SFSS recently conducted a Request for Expressions of Interest process to identify student and external groups who are interested in space in the student union building. We were thrilled by the amount of interest that we received, particularly from SFSS clubs and student unions. It took us time to evaluate every group’s proposal as we received over 60 submissions.

Based on the response that we received, we have decided that four of the five available office suites will be exclusively dedicated to SFSS clubs and student unions. In the next few months, we will be developing a shared usage model to ensure that clubs and student unions will have the space they need, when they need it. Allocation of one final office suite is still being determined.

We also received requests from external groups that have a history on our campus. We have met with these groups and have offered to provide three long-standing groups with space that currently exists in the MBC. As we recognize that the rotunda space lease is expiring for the current groups residing in the space, we have provided these groups options to be accommodated. We have posed questions to these groups and are awaiting their answers before making a final decision on the allocation of the alternative spaces in MBC.

Although we would like to give various groups the spaces they want, we simply do not have the ability to provide space to everyone.

For many years, clubs and student unions have been advocating for the need for more space. With over 300 active clubs and over 50 student unions, we needed to find a space for these student groups. As a student society, we believe that it is important to focus first on the needs of our members, our clubs, and our student unions, who also do not have the financial capacity to secure space. We recognize the ongoing need for more space on campus and are doing all that we can to accommodate student groups.

Hangue Kim

SFSS President

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