Do you want to make a change in the SFSS and engage with the student body? Your opportunity is here because it’s time for the 2016 SFSS General Election!  Keep posted on for more updates. 

In the meantime:

• Nomination Period begins Monday, February 22nd at 9:00 AM and closes on Monday, March 7th at 12:00 Noon.

• Nomination and Referenda Forms can be picked up in MBC 2234 or found on . They must be physically handed in to a member of the Independent Electoral Commission at MBC 2234.

• After the approval of nominations, the Campaign Period opens on Tuesday, March 8th and closes at 11:59PM on Monday, March 21st.

• Voting will occur online between March 22nd and March 24th.

Please see the “Important Dates” section on our website for more information on deadlines.

What Are You Running For?

There are 16 vacancies for the Board of Directors of the SFSS that must be filled, these being:


  • President
  • VP Finance
  • VP External Relations
  • VP University Relations
  • VP Student Services
  • VP Student Life


  • Two At-Large Representatives
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Representative
  • Faculty of Science Representative
  • Faculty of Applied Sciences Representative
  • Faculty of Business Representative
  • Faculty of Environment Representative
  • Faculty of Education Representative
  • Faculty of Communication, Art & Technology Representative
  • Faculty of Health Sciences Representative

Elections are governed by the SFSS Constitution and Bylaws, SFSS Policy Manual, and IEC Guidelines, which can be found on 

Inquiries can be made to Vanna Lodders, Chief Commissioner of the Independent Electoral Commission, at 

Message from the Chief Commissioner:

To those with outstanding IEC fines,

It has come to my attention that there are a number of individuals who had received fines from the Independent Electoral Commission not only last year, but previous years as well. I have been told that some of these fines are still outstanding. Unfortunately, there was not a rigorous system in place to track these fines and to confirm that payments have been made in full (or not). This results in it being very difficult for me to enforce these fines with confidence that I am not unduly charging individuals and preventing them from running for a position. In the spirit of having the broadest participation possible, and avoiding unfair disclusion from the election based on poorly recorded payments, I have chosen to waive all outstanding fines owed to the Independent Electoral Commission.

Vanna Lodders

Chief Commissioner • Independent Electoral Commission


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