Emmanuel Adegboyega

Hi SFU Students!

My name is Emmanuel Adegboyega and I am running to be your SFSS President for the 2024/2025 year. I am a 4th-year FASS student doing a major in Political Science and a double minor in International Studies and Social Data Analytics. To name a few of my previous involvement within the past 2.5 years at SFU, I have been happily part of:

  • SASS Board as the First Year Representative (2022)
  • Athletic Department as an Athlete on the Football team (2021-2023)
  • Dining Commons Committee Student Representative (2022-2024)
  • SOCA Vice President (2022-2024)
  • RHA President (2022-2024)
  • SFSS Councillor (2022-2024)

With the Student Union representing the entirety of SFU undergraduates, it’s crucial to have a president who will ensure that students are represented, recognized, and advocated for. It is my intention to do this by:

Bringing Back Student Engagement and Advocacy

  • Raise students’ awareness that SFSS and related services exist by increasing student outreach and encouraging students to visit the Student Union Building (SUB)
  • Determine what SFU students would like to see done through appropriate and comprehensive student consultation
  • Collaborate with Executives to host fun and interactive events for students to connect
  • Ensure our media platforms are relevant, active, and frequently updated for transparency and to ensure students know where and how they can engage in SFSS initiatives
  • Work on giving FIC Students voting privileges
  • Work to engage students in the Surrey and Vancouver campuses
  • Advocate for a reading week in the Fall semester

Rebuilding Connections with Departmental Student Unions (DSU) and Faculty Student Unions (FSU)

  • Enhance the cheque requisition process that student groups go through to receive financial resources
  • Organize check-in points with other DSU’s, FSU’s, and clubs to build relations and collaborate to provide services, as well as host events geared towards providing students with diversified opportunities

Re-prioritizing Constituency Groups and Affiliated Student Groups in Decision-Making Processes

  • Establish Trusted Relations and Consult with CGs and ASGs before making big decisions
  • Encourage and create a safe space for these groups to engage during council meetings
  • Attend events and programs hosted by these CGs and ASGs
  • Support and help promote various initiatives of CGs and ASGs
  • Build a working relationship with CGs and ASGs staff as a platform for frequent updates

Facilitating Strategic Planning with other SFSS Executives and Staff

  • Strengthen working relations with staff as a means to support the wider union as a whole
  • Facilitate Executive meetings and build conducive spaces for productive work
  • Bring forth new ideas and recommendations for the betterment of the SFSS
  • Create spaces for the Executives to bring new impactful ideas
  • Work on resigning upcoming expiring agreements and leases that keep the SFSS running

True Leadership is not about self-gain, but about empowering people to be change agents themselves.
That is what I bring to the table.
I am Emmanuel and I encourage you to vote for me between February 26th – 29th via SFU mail.

  • Email: Eoa11@sfu.ca
  • FB/Linkedin: Emmanuel Adegboyega
  • Instagram: @Adegb13
  • Pledge To Vote: https://forms.gle/6CifSZs6McoFBrdd9
Adriana Cumming-Teicher

In the past few months, we have faced down the strike, a hiring freeze, the gutting of mental health and student service departments all from the university. What has the SFSS said, what have they done? Nothing. More than anything else, the SFSS must be a tool for student voice. We have the power. We have the resources. Where have we been? This must change. Let’s look at what’s coming down the pipeline, to gain a picture of why this needs to be now.

We have Union negotiations later this year, needing to ratify a new collective agreement. We are facing a decrease in student services available to students on campus, while we do nothing and the university continues to rake in money, shooting up international student fees year over year. For a long time now, the SFSS has been embroiled in controversies, personal petty dramas, and incompetent ineptitude from executives across the political aisle. What we need to do now is to unite, in the face of what has long been a sinking ship heading into the storm before us.

As the university has shown us time and time again, when we don’t stand up for our rights as students, and for what we deserve from an institution that we are paying hand over fist to go to, we will never get it. So let’s set some priorities. We need to ramp up student services in the face of the loss of certain services available from the university itself. There’s a mental health crisis on campus that we’re all aware of, that has long been avoided by the institution that has created the circumstances for it. It is necessary to restructure the SFSS to support our students. Gone must be the days of executive overreaches, abuse of powers, and fraudulent uses of funds. Instead we have to decide what fights we want to fight – I could tell you what I think is right, but it’s not my role as a president to decide for you, the student body. So instead I promise you two things: monthly, I will hold town halls outside in front of the sub and anyone in the community is welcome to come up and talk. As well, I will be in my office during working hours and accessible to any student. I will not lock my door and dodge students like presidents performing seem to have favored.

Most of all though, in listening to you, I promise to give you my undivided attention, heart and soul into the blood of this institution. This isn’t fun nor should it be – but it must be done for the good of all students at the University. I have had a long history sitting on the sidelines of council doing the real work for the students on the ground, while  watching the petty squabbles play themselves out in inglorious fashion for years. It’s time for us to make the students the priority once more.

Ashley Flett

Instagram: @flettforpres

Hey everybody,

My name is Ashley Flett (they/she), I’m a 3rd year philosophy major and I’m running to be your next SFSS President.

I am currently the Vice-President Internal and Organisational Development for the SFSS. I am running to be President because I want to increase student engagement with the SFSS because what is a student society for if not for meeting the needs of its students. What better way to ensure that the SFSS is providing meaningful student representation than to have students directly involved and engaged with the decision making process. As a current executive, I believe it is important that there is continuity in the projects we take on, and if I am elected I will continue to be a voice of advocacy for the undergraduate students at SFU, both in the SFSS and outside of it.


If elected as President I promise to:

  • Townhall. I will implement a semesterly townhall for the student body to voice their needs
  • Student Resources. I will continue to work closely alongside Studentcare to ensure that students have access to the SFSS health insurance
  • Student Engagement. I will work with Clubs and other Student Groups on campus to help create a more lively campus by working to try to get events that are meaningful to students funded
  • Meaningful Student Politics. As President, I will lead the executive team to tackle the issues that students care about and prioritise the SFSS’s commitment to providing student the resources they need to thrive


Having been in a variety of positions within the SFSS for the last 2 years, including VP Internal and Vice-Chair of Council, I have an intimate knowledge of the operations within the Society. Whether it’s experience working in the council space with other Councillors and Student Union Executives, the Society’s staff, and especially with the student body, I have seen the ins and outs of the SFSS. I’ve had both a collaborative and leadership position and I can see exactly how important it is that the SFSS works for students in a meaningful way for the benefit of all students. As the chair of the Governance Committee I have first hand experience reviewing, editing, and improving our policies.

