that will allow students to become financially stable while completing their undergraduate degrees at SFU.

Affordable Education:

  • I would advocate for a 4-year tuition freeze which would give students a chance to plan out the exact expenses of their degree before enrolling in a program.
  • I will ensure that every student is on the same page by pushing the government mandates to cap the International students fee increase to 2% which is the same as domestic students.
  • More Scholarships and Bursaries for students, which will reduce the financial load on students to some extent.

 Board Accountability:

  • I will encourage every elected member at SFSS to publish their progress report on their goals, so that every student gets to know how much we have delivered and how much more we need to deliver.
  • I will make sure to establish a Transparent platform for students where they can provide their opinions and the feedbacks.

Here and now I give you my word that my work will not be limited to the above mentioned points and I want to promise everyone that now is the time to reep rewards. Now is the time to end the supremacy. So, the question for us is simple: Are we ready?

I believe we are. We must be!!

VOTE Karan Sharda for VP External Relations on Feb 16-18th via SFU Mail


Marie Haddad

Hi Everyone, my name is Marie Haddad and I am running with SFU Progressives to be your first SFSS VP Equity and Sustainability. I am a 3rd year student studying Psychology, Kinesiology and Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies.

Throughout my journey at SFU, I was an co-organizer and supporter of the #IAmNotYourClansman campaign to drop the racially insensitive SFU Athletics Team Name and amplify Black athletes’ voices. Although the name change was successful, it was simply not enough in addressing institutional racism and Black trauma – so we organized.

Within the SFSS BIPOC Committee, we led the #OurDecisionSFU campaign to push SFU to provide culturally and racially sensitive support among other anti-racism recommendations – some of which are in progress now. However, this is not the end.

We deserve an intersectional, equitable, justice-seeking Student Society that will not compromise or back down on marginalized students’ needs – And it is my purpose to advance this work:

Improve Services Support

  • Advocate for Black and Indigenous counselling services within SFU Health and Counselling.
  • Support Black students to develop and launch a Black Student Support Office within the SFSS.
  • Bring anti-racist and Indigenization workshops lead by BIPOC facilitators to SFSS and SFU to improve equity training.
  • Reform and empower the Women Center and Out on Campus Collectives to guide services & advocacy in their centres.

Take Stances and Advocate for Equity at SFU

  • Actively consult with marginalized students and student groups to develop effective SFSS Issues Policies
  • Hold SFU accountable for their EDI initiatives to work towards dismantling their institutional racism, as opposed to surface level changes.
  • Work with the First Nations Student Association, SFU Indigenous Student Centre, and advocates to build reciprocal relationships with Indigenous Host Nations.
  • Work with the VP UAA to pressure SFU to end RCMP recruitment, re-evaluate collaboration with the RCMP in regards to non-violent incidents on campus, and increase accountability.
  • Work with the VP UAA and Safety and Risk Services to increase peer-based and community-based safety initiatives on campus, as well as de-escalation and equity training for SFU Security.

Improve Funding and Space

  • Ensure student support centres in the SUB are properly funded, staffed, and accessible for students.
  • Develop a Social Justice fund for student campaigners to support growing and expanding their activism.
  • Expand financial assistance for COVID-19 support and push SFU to do more.

Collaboration and Sustainability

  • Work with Embark to manage the SUB planters and community garden project.
  • Support SFU 350 in continuing to advocate that SFU divest from fossil fuels
  • Review SFSS’s Student Union Building environmental sustainability and research improvements.
  • Holding SFU accountable for their 2025 Sustainability Plan goals.
  • Bring environmental – social justice workshops led by BIPOC facilitators to further educate at large on climate change and sustainability through an intersectional lens.

Change doesn’t take time – it takes pressure. I am Marie and I encourage you to vote for real change on Feb 16-18. 

Facebook: @Marie4VPES 



Avneet Kaur




Pooria Arab

Hi, I am Avneet and I am currently a 4th year studying Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

student. As an international student and a visible minority, I have had my fair share of struggles

in the world of SFU and now want to utilize the opportunity to be a part of SFSS and work

towards building equitable access to resources for marginalized communities on campus.


One of my biggest motivation comes from the fact that we only receive statements around

equity and inclusion from SFU when something goes wrong. Over the last year, we have seen

SFU get caught up in the dialogue around anti-racism, but it has been noticed that SFU as an

organization struggles to action on and sustain equity, reconciliation, and diversity.


I plan to fight on behalf of students to challenge the structural and systemic oppression

at SFU. I want to start this by first consulting the biggest stakeholders of SFU – the

students. Here are my proposed action items –


  • Collect real-time information consistently from students through surveys, office hours,

forums and focus groups to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them as they take their

academic journey at SFU.

