April 27, 2016

BURNABY, B.C., (April 29, 2016) — As part of a commitment to address sexual assault incidents on post-secondary institutions, the province of British Columbia is the latest to introduce a legislation to make campuses more responsible to the needs of victims. Bill 23, Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Act, requires university and college campuses to establish sexual misconduct policies within one year of the bill receiving Royal Assent.

The Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) is extremely excited to see the provincial government take active strides towards providing a safer campus space for students across B.C. As consultation with students is mandated in the bill, we look forward to working with Simon Fraser University to develop a sexual misconduct policy.

A tremendous amount of credit goes to the lobbying and advocacy efforts of student societies from different parts of the province. Last month, student leaders came together at the Alliance of BC Students Lobby Days and made addressing sexual violence on campuses a priority.

Kathleen Yang, SFSS VP of External Relations and Lobby Days participant, said she’s overjoyed with the development of the new Bill.

“We are ecstatic that the B.C. government has taken the recommendation of student advocates to have all post-secondary institutions implement stand alone policies that address sexual violence on campus,” said Yang.

“This is a beautiful day for student advocacy. Bill 23 would never have become a reality without the leadership of the University of Victoria Student Society and the solidarity between student associations across B.C.,” she added. “We look forward to working with Simon Fraser University to create new policies and programs that will protect and support all survivors of sexual violence.”