I have worked to amend the Finance and Member Services Policy to better accommodate the needs of students. I also organised this year’s SFSS’s Annual General Meeting, where ALL undergraduate students get to vote on changes to our By-Laws, and make their needs known.

If you wish to get more involved in the SFSS and to help empower this community to prioritise the needs of SFU undergraduate students, and seek to empower the society from the ground-up, then remember to VOTE for Ashley Flett for President on February 26-29, via SFU email. Because the SFSS should work for you!

Thomas Lueth

Hello everyone!

My name is Thomas Lueth, and I am running to be your next SFSS President in the upcoming 2024/2025 council term!

About myself:
I started my first two years in SFU in Engineering Science, and I am currently in my third year aiming to transfer to SFU’s Mechatronics System Engineering program. My interests include Japanese sports cars from the 90s, basketball, kendo, anime, earl grey tea, and music.  

Previous involvement in the SFSS:

As VP University and Academic Affairs, I have had the opportunity of advocating for:

  • Fall Reading Break
  • Affordable student housing and residence/dining hall cost decrease/freeze
  • Tuition freeze/decrease
  • Retroactive credit for students enrolled in FAL/FAN X99 during Spring/Summer 2023

I have also had the opportunity to facilitate the following events/projects:

  • SFSS Free Breakfast
  • Revival of the SFSS’ Vancouver Campus and Surrey Campus Committees
  • SFSS Clubs Days


  • Collaborate closely with the VP Internal, the rest of the Executive Committee and Council, and SFSS staff to enhance the overall structure of the SFSS
  • Improve onboarding for new executives and council members
  • Introduce additional events and student engagement opportunities around campus
  • Work with the VP External and VP Events to bring back the Holi and Diwali events
  • Increase FIC student involvement around campus and within the SFSS
  • Bridge the gap of information between SFU, the SFSS, and students
  • Work with VP Finance and Finance Coordinators to ensure SFSS funds are appropriately allocated, and ensure that clubs and student unions can receive sufficient funds as needed
  • Have executives host weekly office hours to address student inquiries of all natures
  • Bring back the Fall Kickoff (*DISCLAIMER: ONLY IF FINANCIALLY FEASIBLE*)

Why I am the best candidate:

After being the VP UAA for 7 months, I truly understand the principles that guide the SFSS vision and operations. I’m here to do more than just receiving a cheque or barely scratching the surface. In this past year, I have been blessed with the opportunity to engage with well-rounded individuals and build lasting relationships with people who teach me something new every single day. Based on this experience, I want to expand on my journey with SFSS as an executive officer and further the impact I aim to bring to diverse student communities spread across campus. My objective is to build connection and amplify value for a society whose sole purpose is to enhance the journey of driven students who are passionate about their goals. We have experienced multiple instances of student leader tensions and unnecessary strife at SFSS in the past. I intend to lead the SFSS into its best year yet, and I want the 2024/2025 council terms to be a subject for inspiration that future councillors and executives can look up to!

Email: tla209@sfu.ca, vpuniversity@sfss.ca

Instagram: @thomasluethforsfsspres

Chloe Arneson

Hello SFU undergrads!
My name is Chloe Arneson and I am a fourth year International Studies student. I am currently running to be your VP Equity and Sustainability!

Throughout my time at SFU, I have served as the SFSS Acting VP University Academic Affairs, and I am currently the International Studies Student Association (ISSA) Councillor as well as the Associate VP Internal. I am already well versed in the inner workings of the SFSS and I am confident that with my experience along with my commitment to the community, I would be able to take on the responsibilities that come with being VP equity and Sustainability and serve as a dedicated representative of our student body.

Why am I running?
In my time spent within the community and working for the SFSS, I have been amazed by the leadership and advocacy of equity seeking groups on campus. As a neurodivergent queer woman of colour I have lived experience as a minority at SFU, however, I would also like to acknowledge my positionality and privilege. My hope is to work closely with these communities in an effort to learn from them and support their ongoing initiatives. I hope to collaborate and listen to what initiatives would best serve to create an equitable, safe, and accessible community.

I hope to uphold and advocate for my values:

  • Food security
  • Sustainability
  • Intersectional advocacy
  • Tuition affordability
  • Student supports and services
  • Accessibility

The SFSS must aim to dismantle the many barriers that marginalised students face and as a community we can uplift students’ voices to ensure that everyone feels represented within our community.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Please remember to make your voice heard by voting via SFU email February 26th – 29th.
Email: arnesonchloe02@gmail.com
IG: chloe_arneson

Vee Babbar (Vaibhav)

Hello SFU!

My name is Vaibhav Babbar, more commonly known as Vee, A great listener and friend! I am excited to announce my candidacy for the VP Equity and Sustainability at the SFSS Executive Committee Elections. I am currently a second-year Resource Management and Business student. My journey at SFU has been defined by my passion for bringing positive changes in our community. I have worked for The Peak, REMSA, SFUPOH, The Bennett Library, SFSS IEC, SFU HI-Five and more. I strive to bring myself forward as a candidate who has already shown his excellence and trust within his diversified campus involvement as a testament to his campaign. My Sustainability Palette Includes Three Colors:

Blue Harmony
I will continue to support the currently existing equity groups including but not limited to international students, Asian & South Asian Students, Black Students, Indigenous students, LGBTQ2IA+ students, Disabled, Deaf or Neurodivergent Students, Women, AFAB and Religious Minorities.

  • A designated spot for people with invisible disabilities.
  • Better wheelchair accessibility around campus and improve the current routes. I believe this is much needed, especially to tackle the snowy/rainy days.
  • More all-gender washrooms to support the disabled and promote gender inclusivity.

Purple Wellness
I will help SFU Health & Counselling increase their outreach.

  • Re-establish HiFive
  • Online Booking/chat option instead of phone call
  • MySSP promotion

Green Eco
I will raise awareness of climate change and reduce our carbon footprint through campus-wide sustainability initiatives.

