The Women’s Centre is run by a Collective, staffed by the Coordinator and Resource Assistant, and thrives thanks to our dedicated volunteers! All genders are welcome, and we have lots of ways to get involved. Check out our volunteer teams below, and don’t forget to sign up for our upcoming Volunteer Trainings! You don’t have to volunteer as part of a team to build community – if you’re passionate about an activity or an important issue, let us know! The Women’s Centre lounge and resource area can be made available to you for meeting space and discussion groups.

*New in 2016* – Surrey & Harbour Centre Outreach Teams! 
We’re looking for keen feminists and allies who spend most of their time at our Surrey and Harbour Centre campuses. Because we don’t have dedicated Women’s Centre space in Surrey or downtown, we’ll need your help to hand out freebies, put up posters, host small events, and represent us at Clubs Days booths!