September 14, 2018

September 7, 2018

To the SFSS membership:

This document (link below) details the by-laws and policies that the President of the Simon Fraser Student Society was in violation of, along with ongoing concerns arising since the beginning of his board term. These incidents have led the Board of Directors to recommend the President’s impeachment at the Annual General Meeting taking place at the Diamond Family Auditorium on September 24th at 1pm.

Review the document here.  

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the contents of this document, or the Annual General Meeting, please contact or any of the following Board members directly:


Name Position Email
Samer Rihani VP Student Services
Tawanda Masawi VP Student Life
Jasdeep Gill VP External Relations
Matthew Chow VP Finance
Jackson Freedman VP University Relations
Kia Mirsalehi Applied Science Representative
Amrita Mohar FCAT Representative
Jessica Nguyen Business Representative
Cameron Nakatsu Education Representative
Christina Loutsik Health Sciences Representative
Natasha Birdi Science Representative
Russell Dunsford Environment Representative
Mohammed Ali At-Large Representative