  • A carpool app/system for all students, staff, and guests as a solution to the unreliability of transit and high carbon emissions by cars.
  • More quiet and greener study spots on campus for students.
  • Recycling workshops – Waste management
Pranay Ratan

Hi, I’m Pranay Ratan, a passionate Data Science major at SFU, and a candidate for SFSS VP Equity and Sustainability. My commitment to social justice is rooted in practical action, as seen in my co-founding of the Testify Foundation, which has supported education and equity by establishing a slum school in Mumbai. With my sustainability certification from the University of Illinois, I’m equipped to bring informed change and ready to make a tangible difference. SFU stands at the forefront of sustainability among global universities. It’s our responsibility to think bigger and be the leaders of change, setting a precedent for what a truly sustainable and equitable future can look like.

My experience with the Mission Green Mumbai campaign underscores my dedication to sustainability, and I aim to bring substantial improvements to SFSS, such as:

New Initiatives:

  • Increasing Student and Staff Involvement: I plan to facilitate direct participation in sustainability initiatives through workshops and projects.
  • Sustainable Exchange Portal: I aim to establish a university-specific thrift portal for students to exchange items, promoting reuse and sustainable practices within our community.
  • Enhancing Transparency: I will keep the community informed via a digital dashboard showcasing real-time progress.
  • Women’s Centre Enhancement: My vision includes not only making the Women’s Centre more accessible and supportive but also educating the SFU community about its inclusivity.
  • Energy Conservation: Advocating for ‘Dark Hours’ to reduce electricity wastage at the university.

Service Improvement:

  • Advocating for culturally sensitive SFU Health and Counselling services.
  • Developing support structures for marginalized communities within the SFSS.
  • Conducting equity training workshops, informed by my data science background for inclusive practices.
  • Ensuring essential student support centers have adequate resources.
  • Creating a fund for student-led social justice initiatives.
  • Promoting financial aid, inspired by my foundation’s mission to help those in need.

Collaboration for Sustainability:

  • Partnering with entities like Embark to enhance the SUB planters and community gardens.
  • Supporting SFU 350’s call for divestment from fossil fuels.
  • Elevating the SUB’s sustainability practices using a data-centric approach.

Let’s forge a student society that truly reflects our commitment to equity and sustainability.

Connect with me:  https://linktr.ee/pranayratan

Mujtaba Tariq – disqualified
Rayan AlHatti


Jenna Huynh

Hi everyone! I’m a first year Beedie student who loves to plan meaningful events. Although this is my first year at SFU, it’s definitely not my first year in event planning! I’ve been in the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program for over seven years. In those years, I’ve planned over 20 events. I have planned events that have taken weeks to organize and others that have taken months. Rest assured, I love putting in work to create events and celebrations that bring people together and improve the community around me. It brings me joy to see my community better or improved as a result of my hard work! As an example, I’m in the middle of planning the largest year-end event for cadets that will breathe air back into the program after the pandemic. I was also the president of a craft club in high school, so I have an additional four years of experience planning more creative arts events for my club of over 110 students. I have lots of amazing things I want to work towards as your VP but there are a few things that are on the top of my list! As your potential VP, my first goal is to improve student engagement. Have you seen a poster for events around school that you just walk by? Or events that you just aren’t interested in? If you choose me to be your VP, my highest priority is to create engaging events so that everyone can feel a sense of community at SFU. My second goal is to collaborate and work with student organizations and clubs to help people find their place. Organizing events with clubs and communities allows people to explore interests and hobbies that they may never have been exposed to before. This leads me onto my third goal. My third goal is to promote diversity within the community. The importance of having a welcoming and inclusive society at SFU is paramount. As a community, we must do our best to sustain and manage a diverse community for people coming from a variety of different backgrounds. That’s why it is my goal as a VP to not only sustain, but enrich the diversity of the community at SFU. Working with different student organizations allows the students of SFU to explore different perspectives, meet people they would’ve never met otherwise, and overall bring people together. As your VP, I want to make a positive impact on the vibrancy of the SFU community. I am eager to create and enrich a campus that celebrates diversity, fosters engagement, and overall helps students find their place at SFU. I can not wait to meet you all and share with you my vision for the legacy of SFU! Follow my election journey at instagram @jenna_forvp or follow my journey through SFU at @jennabhuynh

Maria Jose Gomez


  1. Increase student engagement by 10% in the first semester of my time in office.
  2. Enhance campus diversity through the planning of more cultural awareness events.
  3. Establish a sustainable event management system for organizing events, budget allocation and post-event evaluations.

Core skills

I am confident in my suitability for the VP Events and Student Affairs position due to my leadership qualities and principles essential for the role. With a strong organizational insight, responsibility, and resilience, I prioritize professional and sustainable approaches in my work.

My extensive experience includes a leadership role in a student group during my Baccalaureate, where I successfully orchestrated new student admission events, engaging approximately 150 participants per event. This allowed me to connect with students, understand their expectations, and effectively communicate these insights in weekly meetings with the program director.

Additionally, I participated in an elective course, taking charge of planning an event for 800 attendees. Despite the unforeseen shift to an online format due to lockdown, I demonstrated resourcefulness by securing sponsors, negotiating with suppliers, and adapting to the changing circumstances with my whole team.

Lastly, I would like to add that I am an international student who is eager to be part of my student society. I want to learn from my peers as I want them to learn from me as well.

My goal for my time in office consists mainly of bringing closer together the SFU community. I believe we have so much potential in learning from each other, and with SFUs broad and diverse community we would be able to create amazing outcomes.

Lydia Lu


I am Lydia Lu, a dedicated Simon Fraser University (SFU) student pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems. My journey at SFU has been a blend of academic rigor and active engagement in diverse experiences, shaping me into a well-rounded candidate for the VP Events and Student Affairs position at the SFSS.

My three goals:

  • Organizing bi-weekly and monthly social events across all three campuses for our students for each term, such as Dog Therapy
  • Promoting health and well-being through utilizing the resources available for student on campus. E.g. Yoga workshops
  • Help students to connect with other students and build memorable experiences through the on-going support of all the student run clubs E.g. Clubs Days

My work experience is diverse and rich, particularly relevant to the VP Events and Student Affairs role. At Vancouver Coastal Health, I served as a Functional Analyst Intern, providing end-user support and managing standard reports to aid stakeholders in data-driven decision-making. This role honed my skills in analytics, a vital aspect of event planning and student affairs management. Additionally, I co-founded a start-up business at the Richmond Night Market, overseeing all aspects from planning and financing to marketing and operations. This entrepreneurial venture provided me with firsthand experience in event management, budgeting, and public engagement, skills directly transferable to organizing successful student events.

