Construction is well underway for the new Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) Student Union Building (SUB), expected to open in Fall 2018.  The SUB will provide lots of space for social gathering, studying, lounging, activities, and celebrating. It will enhance the sense of community and the student experience at SFU.

At over 100,000 square feet, there will be lots of space in the SUB for students to enjoy. Students will be able to drop-in and use lounges, study spaces, dining areas and even a napping room. There will also be bookable meeting rooms, dance and music rehearsal rooms, and a community kitchen. A ballroom will host student formals and other large events, and office space and suites will be available for student groups and external groups.

In order to best allocate the limited office space and suites, the SFSS is now accepting expressions of interest.


This request for expressions of interest (RFEOI) is open to:

  1. Student groups: Clubs, student unions, and other student-led groups that are registered with and sponsored by the SFSS.
  2. External groups: Non-SFSS groups including those that collect student fees as a result of student referendums. Please note that external groups would be required to pay for the use of space in the SUB. The final costing model is still being determined and will be shared with interested groups at a later date.

The SFSS is most interested in hearing from groups that actively support undergraduate students, align with the SFSS’ 4-pillars mission statement (, and enhance the sense of community and student experience.


Interested student and external groups should complete the RFEOI questionnaire and return it on or before September 29th, 2017. Responses may be as long or as short as each group wishes. Additional documentation, presentations, and reports may be attached at each group’s discretion. If a question does not apply to a group, please write “N/A” for Not Applicable and provide an explanation.

Please save completed questionnaires in PDF format and return to on or before September 29th, 2017.


At this time, the SFSS Board of Directors is evaluating the level of interest from student and external groups – this is not an application to lease. With this objective in mind, the Board will review completed RFEOI questionnaires received on or before September 29th, 2017, and will provide a response to all groups by November 1, 2017.

Download RFEOI Questionnaire


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