Facilities Services advise that as part of the Student Union Building (SUB) construction project temporary pedestrian and roadway interruptions can be expected, as follows:


1. The section of Science Road leading to the east exterior of the Maggie Benston Centre.

2. The area between the Maggie Benston Centre (MBC), Convocation Mall, Academic Quadrangle (AQ) and Chemistry.

3. The AQ/MBC receiving lane.

4. The grass area south of the Maggie Benston Centre.

Refer to the map below.


1. Start up construction activity will begin May 18th (2016).

2. Completion of the SUB construction is Fall of 2018.


1. Start up activity will involve construction site perimeter fencing and access gates being installed.

2. Excavation of the site and subsequent construction of the Student Union Building will commence after June 10th (2016).


1. The section of Science Road leading to the east exterior of the Maggie Benston Centre will close and be restricted to construction equipment and personnel. This will also involve the closure of the parking area between the Maggie Benston Centre and Academic Quadrangle.

2. Traffic delays along Science Road and South Campus Road can be expected in the vicinity of the construction site.

3. Traffic delays along the AQ/MBC receiving lane can be expected.


1. Transit bus service is not expected to be affected by this project.

2. Traffic control personnel will be on site to assist motorists and pedestrians.

3. Further information about the SUB can be found here.

Watch for equipment and crew working in the above area and please obey all signs, traffic controls and traffic control personnel.

If you have any questions with regard to the above notice contact Mike Spencer by email at

Please note that traffic notices are also posted on the Traffic Safety website at

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