At SFU, I have been actively involved in roles that have prepared me for the responsibilities of the VP Events and Student Affairs. As a Student Recruitment Ambassador and Information Assistant, I represented the university, sharing knowledge and experiences with prospective students through tours and webinars. This role not only polished my communication skills but also gave me insights into the needs and expectations of the student body. Furthermore, as the SFU Campus Tour Coordinator Co-op, I managed the logistics of campus tours, coordinating operations, and ensuring smooth execution of events – experiences that are foundational for overseeing student events at SFU.

In addition to these roles, my involvement in case competitions and community initiatives like Map the System and Changemaker Academy have sharpened my strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, crucial for addressing the diverse challenges in student affairs. As the Internal Vice President of the SFU Polyglots Club, I demonstrated leadership in hosting club events, cultivating an environment conducive to cultural exchange and student engagement.

Follow my LinkedIn and Instagram for more information about me!


Together, let’s make SFSS 2024 the best yet. Vote Lydia Lu for VP Events  and Claudia Zhou for VP Internal via your SFU email from February 26 – 29 – because your journey matters to us. I am here for you. Reach out on the channels below – let’s discuss your ideas, concerns, and dreams as part of SFU community!

Chitransh Motwani

Hello SFU!

Hello SFU, I’m Chitransh Motwani, a fourth-year Computer Science student vying for the role of your next VP Events and Student Affairs. With pride, I’ve held the position of co-president at the Indian Student Federation, where my passion for community shines through events like Diwali, Holi, and Navratre. Beyond the festive colours, I’ve also dedicated my time to the academic spectrum as a peer tutor at the Student Learning Commons.

Vision for SFU Events:

  1. Diversity and Inclusivity: Celebrate our cultural diversity through collaboration with various student clubs and organisations, ensuring events reflect the varied interests and perspectives of the entire student body.
  2. Increased Engagement: Introduce a range of events catering to diverse interests, fostering inclusivity and community-building while encouraging participation through interactive and engaging activities.
  3. Professional Development: Host events focused on career development, skill-building, and networking opportunities. Forge connections with alumni and industry professionals to provide valuable insights for student growth.
  4. Sustainability Initiatives: Infuse sustainable practices into event planning, reducing environmental impact. Advocate for responsible practices and eco-friendly event materials.
  5. Student Feedback Mechanism: Establish a robust system for real-time feedback collection, ensuring events align with the preferences of the SFU community.

Empowering Student Clubs and Societies:

  1. Streamlined Event Approval Process: Advocate for an efficient and transparent event approval process to reduce bureaucratic hurdles for student clubs and unions. Collaborate with the SFSS to simplify procedures, enabling clubs to bring creative ideas to fruition.
  2. Dedicated Funding Support: Address funding challenges faced by student bodies by exploring new funding sources and increasing financial support. Introduce a funding assistance program to aid clubs in navigating the financial aspects of event planning.
  3. Club Collaboration Workshops: Host workshops guiding clubs and societies through the event planning process, providing resources to organise successful events.
  4. Advocacy for Club Needs: Act as a strong advocate for student bodies within SFSS, ensuring their voices are heard in decision-making processes. Collaborate on initiatives benefiting clubs, including mentorship programs and shared resources.

Collaboration and Accessibility:

  1. Partnerships for Success: Foster partnerships with student clubs, societies and unions to understand their unique needs and challenges. Work collaboratively to create a supportive environment that encourages diverse and impactful events.
  2. Transparent Communication: Maintain open channels for communication with student clubs and unions ensuring they are aware of available resources and support. Establish regular forums to address club concerns and gather feedback for continuous improvement.


I am not just a candidate; I am a student dedicated to enhancing your SFU experience. Vote for Chitransh Motwani as your VP Events and Student Affairs, and let’s collectively empower student clubs and create a vibrant campus culture while embracing a diverse range of events. Together, let’s embark on a journey to elevate your SFU experience, one event at a time.

Your support means everything, so remember to cast your vote for positive change via SFU Mail from February 26th to 29th.

Connect with me:

Saransh Nagpal

Hello SFU!

I’m Saransh Nagpal, a 2nd-year Data Science major, and I’m stoked to throw my hat into the ring for the VP Events and Student Affairs position. Now, I may not be armed with all the wisdom in the world, but what I do bring to the table is an earnest desire to craft experiences that resonate with every one of you.

Let’s talk aspirations:

Learning as We Go: My journey in organizing events has been a learning curve, and I’m all in for soaking up more insights to serve you better.

Teamwork for the Win: I firmly believe in the power of collaboration. Picture us coming together to cook up a delightful array of events that cater to the vast tapestry of interests within our SFU family.

Your Voices, Our Harmony: Your ideas are the secret sauce! I want to create a platform where your voices not only matter but also shape the events we roll out. Let’s make it an ensemble of our collective desires.

Inclusivity is the Vibe: Creating events that are warm, welcoming, and inclusive is a non-negotiable. We’re in this together, and everyone should feel that sense of belonging.

Boldly Going Where We Haven’t Before: Imagine us venturing into uncharted territories of event ideas, sparking joy, and weaving connections that will be the talk of the SFU town.

Your vote from February 26th to the 29th is a vote for a vibrant, spirited, and unforgettable SFU experience. Let’s make it grand!

Feel free to drop your thoughts or ideas in my inbox at:

  • Ig: _saranshn
  • Email: saransh_nagpal@sfu.ca
Hyago Santana Moreira


Besmillah Sultani

Greetings, fellow SFU students!

I am Besmillah Sultani, a dedicated 2nd-year computing science student and the current event coordinator at WUSC-SFU. You might recognize me from our vibrant club days and successful fundraising events on campus. Today, I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the 2024 SFSS Elections, running to be your VP Events and Student Affairs. My passion for fostering a vibrant student community and my track record in event coordination make me the ideal candidate to represent your interests.

