Location: SFU Burnaby Diamond Alumni Centre
Date: March 21 (6:30pm to 9:00pm)


The Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS), in partnership with ArtNet, is happy to present SFSS ART EXPO 2017. This exhibition aims to highlight student-generated content through a range of creative platforms, through digital and handcrafted artwork. This is an opportunity to showcase student artwork and encourage student interest in the arts.


  • Digital Media (Photography, Graphic Design)
  • Literary Arts (Poems, Short Stories)
  • Handcrafted Goods (Clothing, Jewelry)
  • Visual Arts (Painting, Sculptures)


  • Round 1 Voting: People’s Choice (artwork with most amount of ‘likes’ on Facebook event page) and Panelist’s Choice (chosen by professional panel of experts).
  • Round 2 Voting: In-person ticket voting at March 22 event.

DEADLINE: Please submit photos of all artworks by Mar 7, 2017.


For the winners of round 2 voting, there will be 1 winner for each category. Each of the four winners will receive a $250 Amazon giftcard.


If you have questions or are interested in partnering and/or volunteering, please email <artexposubmissions@sfss.ca>. You can also reach us at Mudi Bwakura <atlarge1@sfss.ca> or Larissa Chen <president@sfss.ca>.

Simon Fraser Student Society

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