September 16, 2021

As students get accommodated to the new normal of return-to-campus life, we can not ignore the fact that most students are anxious about what the future looks like. There are concerns around the fact if students or their families were to be put at risk of Covid, how would that affect their education. The pandemic has also put a financial strain on students that may affect their ability to be engaged in learning to their full potential.

Considering these very prominent concerns the Simon Fraser Student Society has launched the Accessible Course Practices campaign. This initiative aims to standardize the recording of lectures across all SFU faculties even post-pandemic, in order to promote accessibility among the diverse student population of SFU. This practice could prove especially helpful for international students, student-athletes, students who are also parents, and etc. The Accessible Course Practices working group plans to collaborate with SFU faculty to make this initiative a reality in the very near future.

The working group has also released a letter detailing the campaign its details and its demands. Read it here: Accessible Course Practices Campaign letter. The Simon Fraser Student Society collectively has approved the campaign letter and endorses it fully. We are also surveying students about their opinions about the campaign. The results indicate that a majority of students would like their lectures to be recorded to combat the many stress-inducing adversities they face.

As a community committed to promoting accessibility and enhancing learning, we demand Simon Fraser University support our campaign and provide necessary resources to professors and instructors for the recording of lectures.

We encourage students to participate in this initiative and to voice their concerns and support the campaign. More details about the campaign will be released shortly. If you would like to join the working group you can email:

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