As your VP Events and Student Affairs, my goals are:

  • I’ll make sure our campus events are diverse and inclusive, celebrating every student’s unique interests, regardless of their background. Let’s unite in our diversity!
  • I commit to enhancing academic and mental support services, hosting workshops, and creating collaborative platforms to ensure you have the tools for success in your academic journey.
  • I’ll kick off an indoor soccer tournament, where each team represents their faculty. (P.S. Hope our courts are ready; they’re under renovation!)
  • Advocating for our fellow students with refugee backgrounds, I’ll create programs to smoothly integrate them into campus life, providing the resources and support they need to thrive.

My promises to you:

I won’t make promises I can’t keep.

  • With a strong sense of responsibility, I assure you that, if elected, I will tirelessly work towards the goals outlined above, always prioritizing the welfare and satisfaction of the diverse student body at SFU.
  • As your potential VP Events and Student Affairs, I’m committed to amplifying your voices. If elected, I’ll always be eager to hear your thoughts. Whether you have event ideas or feedback on what worked or didn’t, I’m here for you.

If you choose me, your suggestions will directly shape our campus events. Let’s create a vibrant SFU together. I’m ready to listen and make your university experience even better.

Vote via SFU mail from February 26th to the 29th.If you have any questions or just want to connect, feel free to reach out to me through any of the following channels:

Ayooluwa Adigun

Hello SFU!

I am Ayooluwa Adigun, and I am thrilled to be running for the position of VP External and Community Affairs for 2024. I am an international 3rd year Psychology Major and intended Computer Science Minor. I am currently the VP Events and Student Affairs, and was previously the Science Undergraduate Society Council Representative and the Associate Vice President of Events and Student Affairs. Some of you might even recognize me from the basketball and futsal courts and the football fields. I have enjoyed the past two years working on various events, not only with the SFSS but the Science Undergraduate Society as well, and these involvements are my primary encouragement for running for this position.

As your VPECA, my goals are simple: ensure that the opinions of the Simon Fraser Student body are given space for discussion, editing, and unison, and making those opinions ring in the ears of those who can make the differences we wish to see, both as a student body and day-to-day adults having to operate in an inefficient world. I know that we as a body are only looking for our best interests, and I wish to be the outlet for whatever resolutions we as a society can make.

Vote via SFU mail from February 26th to the 29th

If you have any questions, I am reachable on the following:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ayooluwa_adigun/
Email: ada130@sfu.ca

Joel Gilani

Greetings SFU! I’m Joel Gilani, and I’m thrilled to be your candidate for VP External. A passionate advocate for positive change, I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration at SFU’s Beedie School of Business with a determination to make a significant impact on campus life.

My journey has been one of resilience and dedication, overcoming challenges such as a diagnosis of ADHD. As Treasurer for the Disability & Neurodiversity Alliance Constituency Group, I actively ensure that the unique needs of every student are not just heard but addressed. From serving on SFU’s University-Wide Accessibility Committee to being a Faith Lead with SFU’s Multifaith Centre (awarded the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Award), I’ve consistently been your advocate.

I bring a wealth of diverse experiences to the table, from my role as a Technology Risk Consultant at KPMG to a Junior Accountant at Davidson & Company LLP. My governance experience includes serving on Capilano University’s Board of Governors and as a member of Capilano Student Union’s Audit Committee.

Now, I’m ready to take on the crucial role of VP External, where I’ll be your liaison with external groups, governments, and organizations. My goal is to ensure that every student’s voice isn’t just heard but amplified. Whether championing your interests in conferences, advocating for affordable housing, or pushing for accessible mental health resources on campus, I am dedicated to building a community where every student thrives. Together, let’s make SFU a place where everyone’s voice matters.

Platform Priorities:

  • Accelerating Housing Construction on SFU Burnaby Campus:
    Collaborate with the provincial government, Indigenous nations, and local stakeholders to designate SFU Burnaby Campus as a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Area. Leverage TOD regulations to streamline construction, reduce red tape, and enhance housing accessibility for students.
  • Enhancing Food Security for SFU Students:
    Transform the SFSS Food Bank Program into a more accessible and sustainable model. Shift from a voucher system to a food bank structure. Strengthen partnerships with local businesses, leverage bulk purchasing, and collaborate with community organizations for initiatives like “Too Good To Go.”
  • Strengthening Student Mental Health Resources:
    Collaborate with SFU administration, VP University, and external partners to augment mental health services. Advocate for expanded coverage in SFSS health plans, and fostering collaboration with organizations like Foundry BC.
  • Advocating for Fair Treatment of International Students:
    Re-establish the International Students Group and advocate for a tuition cap. Collaborate with SFSS to revive the group, engaging the student body and conducting impactful research. Actively lobby for provincial changes alongside external advocacy groups like the BC Federation of Students.
  • Fostering Inclusivity and Accessibility at SFU:
    Center Indigenous perspectives in SFSS decision-making through active consultation with community elders. Integrate Indigenous values into onboarding processes for new SFSS executives, staff, and counselors. Expand the presence of faculty unions in the SUB, providing them with a dedicated space. Redesign the SFSS website for cost-effective centralization of platforms, enhancing visibility for student unions, clubs, and constituency groups across campus.

Connect with my campaign on Instagram @sfssvpx or email joel_gilani@sfu.ca

Mehtab Singh

Greetings, SFU community!

I am honored to present my candidacy for the role of Vice-President External and Community Affairs at Simon Fraser University. I am a second year Kinesiology student who is committed to bring awareness and empowerment in our community. I work on various leadership projects outside school in healthcare accessibility and equal distribution of resources. I want to take my experiences and bring change in External and Community Affairs matters. As an active member of the SFU community, my vision aligns seamlessly with the university’s commitment to embedding community engagement in every aspect of our academic journey. In pursuit of this vision, my platform is shaped by the priorities outlined by the SFU Community Engagement Strategy, focusing on Measure, Communicate, and Celebrate; Improve Community Access; and Leverage Signature Initiatives and Support Select Integrated Community Engagement Projects.

If elected, I am dedicated to implementing robust measurement tools to assess the impact of our community engagement efforts. By measuring outcomes and effectively communicating successes, we can celebrate the contributions of our students and faculty to the wider community. Transparent reporting will build trust and inspire others to actively participate in community engagement initiatives.

