September 20, 2012

At the Board meeting yesterday, a notice of motion for a policy change has been put forward with the goal to create the Build SFU Project Committee. There will be 2 weeks of notice given before the Board of Directors votes on the proposed policy change. We'd like to encourage all students to sign up on our volunteer mailing list via to serve on this committee as student-at-large or to gain some valuable experience by volunteering for this amazing project.


SO-18: Build SFU Project Committee

1. Standing Committee

The Board of Directors shall maintain as a standing committee of the Society a Build SFU Project Committee.

2. Composition

  • Chairperson: University Relations Officer
  • [Ex-officio] President
  • Member Services Officer
  • External Relations Officer
  • Three Board of Directors members
  • Three students-at-Large
  • Three forum members
  • One alumni continuity position
  • [Non-voting] Senior Organizational Advisor
  • [Non-voting] Build SFU Project Manager
  • [Non-voting] Build SFU Project Worker


3. Terms of Reference

  • Ensure timely implementation of the mandate of the Build SFU Memorandum of Understanding between the SFSS and SFU.
  • Review proposals and make recommendations to the SFSS Board of Directors (for their recommendation to the Build SFU Joint Steering Committee) on all matters pertaining to the evaluation, design, development, alteration, renovation or assignment of the Build SFU Project, including:
    • Project concepts and initial scope of work proposals
    • Engagement of professional consultant and evaluation of planning proposals
    • Research and design studies and proposals, including interior design
    • Financial management and planning of the Space Expansion Fund and Build SFU Project Fund
    • Initial recommendations of tenants and users of Student Union Building space including commercial, university, and student organizations or groups
  • Organize and conduct consultations with all parties affected by Build SFU planning, including the general membership.
  • Receive regular reports from SFSS representatives on the Build SFU Joint Steering Committee
  • Maintain oversight on planning and implementation of internal renovations and new construction either directly or through a selected board member depending on scope of work
  • Review proposals and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on all matters affecting SFSS space negotiations
  • To create policy relating the goals and objectives of the Build SFU project
  • Be the main form of communication regarding the Build SFU project with the community
  • To evaluate agreements such as leases, operating agreements, or financial agreements as they pertain to Build SFU and make recommendations to the Board of Directors
  • To present an annual non construction development budget (e.g. supplies, staffing, Think Tank renovations, consultation expenses, travel) for approval by the [Finance and Administrative Committee/ Board of Directors] and expend from that budget.

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