September 14, 2015

Learn, grow and create change: volunteer with Out on Campus!

***These events are taking place on Musqueam, Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh, and Sto:lo territories.***

We are the LGBATQ+ center on campus. We are committed to resisting all forms of discrimination and oppression, as well as celebrating the wide diversity of communities that LGBATQ+ folks represent. Check out our Mission, Vision and Values to find out more about us!

We are also a volunteer-driven organization. Our volunteer program is tailored to suit your interests. Choose what you want to do, and build skills and make connections doing it!

Would you like to volunteer with us? It’s as easy as 1-2-3 (and 4)!

Step 1: Attend an Orientation
Step 2: Attend All Volunteer Training Day
Step 3: Choose a Volunteer Team
Step 4: Complete a Supplementary Training
(Note: Supplementary Training can be completed before/alongside the other steps)

Registration required. Please register for a New Volunteer Orientation and All Volunteer Training Day!

If you’re a returning volunteer or have questions about volunteering or trainings please email

Accessibility Information

Our space is wheelchair accessible. We have two doors leading into the space, the first swings open via sensor and the second should be open. Our internal door is 34″ wide.

There are wheelchair accessible washrooms in the vicinity.

We also have single stall washrooms in the vicinity can be used as gender neutral washrooms.
Our lounge offers a variety of seating: couches, chairs with arms, and armless chairs.

OOC Scent Free Policy

Please refrain from using scented products when you visit OOC. If someone asks you to leave because you are too scented, it’s not because you’re not welcome in the space, it is because they are experiencing symptoms of an allergy.

More information is available here:


Are you interested in how OOC connects to the rest of the SFU community? Do you want to keep OOC connected to our campus neighbours? Are you interested in representing OOC and working together with other organizations and groups? If so the Neighbourhood Team wants you!

Do you like to help people learn? Do you like to educate about LGBTQ+ issues and their intersections? Do you like to promote educational opportunities? If so the Education Team wants you!

Community Building
Do you love the sound of socializing? Connecting? Planning a fun time where people can get to know each other? If so the Community Building Team wants you!

Lounge Care
Do you value safer spaces are you committed to ensuring they continue to exist? Do you like to organize spaces? Are you interested in working with the resource library? If so the Lounge Care Team wants you!

Do you want to see more queer and queer friendly events and services at SFU’s Surrey Campus? Are you interested in a variety of kinds of work? If so the Surrey Team wants you!