Enhancing community access is a priority that resonates with SFU’s commitment to inclusivity. I will work towards breaking down barriers that may hinder community members from actively engaging with SFU. This includes ensuring that information about events, resources, and opportunities is readily available and accessible to all. By improving access, we create a more inviting space for collaboration.

Strategic partnerships are essential for impactful community engagement. I propose leveraging signature initiatives that align with SFU’s values and mission. Through targeted support for integrated community engagement projects, we can deepen our relationships with local organizations, aligning our efforts with theirs to address pressing community needs.

Key Objectives:

  1. Develop a comprehensive framework to measure the impact of community engagement initiatives, providing insights into the positive outcomes generated by SFU’s involvement.
  2. Establish user-friendly communication channels that disseminate information about community engagement events, opportunities, and success stories to ensure broad access and participation.
  3. Forge and strengthen partnerships with key stakeholders, businesses, and community organizations to strategically align SFU’s initiatives with community needs.
  4. Implement programs that celebrate the achievements of SFU contributors to community engagement, fostering a culture of recognition and inspiring others to get involved.
  5. Provide support for select integrated community engagement projects, empowering students and faculty to actively contribute to meaningful initiatives that address local challenges.

I hope to use my experiences to foster community cohesion and engagement programs to help you connect and make an impact in our SFU community and beyond.

Connect with me on Instagram @mehtab.sengh for further discussions, and stay tuned for the official campaign launch.

Natalia Zuluaga

 My name is Natalia Zuluaga, but everyone calls me Nat. I’m in my third year of my Economics and Data analysis degree and I have an extremely strong passion for politics, and anything related to public service. To be honest, being part of the FIC and SFU community over the last three years has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. I must say that all the FIC and SFU staff have created an environment in which I have felt entirely comfortable and confident to be myself and reach for help whenever needed.

The university has inspired me to participate in different engagement opportunities in an attempt to give back to the community. For instance, I had the chance to work in the SFU Dinning Commons for over a year which allowed me to meet several students and their various backgrounds. Similarly, I also had the opportunity to participate in the peer education program at FIC for a two-term period. This volunteering position allowed me to witness, firsthand, the different challenges that students tend to face in the academic field. I also participated in the SFU Senate for a couple terms which gave some insights on how hard SFU works to fulfill the needs of all the members of the community. Furthermore, I have worked for a few months at the BC ministry of Health, which has taught a lot about how public matters are addressed on a large scale.

These past years have shown me not only the undeniable advantages and privileges of being an SFU student but also the, perhaps not always evident, issues that can still be improved. I believe that undergraduate and post-graduate education is for most of us an essential part of our lives that will ultimately lead us to be competent and successful in our professional careers. Hence, this education must be comprehensive, relevant, and practical.

Our professors, classes, tutorials, Co-op programs, research opportunities, and facilities should reflect and fulfill the ambitions we first had when we enrolled at SFU and should certainly help us reach the ambitions we have for our future. I want to be the VP of External and Community Affairs to be able to look after the needs and wants of the student body. I want people to feel satisfied with all the services that SFU offers so that pursuing our degree can be something we feel excited about and not exhausted about. I want SFU students to be proud of being part of this community.

To do so I propose to:

  • Work more closely with all the student unions and societies and ensure that they are well informed and that they are always working in pro of the student body.
  • Guarantee that we, as a society, are well represented in each and every one of the external events occurring during my period of governance.
  • Strengthen the SFU community and facilitate events for this, acknowledging we are an extremely big institution.

As a student myself, I would be honored to be elected for this position and trusted by all to fight for what everyone aims for.

AbdulKarim El Hayek

My name is Abdulkarim, I go by Karim. I am a Third year Environmental Science Student. I currently hold the position of AVP of University and Academic Affairs, as well as Equity and Sustainability. I have had the honor of working closely with other executives to improve the student experience and contributing to a number of initiatives over the span of about a year. I’ve always worked hard because I think perseverance and devotion can lead to great things. During my free time, I enjoy being immersed in Formula 1 and feeling the excitement of fast-paced races. Another interest of mine is football, which I like watching and playing. It’s important to me to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which I do by going to the gym frequently and going on hikes that let me spend time in nature.


  • My foremost goal is Enhancing Financial Reporting and Transparency within One Year I will ensure that detailed financial reports are accessible to all students, providing insight into how their funds are allocated and spent. This transparency will empower students to hold the student society accountable and make informed decisions about financial matters.
  • Implementing Cost-Saving Measures within the First Six Months is necessary to guarantee the organization’s financial sustainability, enhance its influence, and allocate resources as best it can. The society can allocate funds more effectively and lower membership fees and event costs by cutting operational expenses. This strategy encourages financial responsibility while promoting creativity and flexibility.
  • Establish a Comprehensive Risk Management Plan within Eight Months: is essential for students because it protects their financial, physical, and mental well-being, reduces disruptions to their education, complies with legal requirements, and protects the reputation of the Student Society.


  • AVP University and Academic Affairs and AVP Equity and Sustainability:
    • Tabling at clubs’ day has given me the opportunity to interact directly with students, promoting different clubs
    • Munchie Mondays: providing students with snacks has also been a great experience.
    • I had the opportunity meeting the Minister of housing, discussing the Importance of affordable housing and availability for students.
  • Stock inventory Management:
    • given me the opportunity to contribute to the financial process by influencing significant aspects such as asset evaluation and balance sheet.
    • I’ve had direct influence in the calculation of the cost of goods (COGS) critical in determining the company’s gross profit and general financial performance.

I believe I’m the best suited for VP Finance due to my Inspired motivation and first-hand experiences I have gained within the SFSS. I also believe the mentorship given by the current VP Finance enhanced my knowledge and way of thinking allowing me to align my goals with the SFSS guidelines.Running for VP Finance in the SFSS is genuinely not solely for my personal ambition, but it’s the commitment to take the financial well- being of our student society to the next level.

Feel free to contact me at:

Simar Kaur Sahota

Hello SFU,

My Name is Simar Sahota, and I am running to be your VP of Finance & Services for the SFSS. I am a fourth-year student at the Beedie School of Business specializing in Finance and HR.

A role as your VP will allow me to utilize my skills and benefit SFSS as an organization. I offer good communication skills that I will take advantage of to bridge the gap between students and SFSS to achieve mutual goals. Additionally, I have analytical skills and financial literacy knowledge to effectively support my campaign.