  • Diversify the outreach to include at risk communities from varying cultural, social and

immigration backgrounds to support ALL university students.

  • Learn from the lived experiences of BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and work actively with community

members to propose changes to SFU policies to fight institutional racism.

  • Fight to include de-escalation and anti-racism, anti-discrimination response as part of

mandatory training for campus security. Push SFU to increase accountability from

RCMP for escalating non-violent incidents on campus.

  • Pursue policy making and ask SFU to increase the accessibility of work-study program

so that low income and marginalized students can earn a fair wage.

  • Work to make SFU Faculty more receptive and responsible with conversations

regarding anti-racism, anti-discrimination, inclusion and equity. With online learning,

SFU Faculty is a core group, we students continuously interact with and meaningful

dialogues including faculty members would support the decolonization of learning and

recognition of unconscious biases. I aim to work towards changing SFU’s diversity

policies during the recruitment processes for senior leaders.

  • SFU’s 2025 Sustainability Plan – Review SFU’s efforts to end colonial narratives and

addressing reconciliation and inclusion. Work towards having indigenous voices heard

for SFU’s 2025 Sustainability Plan.


I recognize that I don’t have a CV full of organizations I have founded or profoundly

impacted, but I believe that is what helps me represent the staple SFU student who

mostly finds themselves in classes but also want to impact the bigger community on



Vote for me if you are done with statements and surface level changes and want a real student

working with other students to reach collective goals.

Vote for me, if you want to be heard.



Gerard Corr

My name is Gerard Corr, and I’m running to be your next VP Events and Student Affairs.

I’m a first year student in the Beedie school of business, and I’m super excited to get involved with the SFU community. I have a wide range of volunteer, club-based and professional experience that I will draw from to perform the duties of this position.

Approachability, Accessibility, Accountability

  • If elected I’d hold office hours where anyone who wanted to communicate face to face with me could. I would make my online contact info readily available, and I’d make sure to respond to questions over email. As someone who would be helping to foster student engagement and events I’d make sure to get feedback from students, club leadership, and the members of other student organizations.
  • I value the diversity of the student body, and I would make myself accessible to you so that all of your voices are heard.

Strengthen SFU Student Unity:

  • I would make sure to help student organizations optimize student engagement by improving communication between clubs, so that student groups help each other publicize each other’s events.
  • I would learn what clubs are already doing to foster student engagement and what we could be doing better. I’d find out which clubs are getting the best responses from students overall and share their strategies with groups and organizations that could be doing better.
  • Fostering student engagement is something I did when I was the first year representative for a club (Medical Perspectives) at McGill University. I helped advertise and get the word out about the events our club would host.

Advocate for Workshops and Events aimed at bettering student welfare:

  • Student well-being is first and foremost for me. As VP Events and Student Affairs, I would advocate for events focused on:
    • Meditation and mental health workshops
    • Campus safety awareness campaigns
    • Sexual health initiatives
    • Time management and soft skills workshops
    • Intersectionality education

Advocate for SFSS Events and Activities that YOU want:

  • If elected, I would hold a survey of the undergraduate SFU population to hear about the types of events, workshops, and activities you would want to see more of from the SFSS.
  • I would present the results of the survey to the SFSS council.
  • Student engagement is important, and in order for it to happen, we need to be holding events that are valuable to SFU students. With this survey, we’d be able to help the SFSS do just that. You’d be able to let us know what opportunities you’d like to see continue, what activities you would like to see begin, and if there are any events that you aren’t personally interested in.

I’m a people person and like working with others. I would love this opportunity with SFSS to work with the clubs and organizations at SFU. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about me, my credentials, or my platform.

Instagram: @pensivepiper

Cell: 778-347-5418



Jess Dela Cruz

My name is Jess Dela Cruz and I am ready to serve as VP Events and Students Affairs! I am in my third year majoring in English with a double-minor in History and Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies for teaching.

I want to bring connectivity and engagement to the SFSS through an equitable framework. This prioritizes inclusivity and social justice through workshops and events with YOU in mind to strengthen and defend the power of students for progressive change.

Over the last three years, I have served as a FASS Mentor and worked as the FASS Engagement Programming Assistant (EPA) where I oversaw FASS DSU’s, the Mentorship Program, and assisted with various Welcome Days. I also have experience as a Campus Tour Guide, Friends of Simon Tutor, and News Writer for The Peak!

Ever heard of TEDxSFU, FASS On a Boat, or FASS Fest? I helped plan those! I also served as student union executive and currently, I am a SFSS University of Academic Affairs Member-At-Large.

