July 9, 2018

The Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) Board of Directors passed a motion on June 15th that finalized a fee reduction for students’ health and dental plan.

Last year’s Board went through a request for proposal (RFP) process to determine the best suited provider for the plan. Based on the results, the SFSS ongoing partner, Studentcare, was established as the best fit.

Student pricing was reduced from $267.75 for the enhanced plan and $207.90 for the basic plan to $254.36 for the enhanced plan, and $197.51 for the basic plan (effective September 1st, 2018).

The current Board of Directors pushed to ensure that students were able to pay less in their Health and Dental payments, while still being able to receive the same coverage in their plans. As a result, there will be no interruption to the health and dental services for students, and the plan will be insured by local company Pacific Blue Cross.

“This year’s board worked hard with Studentcare to negotiate a final price for students that made sense,” said VP Student Services Samer Rihani. “They have worked with the SFSS for numerous years now and have constantly been a strong, reliable services for our students.”

These price changes came from a referendum passed in 2016, where the students allowed the SFSS to either increase or decrease the health and dental fees up to 5%.

“We look forward to a year ahead where our students are able to pay fair, low prices for their health and dental plan,” said Rihani, “and we can’t wait to continue making changes for the students, by the students.”

Members are encouraged to reach out to the Studentcare office located in MBC 2240, and contact the current VP Student Services for any further questions regarding the future of the plan.


Samer Rihani
SFSS Board of Directors
VP Student Services