My relevant Finance work experience is as follows:

  • I currently work part-time as a Risk Management Coordinator in the Finance & Risk Management department at Ledcor Group. In this role, I assist the evaluation of contractor budgets, financial statements, and other financial data while developing financial models to support potential investment opportunities
  • As a small business owner, I recorded my financial reports while developing strategies to minimize costs and raise revenue
  • I previously worked at DG Accounting in an Accounting Co-op where I learned several accounting practices and was introduced to various financial documents

As an active student of the Beedie School of Business, I have been involved in multiple clubs in the following positions:

  • Director of Project Development and Innovation at Enactus SFU. In this role, I led the development and presentation of project proposals, including budgets, financial reports, and financial values to fit stakeholder needs.
  • Corporate Relations Coordinator at the Business Administration Student Society. My relevant experience in this role includes analyzing projected expenses to create budgets and monetary grant goals, as well as developing and presenting scholarship requests

As a student myself, I have other SFU students’ interests representing the core of my campaign. Based on thorough research and understanding student needs, I created three realistic and attainable goals.

If elected, I promise to:

Increase Student Power & Transparency

  • There is a significant budget utilizing the SFSS Members Fees paid by students toward funds such as the Space Expansion Fund and more. I want to advocate for student-led budgeting where students vote for where their SFSS fees are spent
  • Breakdown SFSS financial information to make it more accessible and easily comprehendible so students understand where their SFSS Member Fees are allocated

Affordable Education

  • Tuition is currently subject to an estimated 2% increase each September. I wish to work with the Finance Department to advocate for a reduced growth of 1% per year in future years
  • Students pay numerous mandatory fees, including U-pass, student activity, and recreational fees. I plan to acquire funds for SFSS scholarships and grants to reduce student fees

Increase Student Engagement

  • Increase funding for Faculty and Departmental Student Unions and Student Clubs to support events that increase engagement
  • Reallocate funds to increase budget-efficient, campus-wide events to improve SFU student life and better student engagement

Thank you for reading my platform, and remember – A vote for me is a vote for your needs!

  • Email: sks73@sfu.ca
  • Instagram: @simar.sfssvpfinance
Boris Perdija

Hello there!

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a look at what I am about!

My name is Boris Perdija and I am a current 5th year Computer Engineering student here at SFU. I have extensive experience in student societies, from being the VP External of the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) in 2019-2020, to be being the VP Administration and later President of the Engineering Science Student Society (ESSS) from 2020 to 2023. In my year as ESSS President, I was privileged to facilitate the planning of key events including Frosh, our Engineering Competition, and our annual career fair; all of which were a massive success.

After taking a small break from it all, I’ve come to realize that I genuinely love and miss the opportunity of working with students and societies to give people at our University the best experience that they can have while they are here. In general I pride myself of being an open-minded individual who looks at things from all perspectives and focuses on what benefits either the student-body at large, or those that might face more difficulties than they should.

If elected as the VP Finance and Services of the SFSS, I fully intend to maintain this way of thinking and ultimately make decisions with the entire student body in mind. To do this, I plan on being as transparent as I can, and taking various opinions and views (through surveys or opinions from students-at-large and Council) into consideration during my entire term.

If elected, I plan to:

  • Do everything in my power to see that DSU’s and clubs can get as much funding as they can, while maintaining a fair distribution. During my time in SUS and ESSS, I know how much large-scale events like Frosh can cost, but I also know how vital they are. I intend to support these as much as possible.
  • Continue looking into sponsorships* and working with the VP external to lower SFSS related fees.
  • Take student-body feedback into consideration for more major financial decisions. Fall Kickoff was an event that the SFSS used to hold, though it led to a massive deficit in 2020. Using surveys, I’d like to see whether students want something like this again, or if there are other avenues to make our community more vibrant and connected.
  • Be as accessible as possible, both through email and pushing for an open SFSS office for direct enquiries.

And of course, I plan on continuing the great work that the previous VP Finance and executive committee has done, which includes having transparent financial reports, and working to better common services such as those that aim to support mental health and wellbeing.

Thank you so much for reading my platform, and I hope to see you voting at this years election!

Unfortunately I am abroad this semester, but if you have any questions please reach out to me throughbperdija@sfu.ca, Boris Perdija on Facebook, or berry_p on Discord!

* I absolutely love biking so working to see if we can get some student deals or monthly events with the EVO bikes on campus is something I want to look into asap!

Sam Killawee


My name is Sam Killawee, I am a second year Molecular Biology and biochemistry student. I am an avid reader, primarily murder mysteries, I love television, particularly sitcoms, like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Good Place. When I get a chance, I love to go hiking and camping. I play pool and board games with my friends.

Key Experiences:
I was an integral member of the team that rejuvenated SFU science. I am proud of the events I worked on including but not limited to collaborations with the Computing Science Student Society, Science Frosh and Winter Formal. I am also the Biochemistry councilor and Vice-Chair of Council. As Vice Chair of Council, I enforced the abandonment by-law, removing counselors who were missing a significant
number of council meetings, while being paid student money. I have chaired council meetings. In the
absence of the President, I chaired the special council meeting to write a letter supporting the TSSU and
amended stronger language to support the TSSU.I chaired the oversight committee on executive officers,
where I led the fair and measured oversight of executive offices, making sure that they were doing their
work, reining them in when they overstepped their bounds. For example, I led an initiative to ensure that
affected communities are consulted when policy is reviewed.

● Support SFU communities
● Rebuild internal connections
● Work with the VP to balance the SFSS budget
I’m running to be the next Vice President Internal and Organizational Development of the Simon Fraser
Student Society because we need more events, and more communities that run and build events. I’m also
running not only to better support student groups who are building community but to also build a better
community within the SFSS. I will also look at cost saving measures in every decision I make. There
were years of internal turmoil that led to anger, frustration and significant disengagement from SFSS and
its resources. If elected I will work to foster connections with disengaged groups, and the students they
serve. The SFSS can be an organization that is incredibly helpful to its students. Allow me to make a
difference for you.

