Fall 2017 Referendum – U-Pass BC Referendum:

Whereas the current Universal Transit Pass Agreement expires in April 2018;

Whereas the terms of the current Universal Transit Pass Agreement may be extended until December 31, 2019 at the existing rate of $41.00, per undergraduate student, per month of study;

Whereas a “no” result to this referendum would result in SFU undergraduate students no longer having access to the Universal Transit Pass after the Spring 2018 semester;

Be it resolved to authorize the Simon Fraser Student Society to continue to collect the mandatory fee of $41.00 per month of study from each undergraduate student as detailed in the agreement, as a prescribed, program Student Society Fee until December31, 2019, effective November 24th, 2017, after the results of the referendum are finalized.


All members of the SFSS will be given a reasonable opportunity to submit referendum question for consideration on the upcoming ballot.

Prior to the Notice of Election, at least one month’s notice must be provided of an election or referenda to ensure the appointment of a full Independent Electoral Commissioner (IEC).

Referendum Questions will be deemed to have been duly submitted and slated for inclusion on a ballot where the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) receives a complete Referendum Question Submission Package.

A Referendum Question, including an Ordinary Resolution or Special Resolution, may be submitted to the IEC for inclusion in one of three (3) ways:

  1. a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors,
  2. a simple majority vote of Council, and
  3. a petition submitted to the Board that contains the text of the proposed resolution and the signatures of five (5) percent of the members in good standing of the Society.

Referendum questions submitted to Board by petition must use the template provided by the Society, found here.