Our 2015 General Election has come to an end! You can view the full results on the Independent Electoral Commission website.

— Meet your Board of Directors for 2015-2016 —

President: Enoch Weng

VP Finance: Barbara Szymczyk

VP Student Services: Darwin Binesh 

VP Student Life: Deepak Sharma 

VP External Relations: Kathleen Yang

VP University Relations: Brady Wallace 

At Large Representatives: Curtis Pooghkay & Shipra Sharma 

Communication, Art and Technology Faculty Representative: Salathiel R. Wells 

Applied Sciences Faculty Representative: Corbett Gildersleve 

Business Faculty Representative:  Hangue Kim 

Arts and Social Sciences Faculty Representative: Arr Farah

Education Representative Faculty Representative: Melissa Lee

Environment Faculty Representative: Christine Dyson 

Health Sciences Representative: Larissa Chen 

Sciences Representative: Jas Hans

— Referendum Questions —

SFSS Food Bank Targeted Funding: Passes – 76% approval 

Reallocation from Space Expansion Fund Levy to Membership Fee Levy: Passes – 59% approval

Health Science Undergraduate Student Union FSU Establishment: Passes – 96% approval

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