Vote Sam!!
Sam Killawee
Candidate for VP Internal

Saranpreet Singh

My name is Saranpreet Singh, fourth-year Mechatronic Systems Engineering student in the Faculty of Applied Sciences at SFU and I am running for VP Internal and Organizational Development. My nearly four-years here at SFU has familiarized me with pressing issues such as not only resource scarcity but also underutilization of available resources, affecting our student community. My three co-op terms have provided invaluable insights into the challenges students encounter when transitioning into the industry, a concern that transcends faculties, as the practical application of our education is a shared motivation for academics.

As a prospective member of the student society, I aim to represent all of SFU students, a responsibility I embrace as an opportunity to actively listen, advocate, and act for their best interests. With the chance to enforce, review, and implement governing documents, I am poised to shape the student society and, by extension, enhance the overall student experience.

Vision Statement
My vision is centered on amplifying student voices, ensuring that every piece of feedback and concern is not only heard but also promptly addressed. I am committed to fostering a high-quality post-secondary education characterized by the integration of technology, continuous improvement, academic excellence, and employability. Additionally, I aim to raise awareness about available resources, ensuring that students are well-informed and adept at utilizing them effectively. Promoting career awareness is integral to my vision, empowering students to make informed decisions for a successful transition from education to employment.

Key Goals

Connect & Engage: SFSS Updates and Your Voice Matters!

  • I pledge to enhance communication channels between SFSS and students through newsletters, emails, and social media, while following through on the motions and promises. Also, conducting surveys on university life, academics, facilities, and campus services to address the evolving needs of our student body.

Curriculum Advocacy: Your Perspectives, Your Topics – Shaping Effective Teaching!

  • I will champion student representation in curriculum development committees, emphasizing the importance of diverse perspectives and topics of the student body. Collaborating with the university, Promotion of technological integration with course delivery, to enhance the educational experience and foster innovative learning environments while providing flexibility.

Maximizing Resources Together: Join My Initiatives for Info and Orientation!

  • In collaboration with various committees such as the Student Healthcare Committee, Accessibility Committee, Finance and Administrative Services Committee, First-Year Engagement Committee, and more, I will spearhead informational campaigns, orientation programs, and seminars to ensure optimal utilization of available resources.

Student career boost: More Fairs, Better Counseling, and Improved Internship Programs for All Faculties!

  • Additional career fairs and expos while enhancing career counseling services and resources across all faculties, particularly in internship and job placement programs where improvements may be needed.

Together, these goals aim to create an environment that maximizes the potential of every student at SFU.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saranpreet/

Claudia Zhou


 I’m Claudia, a proud 4th-year Beedie student, and I’m not ready to leave the SFU family just yet! I’m running for VP Internal and Organizational Development, and I’ve got a passion for our community’s health and well-being.

Why Me?

International Student Advocacy: Having worked with SFU Food Pantry, I’ve seen gaps in support, especially for our international student community. Let’s build bridges and ensure everyone gets the resources they need.

 Teaching Assistant Experience: As a TA, I understand the pulse of our academic environment. Let’s streamline communication and support systems for a smoother student experience.

My Goals in office:

Transparency Overhaul:

  • Regular Updates: I’ll keep you in the loop with regular, open communication through all channels.
  • Student Involvement: Your voice matters. I’ll bring you into the decision-making processes at SFSS.
  • Tangible Changes: Improved feedback mechanisms mean you’ll see real, positive changes from your inputs.

Global Governance:

  • Audit Committees: Let’s review and revamp committee functionalities for more effective governance.
  • Strengthen Structures: I’ll ensure our internal structures are robust, efficient, and student centric.

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform! I am running alongside my collegue Lydia Lu, together we are CL, please vote for her as VP Events and check out her platform!


More at: https://www.instagram.com/voteclsfss/

Rishu Bagga

Hello everybody, my name is Rishu Bagga (he/him). I am a second-year BPK student running to be your next VP of University and Academic Affairs. As your VP of University and Academic Affairs candidate, my goals are aimed at student affordability, engagement, and empowerment while ensuring the transparency and progress of the SFSS community.

Student Affordability and Academic Resources:

  • I will push for open and free academic resources by advocating for the availability of all textbooks, quizzes, and educational resources on Canvas, thereby eliminating the need for third-party subscriptions.
  • I will advocate for expanding the online SFU library to include all vital e-books to ensure equal access to class materials.
  • I will work to increase the collection of funds for bursaries and scholarships to help more students have the financial support they need.

Increasing Student Engagement and Campus Life:

  • I aim to increase student engagement by improving the news of events and growing participation rates.
  • I plan to revive campus life by bringing in new events and activities.

Personal Commitment and Proven Leadership:

  • In the past year, I have been actively working as Associate Vice President of University and Academic Affairs (AVP UAA). I am learning the skills needed to advocate for your needs and to support my team to the best of my ability.
  • With my involvement in SFSS, I am well-prepared to represent and address the diverse needs of our student body.

VOTE Rishu Bagga for VP University and Academic Affairs on Feb 26-29th via SFU Mail!

Ashkan Saffari

Hey SFU Community!

My name is Ashkan Saffari and I am a third year student currently pursuing an Honours degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. You can find me studying around the biochemistry lounge or doing experiments in Dr. Storr’s lab. When I’m not immersed in the fascinating world of science, I enjoy working out, travelling, and cherishing moments with my family and friends.

I am super excited to announce my candidacy for the role of Vice President University and Academic Affairs. Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of being HIVE welcome leader and serving as an exec for MBBSU (Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Student Union). These experiences have shaped my understanding of the importance of effective communication, community building, and support for every student. My primary goal is to enhance communication between students and the university, fostering an environment where every voice is heard and valued. As an Honours student, I understand the importance of effective communication in ensuring a successful academic journey. I believe that by establishing stronger channels of communication, we can address concerns, share ideas, and create a more collaborative and supportive university community.

My commitment goes beyond the classroom – I aim to create a platform where students feel empowered to voice their opinions, share their experiences, and actively contribute to the growth and development of our academic community. By fostering open dialogue, we can work towards solutions that benefit every student. I am not just a candidate; I am a fellow student passionate about making a positive impact on our university experience. With your support, we can build bridges that strengthen the ties between students and the university, creating a more inclusive and communicative environment.

I humbly ask for your endorsement and look forward to the opportunity to serve as your Vice President University and Academic Affairs. I also would like to acknowledge that my campaign aligns with the principles and values upheld by SFSS Elections.

Together, let’s make our voices heard!

Warm regards,
Ashkan Saffari