Every semester the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) offers free or partly-subsidized professional and personal development workshops for its’ members.

This semester, members are encouraged to participate in the following workshops:

Nuts and Bolts Orientation Workshop

The Nuts and Bolts Orientation Workshop is offered every two weeks. Check your emails for Newsfeed announcements! This workshop is designed to assist new Departmental Student Union Executives, and covers topics including:

  • the Simon Fraser Student Society
  • roles of the executives and members
  • available funding for your group
  • how to apply for SFSS grants & loans,
  • how to use the SFSS reimbursement form,
  • your constitution and how to change it, and much more. 

The workshop is MANDATORY for Treasurer/VP Finance positions and President/Chairs, and highly encouraged for all other executives.

Food Safe Workshop:

FOOD SAFE workshop is a level one food handling certification program facilitated by the Fraser Health Authority geared towards SFSS club and DSU members. The certificate allows members to apply for a health permit to allow them to serve food in a public event. 

Price for SFU students: 20$ to be paid at the General Office. RSVP and more details here.

First Aid Workshop:

RSVP and more details here.