Working with such a diverse group of people has only shown how much change still needs to be done! All this, to strengthen student power.

I commit to:

Host Events Through An Equitable Framework

  • Bring in experienced speakers to host workshops that teach and provide guidance to help student unions and clubs host equitable, accessible, and inclusive events
  • Collaborate with VPES to create open resource documents that include information on anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and anti-discriminatory work

Student Union Building

  • Create a grand-opening plan for the SUB to welcome back students when we resume in-person classes
  • Ensure a smooth transition for constituency groups and student societies into the SUB (Women’s Centre, Out on Campus, FNSA, DNA, SOCA, SFPIRG, CJSF and Embark)

Student Volunteer Appreciation Night

  • Bring back student appreciation nights to celebrate student volunteers with awards
  • Host welcome events to connect new students with community services, student groups, and support
  • Team with SFU Alumni and local businesses to host student-centric workshops (e.g. personal growth, financial tips, tech start-ups)

Collaborate & Support Societies, Unions, and Clubs

  • Improve and expand SFSS toolkits for running remote and in-person events
  • Raise awareness and have conversations around Black History Month, Pride Month, International Women’s Day, Orange Shirt Day, etc. by joining forces with individuals and student groups to create informative sessions and event
  • Continue the #StudentsDeserveSpace Campaign to secure student union spaces
  • Proactively consult with unions and clubs about ongoing social justice, academic, student life and affair issues on campus
  • Work with Student Unions to follow-up on their public statements regarding social justice or solidarity work so that marginalized students feel included and empowered, and that change is being worked towards

SFSS Funding

  • Collaborate with VPFS to develop community awards for society, union, and club volunteers
  • Push for increasing spending limits and options for grants to reduce costs for students out of pocket

Facebook: @Jess4VPESA

Instagram: @Jess4VPESA

Website: &



Jyotnoor Kanwar

Hi Everyone! I’m Jyotnoor Kanwar, or more commonly called J, Jay or Jyot. Currently, I’m a homebody (because #socialdistancing) but on campus, you might have seen me at the firepits, or anywhere you find food. I’m responsible, resourceful, and a resolver, so I will make sure that I get things done.

How will I do that?

It is quite simple actually; I’m a student just like you. I understand that being a student is challenging, especially during this pandemic. I know that many of us have lost the chance to talk and connect with our peers and that is affecting our student life drastically.

I don’t procrastinate…okay well maybe a little but that’s only on days I have a midterm because let’s be honest, the two-brain cell decisions can be questionable. A great example of me being responsible and on task is this campaign that you’re reading. This pandemic is the perfect excuse to sit back and binge-watch all the shows I promised to watch. Yet, here I am talking to all you guys and telling you more about myself and the visions I have for the SFU community.

I will always be available for you!

Be it a personal issue or an idea for an event, I’m the one you can talk to. I will always be available for any clarification or aid to my fellow SFU students and can be reached at any of my social media handles (The best part, my name is so uncommon I’ll be easy to find) or if you get the chance to see me in person then definitely say hi!!


  • Host – Let’s Talk SFU
  • EAL Peer- Student Learning Commons
  • M.O.R.E. – SFU Firepits
  • Event Planner- The Heights
  • Volunteer at various SFU events
  • Active Undergraduate Student


  • Consistent and more accessible support for pre and newly existing clubs, DSUs, and student groups
  • More accessible and engaging events
  • Various mental health initiatives
  • Various sexual health initiatives
  • Improved bursaries and food bank programs

But how? Action plan

I aim to support the student groups by acting as an active liaison between the SFSS and will convey and communicate the needs, challenges, etc faced by the groups. I will promote the events hosted and will ensure they follow the COVID- 19 Health guidelines posted by the BC Ministry of Health and ensure the safety of the SFU community. I will work actively with various other Executives to ensure sufficient core funding to active organizations and groups.

As a student, I am aware that we all lead busy lives. Being at home during this has given us the opportunity to be more involved than ever in the SFU community through our screens with little or no involvement of our wallets. I have noticed that many of us refrain from getting involved because the thickets for many events are expensive, or that the events are in areas that cannot easily be accessed by transit. Hosting many of our programs online allows us to be involved while also enjoying our university experience which is something we all need, now more than ever.

Being a student also has its own financial burdens. Many students get under pressure with their work and other things and barely have enough time to focus on their own mental health. As your new Vice President Events and Student Affairs, I will aim to work in collaboration with other executives to push the bursary funding to allow financial aid for students in dire need. I will also work to improve events and programs regarding food banks to ensure students in need have all the resources they need available.

Let’s make the best of our time at SFU! No screens left behind

Contact me: