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My name is Giovanni HoSang and I’m a 3rd year computing science student, passionate about advocating for students. As President, I will mobilize students and fight to protect the most vulnerable on campus. I have worked with SOCA and Tuition Freeze Now, fighting on behalf of you, with you.

This is why I’m running to be your next President on March 19-21. I commit to:


  • Tuition has increased by over 200% since 2001. We’ve been constantly mistreated by SFU
  • SFSS has been soft and passive on Tuition increases
  • I will Fight for a 2-year tuition freeze – NO NEW INCREASES
  • Lobby the government for increased funding and a 2% cap on international student tuition increases, towards making education universally accessible for all
  • Attend the Board of Governors meeting on March 21 at 8am, Halpern Center where SFU will vote on these proposed increases!


  • SFU and SFSS is prioritizing profits over universally accessible education without providing adequate services to students, while having excess in operating surplus year over year
  • Government should prioritize students and make better transit options available for Students


  • The current SFSS has been trying to evict important communities on campus, I will ensure this doesn’t happen.
    #BlackSpacesMatter #INeedSFPIRG #SAVESOCA #SAVECJSF
  • In the SUB, there are 7 organizational suites, and there are 6 groups in the Rotunda Community, half, at risk of eviction. I will provide dedicated spaces in the SUB for these groups, including the Women’s Center, Out on Campus, FNSA, SOCA, CJSF and SFPIRG


  • Strengthen Academic Appeals and University Campaigns through a Student Advocacy Office
  • Your advocate will be pro-student and bring tangible value to students, fighting for you!


  • In recent years, the Board has created a huge divide between themselves and the rest of the Campus Organizations and the Student Population.
  • I commit to being open, transparent and inclusive to the Student Body and Staff
    • Live Streams of Board Meetings, and communicating via a Social Media ‘Board Meeting Review’
    • Town Halls and Semesterly State of the Society Addresses
    • Independent Campaign promises tracker through the Peak and CJSF
    • Rebuilding relationships with media entities on campus


  • Ensure Clubs and DSUs use the 22 bookable rooms in the SUB, alongside the other 100+ bookable rooms around campus, without booking delays!
  • Utilize the Space Expansion Fund to lease permanent DSU common room spaces

Vote for these reasons, alongside others that I will highlight during this campaign. Together we will make change. As a student activist valuing equity, I will fight to Save the Society. The Time is Now for a student movement.

Vote GIOVANNI HOSANG for SFSS President on March 19-21. Email me at to connect with this movement. Pledge to vote at

Kia Mirsalehi

My name is Kia Mirsalehi and I am running for the position of SFSS President. As President, my main focus will be on creating a transparent and safe working environment for the board of directors as well as shifting the focus of the SFSS back on the students. Over the past three years, I have been immensely involved with clubs and student societies, being on the executive teams of the Computing Science Student Society and Peak Frequency. I was also Council chair for a year and am currently the Applied Sciences Representative on the Board of Directors.

The SFSS has had plenty of internal conflict in the past few years, as evident by last year’s impeachment. One of the main reasons for this is that information regarding projects and initiatives isn’t always openly shared between board members, resulting in distrust. I deeply believe in honesty and transparency and will guarantee that the workplace reflects ideology. The Board of Directors is composed a diverse group of people with all sorts of unique experiences and backgrounds. I’ll be putting a focus on promoting equality within the board, making sure everyone’s voice is heard.

However, my main focus will be shifting the attitude of the SFSS and giving back to the students. For too long has the SFSS been politicized and the Board has lost sight of it’s original purpose, working for the students. To accomplish this goal, my platform is founded around the following four initiatives.

  1.  Empowering student groups such as clubs and student unions by writing proper guidelines and supporting documents for them as well as streamlining processes (i.e. grant applications.)
  2. A major bylaw reform done through extensive consultation. Our current bylaws are incredibly out dated and fail to address a variety of issues. A major reform has been due for a while now and I plan on finally doing it in an open and transparent manner. 
  3. Putting a focus on consultation, specifically personalized consultation with a handful of students at a time. The SFSS works in an extremely closed manner. You can only provide feedback if you’re involved or have friends that are involved. Having regular sit down sessions with a group of students goes a long way to fix this and also helps Board members in their job of representing students.
  4. Having a very public and transparent board year. I’m active on social media and not afraid to reply to students and anyone voicing questions or concerns publicly. The SFSS has historically had trouble with communications, failing again and again to inform students about the actions that they’re taking and the reasoning behind their actions and I plan on fixing this.

As stated earlier, I value honesty and transparency above all else. I’m fully open to questions or concerns any student has, and look forward to gaining your trust, both as a candidate and as your president.

If you wish to discuss anything else, feel free to contact me.

Phone: 604-754-4898

Amrita Mohar

Hi Everyone!

My name is Amrita Mohar and I am running for the position of SFSS President. I believe the President’s role is to ensure the SFSS Board of Directors is a team that is well supported and able to effectively serve the students. Every year we see students elected to this Board from diverse backgrounds and they all come with different ideas of what they want to accomplish. These diverse individuals are able to succeed as a collective by creating a culture of respect and support that is driven by a motivation to improve our overall student experience. My primary duty as the President will be to provide the leadership and support that is needed to ensure this group continues to work in harmony.

I am an experienced candidate currently serving on the SFSS Board of Directors and SFU Senate. These opportunities have allowed me to directly work with many clubs, student unions and groups across campus which have inspired me to run for this role. My experience makes me a qualified candidate to serve as your next SFSS President.

Given the opportunity to serve you as your next SFSS President, I plan to prioritize the following:

  1. Rebuilding Relationships: This previous year has been a tough one for the organization. Changes in Board leadership, internal conflicts and other public incidents have strained many relationships with key stakeholders. I will make it my job to build back the reputation of the society and mend these relationships.
  2. Improving Communication with our Membership: This past year has proven that our previous communication strategies were not effective in reaching our membership. The vast majority of SFU students are still unaware of the SFSS and our services. Every undergraduate student plays a role in funding the society and should be aware of, and be able to use the society’s services. My priority will be to rethink the way we market the SFSS increase our overall reach.
  3. Enhancing our Services and Projects: This past term with the changes in leadership and staff, there has been a lack of support in our operations and services. This has created an impact on our membership, who constantly uses these resources. My plan is to use our transition into the new Student Union Building as an opportunity to improve, rebrand, and rebuild our services. I believe by having all of our resources housed under one roof will make it easier to students to access. Also, by helping our new Executive Director transition into their role, we can develop an effective plan to support our staff.

From reading my platform, I hope you can put your trust in me to be your next SFSS President. If you would like to know more, you can access my full platform at:

Harman Batish

Dear SFU Undergrads,

My name is Harman Batish and I am running to be your next Vice-President of University Relations. Throughout the past 2 years, I have been an active member of the SFU community and have had the opportunity to observe and understand the major aspects that affect the students both directly and indirectly. I want to further project this experience I have gained so far for the advantage of students. I have confidence in my ability to make SFSS grow exponentially, because I am not a result oriented person. Although we have been taught to be result oriented, I have witnessed from real-life examples that even the hardest of tasks can be accomplished and seemingly impossible changes can be made by the process- oriented approach. Because if the process is well taken care of results are inevitable.

I will Increase Student Engagement:

Probably one of the top changes that SFU needs so bad! As we are already aware that SFU students tend to lack participation in the events. Participation is significantly low as compared to other schools while the number of students enrolled is more than most of the schools. Despite the number of undergraduate students SFU boasts, most of the events fail to create enough engagement. This has affected the social life around the campus which is also one of the reasons for depression and mental problems among students. I will use every single effective technique to maximize engagement. For example – investing more in social media advertisements, some work on the SFSS website etc.

I will make sure that SFSS doesnʼt just run smoothly but grow with time:

I will encourage my fellow VPs and SFSS staff to constantly brainstorm new ideas to sculpt the SFSS in ways unimaginable. SFSS has changed over the last few years, no doubt. But my vision is to give its growth a new pace and make it one of the top student societies. I will work hard to take it to new heights and add a whole lot of new services for the students. Constantly getting feedback from the students is one effective way to monitor the quality of services. I will make sure that the quality does not diverge whilst the process of change by constantly taking feedback from students.

One major change SFSS has the ability to bring about is the use of Gondola. It seems very possible and a lot of my fellow friends are already putting effort to make it a reality. I will give my best and add to the efforts already being made to make it possible as soon as possible!

These are the main changes I want to bring about in my initial months of work at SFSS. I will keep you posted even after the elections about the upcoming exciting plans!

You can find the full version of my platform on my Facebook event page.

You can reach me anytime at

Thank you for taking the time. Do not forget to vote, it matters!

Russell Dunsford

Hi everyone,

My name is Russell Dunsford and I’m running to be the next SFSS VP University Relations. Through my role as SFSS environment representative this last year, I’ve prepared for this for a long time. I’ve participated in important university initiatives and sit on some of the most crucial university committees, from health and safety to the SFU Presidential Search Committee. If you put your faith in me to be your next VP UR, I’ll build on my experience to make our university a safer, greener, and cheaper place.

A Safer Campus

  • Student-First Safety Policy
  • Better Campus Lighting
  • Improved Emergency Response

I’m committed to helping rebuild trust between the student body and the university safety community, and I’ve done some hard work already to begin to make it happen, including my role as the student representative on the hiring committee for the next Senior Director of Campus Public Safety. I also intend to advocate for better lighting around campus, and better emergency response policies. In order to do this, I will continue the work I’ve started with the SFU Central University Health and Safety Committee.

A Greener Campus

  • Ban Plastic Water Bottles
  • SFSS Environmental Accountability
  • A Green SUB Just because SFU has made strides towards becoming a green campus, I feel they can do better. Next year, I intend to reduce waste by forwarding the partnership I began this year with students attempting to ban plastic water bottles on campus. This year, I’d also like to push for the SFSS to feature environmental accountability in the development of the new strategic plan, especially as we transition into our new SUB . It’s designed to feature innovative green initiatives – I’m hoping to build those up, and add more.

A Cheaper Campus

  • Expanding Open Access Initiatives
  • Fighting Exorbitant Parking and Food Prices on Campus
  • Advocate to the Provincial Government

Much has been discussed this year about rising tuition fees, especially impacting international students. I am dedicated to finding innovative solutions for the reduction of financial burden on students. While the University remains unreceptive to suggestions to freeze tuition, I intend to focus my efforts on accomplishable goals. Some of my ideas include expanding open-access resource initiatives and working with the Faculty Association to reduce costs associated with textbooks and other course materials. Additionally, I will put pressure on the university to reduce their exorbitant parking fees and food prices on campus. Finally, I will look to build on the work I did this year on provincial lobbying to continue to ensure students are at the heart of important decisions around funding education policy.

Thank you for reading this platform and if you feel that these are changes you would like to see in our university community, please vote for me between March 19th and 21st. Until then, reach out to me the following ways, or just swing by the SFSS Munchie Monday table.

Event Page:

Shina Kaur

Dear SFU Undergraduates,

My name is Shina Kaur and I am a 4th year psychology student passionate about increasing student engagement and helping my fellow students make informed decisions. I am running for Vice-President of University Relations.

Throughout my SFU career, I have been actively involved within Residence Life, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and Student Central. I am going to use feedback from YOU, the students, and my wide range of experiences to shift this campus from commuter to community.

Increasing Openness and Accountability

  • Create an independent Facebook page to communicate progress throughout the term, establishing a framework for accountability for the position of V.P. U.R.
  • Working with The Peak to create an independent SFSS Board Members tracker, to hold us accountable

Construction Updates and advocacy for the SFU Gondola

  • Work with SFU to notify students as soon as possible with updates on construction, specifically what the route changes and end result will be
  • Advocate for night and weekend construction to decrease noise impact, particularly during final exam season

Advocate the Tuition Freeze Campaign

  • Push for no tuition increase for the next two years, the up-to 20% increase for international student is unattainable for the current student population.
  • Work with students and the university to lobby the provincial government to meet the increasing inflationary costs

Free and Open Textbooks

  • Use accessible platforms to advertise the use of Free and Open Textbooks to students
  • Work with Senate to encourage professors to source textbooks through BCcampus OpenED

Improving Communication with Students

  • Hold regular town halls and semesterly ‘State of The Society’ press conferences to communicate with and gain feedback from students about the SFSS
  • Hold informal meetings with students gain an accurate understanding of student concerns and suggestions for improvement
  • Work with SFU’s Student Experience Initiative to find areas of collaboration within departments and across Surrey and Vancouver campuses, relaying the feedback learned through the town halls

If you have specific questions about my platform or my reasons for running, please reach out! Email:

Thank you for your time and remember to check your email on March 19 to vote! Shina Kaur

Prince Cheema

Hello SFU Undergraduates,

My name is Prince Cheema, and I’m running to be your next VP Student Services. I am a Third Year Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Major. I have been an active member of the SFU community over the past few years and I plan to use these experiences to bring students a more positive and engaging experience on campus.

If elected as your next representative, I will accomplish the following:

Negotiate a better UPASS for students

The U-Pass is important to majority of students at SFU and it reduces a great deal of expense for many students. Previously in 2017, the SFSS successfully negotiated in extending the current contract for student passes with TransLink until the end of 2019. I plan to advocate for the continuation of the U-PASS on the student caucus while lobbying the government for the extension student transit passes without price increases.

Restructure and enhance Student Engagement

In 2019, SFU will finally experience the new $55 million Student Union Building, however we need a finalized completion date for students to move in. I want to build a transition plan upon the input of students. In addition, the stadium project is underway as well and SFU NCAA athletes have not received appropriate accommodations on par with other universities. During my term, I hope to work alongside the Student Athletic Advisory Committee to engage and present athletes better on our campus. Finally, I want to focus on providing funding to pre-existing student groups on campus who are already holding initiatives for student’s mental health while simultaneously increasing mental health service benefits on the SFSS health and dental plan. I believe that by lowering the number of claims through the integration of more eligible students into fair pharmacare will provide students up to 100% more prescription drug coverage.

Better Service Support for all Student Unions and Clubs on campus

Growing and maintaining our communication, funding, and support for clubs and student unions in their initiatives is key to continuing to grow our campus spirit. Student groups are the driving force for social life on campus. I believe that increasing student involvement on campus will lead to a higher sense of community at SFU. I will achieve this by working towards enhancing the student experience at SFU by hearing feedback directly from the students, and addressing their concerns to provide programs, services, and opportunities for each and every student. My goal as the next elected VP Student Services is to identify issues that directly affect the students at SFU and make it a priority to resolve them.

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Prince Cheema

Christina Loutsik

Hello SFU!

My name is Christina Loutsik, and I am running to be your next VP Student Services in this year’s SFSS elections. I am a 3rd year student in the Health Sciences faculty. I have involved myself in various events and initiatives over these past three years in order to bring about a positive change on campus. This includes involvement in Hi-Five Mental Health Movement at SFU and my current position as the Health Sciences Representative on this year’s Board of Directors. I hope to use the Student Services position to build on my previous experience and improve student life in a number of ways.

If elected as your next VP Student Services, I will:

Improve student mental health and wellbeing:

The past few months I have been working on the development of a Health and Wellness initiative meant to benefit all students. The feature I am most excited about is the Peer Support program. The goal would be to not only provide students with a platform to cater to their wellness needs, but to allow students interested in the field to gain valuable experience and support their fellow students. This would translate into a healthier SFU community, while supporting the Health and Wellness pillar of the SFSS.

Support the accessibility needs of our students:

I am particularly excited to chair the Accessibility Committee. This committee is often underused, and with such an important mandate I’d love to see this change. I will ensure that a staff member dedicated to accessibility is in place to support our students with any accessibility needs. I will also ensure that all SFSS run events adhere to accessibility guidelines so that students will not face barriers to attend our events.

I would also like to chair the Governance Committee, and work to make our governance policies more accessible and easier to understand. I will also use this opportunity to ensure the policies and regulations of our society are fair and reflect the values of the society.

Improve student safety through empowering student groups:

I plan to work with SFU Safety and Risk Services in order to ensure student events hosted on campus are safe and that student executives have the tools they need to mitigate risk. The SFSS has already begun to improve the

relationship with SFU Safety and Risk Services, and I look forward to building on this relationship. I want to build a bridge between the students and those in charge of our safety – this starts with our student groups.

Improve Student Engagement:

One of the most important elements of being a successful student society is having a student body who is engaged with what we do and how we operate. We barely approach 10% participation in our elections and our clubs and student groups often share problems with disengagement. I want to build novel solutions to address this problem at all levels of the organization – the move into the SUB provides a huge opportunity to do this. I will lead programming and look to effectively transitioning our services in order to improve how we interface with the student body.

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform and for making an informed choice. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Christina Loutsik

Simran Randhawa

Facebook Page: Vote Simran Randhawa VP-Student Services
Personal Facebook: Simran Randhawa
Instagram: @simran.for.president

All students deserve an open and accessible student society.

I am Simran Randhawa (she, her). I’m an international, cisgender, queer, able-bodied, binary, self identified women of colour and I am in my 3rd year of Psychology. I am running for VP Student Services. I am passionate about social justice advocacy, equal rights and accessibility.

In my time in Canada I have volunteered at various organizations including:

  • Women Center
  • Out on Campus
  • Amnesty International
  • Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Psychology Labs SFU
  • SFPIRG Working group for SFU’s Sexual Violence Prevention Policy

I have additional governance experience that gives me an insight into the services provided by SFSS:

  • Women Center Collective (4 Years)
  • Out On Campus Collective (1 Year)
  • Women Center Collective Constituency Representative at SFSS Council (1 Year)
  • SFPIRG Board Member (1 Term)

All my goals this year involve supporting students in need:

Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Policy for SFSS

  • Although SFU has created a policy in Fall 2016, the SFSS has been ineffective in this regard
  • Well versed with SFU’s process as I was involved in policy building process from the very start
  • Collaboration with groups in SFU and SFSS in order to create a comprehensive and effective policy for SFSS

Accessibility Support

  • Hire an auditor to conduct a comprehensive accessibility audit on SFSS services, facilities, and operations
  • Advocate for more varied academic accommodations through the Center for Accessible Learning
  • Update the Accessibility Committee so that it can work on SFSS issues
  • Work with:
    ○ Accessibility Auditor
    ○ Student Center for Accessibility
    ○ Health and Counseling,
    ○ Students and Student Groups with Accessibility Needs

Food Services

  • Increase the number of Emergency food vouchers available per student
  • Expand on the number of stores that the vouchers can be used outside of campus

These initiatives are just some of the things that i would implement to support students.

Vote Simran Randhawa for VP Student Services

Jasdeep Gill

Dear SFU Students,

My name is Jasdeep Gill, and I am a 4th year undergraduate student studying International Business. I am running to be re-elected for the position of Vice President of External Relations. My previous work on the Board makes me a reliable and experienced candidate to lead the External Relations portfolio in one of the most important years for the society.

This year our society will be moving into a new Student Union Building, welcoming and training a newly hired Executive Director, developing a 3-year strategic plan for the organization, renegotiating our collective agreement with CUPE 3338, and ensuring quality service delivery for our membership. Effectively leading the society during this transitory period requires Board experience and a deep understanding of both the governance and operations sides of the SFSS.

This past year I worked alongside a team of dedicated staff, volunteers, and student unions across BC to accomplish the following:

Successfully lobbied the provincial government to eliminate interest on BC student loans. Renegotiated the BC U-Pass contract between TransLink and the Province to secure a 5-year deal with lower annual fee increases than previous agreements. Established a provincial standard of rights for students living on campus through the Rent with Rights coalition. Reorganized the internal procedures of the SFSS Advocacy Committee to ensure our lobbying efforts are backed with credible research, and are on par with other student societies. Initiated the creation of an independent federal lobbying platform for the SFSS which will now allow the society to lobby for student issues directly in Ottawa. Strengthened relationships with UBC AMS, UVSS, ABCS and BCFS to create an effective lobbying coalition of over 200,000 students across BC.

If I am re-elected for this position, I intend to prioritize the following issues:

Sexual Violence and Prevention: Continuing to improve GP-44 and establishing a 1

memorandum of understanding with SFU that ensures students are protected through this policy on and off campus. As it currently stands, the language in this policy does not protect students if they are attending SFSS events or are on SFSS owned spaces.

Lobbying Priorities:

  • Provincial Lobbying Regulating the increases to international student tuition Increasing the provincial investment in advanced education in Budget 2020 Securing funding for Open Education Resources Advocating for a reasonable living allowance for students using financial aid Capping on-campus housing fees below market prices

  • Federal Lobbying Continuing to purse the Burnaby Mountain Tank Farm safety plan Strengthening the federal education grant system by tying federal grants to annual consumer price index (CPI) increases

SFSS Strategic Planning:

  • Developing a strong 3-year organizational strategic plan that will aid in a successful transition of the society from MBC to the new SUB
  • Transitioning in a new Executive Director
  • Engaging in a positive collective bargaining process with CUPE 3338

If these priorities resonate with you, please be sure to vote!


Jasdeep Gill

Ali Versi

Greetings everyone!

My name is Ali Versi and I’m running for VP External Relations at the SFSS Board of Directors. I’m running because I strongly subscribe to the motto “For the Students, By the Students”. I’ve spent the past three years of my undergraduate studies actively involved on campus and in student activities working to improve student life and academic experiences. I’ve met countless students, heard what they liked and disliked at SFU, and developed a real understanding of campus concerns.

As the VP for External Relations, I will take on the mandate to create meaningful, valuable professional and academic opportunities for students by engaging with external partners. Such partners may include student societies of other academic institutions within B.C. and beyond, government institutions, private sector organizations, non-profit and advocacy groups. The opportunities created through this will prepare SFU students to enter the professional sphere with the skills and confidence to excel in their careers. My mandate will also include working with stakeholders to eliminate systemic barriers, that usually pose as challenges to students, during their academic journey to ensure equal access to all services and opportunities. As such, I will lead the Advocacy Committee to:

Lobby the Provincial Government for a maximum 2% tuition fee increase for international

students per academic year if necessary to sustain student and academic services. Continue lobbying Burnaby City Council, the Provincial and Federal Governments to provide

funding for Translink’s Gondola Project whilst exploring options for SFU to invest in the Gondola project. Facilitate athletic, academic, social and cultural partnerships with Student Societies from other

Universities to create more events and opportunities for SFU students. Expedite the ‘Build SFU’ Student Union Building (SUB) project and Review the shared-space

model to create more accessibility for clubs and DSUs. Mobilize a Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) campaign during the Federal elections in October to

increase awareness and voter turnout.

Within the Student Society, I have spent over a year representing the Political Science Student Union at the SFSS Advisory Council. I’ve also been active in various external organizations which have exposed me to the necessary experiences for this position. My experiences include:

  • Former Member of MP Terry Beech’s Advisory Youth Council
  • Attended round-table meetings with SFU’s President Andrew Petter
  • Current Board Member at the B.C. & Yukon chapter of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) as the Youth Coordinator
  • Member of the Burnaby Board of Trade’s Access Program
  • Interning at a Vancouver-based Medical Technology social enterprise.
  • Elected to the SFU Board of Governors (term begins in June)

Most of you probably remember me as that Barista from Starbucks. If I’ve served you coffee (or not), know that I’m committed to extending my service to the students beyond that. If you have any concerns or issues, I’d like to hear from you (even if it’s about me misspelling your name every time). You can reach me either on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or email.

Thank you!

Balqees Jama

Students deserve a proactive, accountable, and fun student society, and this is exactly what I strive to build. 


Facebook Page     Vote Balqees: VP Student Life
Event Page              Vote Balqees: VP Student Life
Instagram                 @balqees.vp.studentlife

My name is Balqees (pronounced ball-key-sss). Lack of enthusiasm on campus is the result of an organization that is apathetic in communicating and responding to its members.  I have successful experience in community engagement and advocacy through my involvement in SOCA and SFPIRG.

Why I’m running for VP Student Life:

  • Bring back the Fall Kickoff concert
  • Have frequent events to build community over the long run
  • Empower and collaborate with Clubs, Student Unions, and all Student-Serving Groups
  • Commit to a transparent and interactive dynamic between students and SFSS

Bring Back Fall Kickoff Concert

  • Who Remember Roy Woods in 2017?!
  • Start a Concert Committee to plan and fundraise for the next concert a year in
    Fall Kickoff 2020 let’s go!

Three-pronged Events Initiative:

Weekly Low Cost Events

  • Munchie Mondays and Freebie Fridays
  • Movie nights
  • Dialogue circles to encourage a politically engaged campus environment
  • Start a “Get Out The Vote” program for upcoming federal elections with VP External Relations and Advocacy Committee
  • Music and Dance Events at James Douglas space


  • Themed Pub Nights
  • Celebrate major UN Holidays in AQ (International Youth Day, World Oceans Day, Autism Awareness Day)
  • Sports Days: which includes promoting and attending athletic home games
  • Student Rallies: Tuition Freeze Now, Climate Change, offer support for Indigenous rallies

Yearly Long Lasting Events that Build Community Culture

  • Fall Kickoff
  • International Week
  • Spirit Week
  • Inter-faculty Championships
  • Stand-up comedy, Track and Field, Debate, Dance, Basketball, Visual Arts, etc!

Empower Clubs, Student Unions, and all Student-Serving Groups

Student groups host a diverse range of activities every day, but we rarely know about about them because or poor support and promotion. This issue could be addressed if we:

  • Promote events on behalf of Clubs and DSUs on SFSS media
  • Stop the evictions and fix our relationships with the Rotunda Community
  • Work with VP Finance to increase core funding for Student Unions

Improve Transparency, Engagement, and Accountability

  • Create a Promise Tracker readily available on our website
  • Host a bi-monthly town hall (and Q&A session) on the progress and work of the student government
  • Hold Club and Student Union Feedback Sessions
  • Hold Board of Directors meetings in public locations
  • Regular consulting and follow-up with the student body in a variety of forms
  • Livestream “Ask Me Anything”
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Face-to-face

Dedicated Quiet Study Rooms

  • Work with SFU to create and regularly advertise a list of dedicated quiet study spaces from the 100+ classrooms on Burnaby Campus

Together, we can build a fun and equitable community that we can all enjoy.

Vote BALQEES JAMA  for VP Student Life on March 19-21. Pledge to vote at

Jessica Nguyen

Restructuring Events Committee to provide the most value to students. The current structure is difficult to work with and detrimental to student life. It is an unnecessary obstacle that would be changed when I am elected. There are no job roles for committee members making everything ambiguous and unclear job responsibility. It is simply inefficient and ineffective. I am proposing a new structure that creates opportunities for students to hone and enhance skills while allowing for the committee to run at it’s maximizing value point. The detailed restructure plan can be found

More quality events. The past year, I created and managed events such as Club x Student Union Collab, Spooky Pumpkin Carving, Santa X Christmas Cookie Decorating, and International Women’s Month (IWM) celebrations that included the first-ever Women of the Year Awards. There are two event types that I see students benefiting from. The first targets all students and boost morale around SFU such as Spooky Pumpkin Carving. The second being events that cater to a niche group but provide value and are extremely important such as IWM. With the new committee structure, I will plan more of both types of of events and have it be the baseline for future years. Additionally, I am advocating for bacon (+ halal and vegan options) at pancake breakfasts every semester. Please check out my tentative events timeline with the link above!

The Big Question: Fall Kickoff. I am currently looking for partnerships from other university student unions (UBC, KPU, CapU) to create a real collaboration of a Welcome Back Celebration. This would allow for all the unions to pool their resources such as funding to obtain a big headliner at an centralized venue. If this does not work out, I am open to other signature experiences on campus as long as it is cost effective. I believe that it is important to have a big Fall event that welcomes first years and returning students back to SFU.

Vote for me. I am pursuing a BBA Honours in Marketing and Managing Information Systems with a certificate in Business Analytics and Decision Making. This has allowed me to develop strong project management and event planning skills which is core to VP Student Life. I love figuring event logistics and creating strategic marketing campaigns for them.

Furthermore, over the past year, I have built relationships with numerous internal and external organizations that would easily allow me to maximize student life. For example, I have worked with Warner Bros for the Spooky Pumpkin and was able to obtain free advanced screening tickets for the Fantastic Beasts movies. These are things I want to continue doing for students.

Lastly, because I am on the Board and have spearheaded numerous events, I have the necessary knowledge and confidence that I am the best candidate for this position. I do not have to overcome the learning curve of this role which allows for more time and energy spent giving back to the students!


Tawanda Nigel Chitapi

My name is Tawanda Nigel Chitapi, 4th year Economics Major and Business Minor, and I am running to be your next SFSS Vice President Finance.

Students should look back in retrospect and be proud of their alma mater, a place that built them into the amazing individual they are and a place where they made their best memories. I would love to devote my last year to serving you and working with YOU to create these amazing experiences and opportunities.

I value hard work, and good stewardship and in my capacity as Vice President Finance I would like to affect the following:

  • Student professional development and engagement
  • Easy and Sustainable financial solutions for Clubs and Student Unions
  • Affordable education for all


  • Currently I serve as the Economics Student Society Council Representative
    ○ Speared headed a working-group challenging the recent tuition increase proposal by SFU. I believe in an affordable education for all and I will continue to fight against unjustified tuition hikes.
  • SFU Alumni Appeal Student Caller
    ○ talking to alumni and building support for SFU

Platform Summary:

Student Professional Development and Engagement

  • Introduce participatory budgeting which empowers students to develop, submit and vote on projects that improve their community
  • Provide training workshops for all clubs and student union treasurers to help them to efficiently and easily manage their group’s finances

Financial Solutions for Student Groups

  • The current cheque requisition turnaround time is harming students, I will do the following:
    ○ Analyze and compare the current process with previous ones to identify problems
    ○ Aim to lower the turnaround time to a maximum of two weeks like it was in past years
    ○ Work with staff to create a credit card pilot program for established groups with significantly big budgets, this will expedite the cheque requisition process in the near future
  • Increase core funding for clubs and student unions to encourage more autonomy and collaborative events
  • Make long term investments through ‘clean/green energy’ funds
    ○ Returns will be used to fund student activities, projects, grants, food bank and bursaries

Affordable Education

  • Advocate For a tuition freeze for all students
  • Analyze the budget and were possible re-allocate funds to increase bursary funding
  • Review the current food bank program and encourage students to use it

Let’s work together and create unforgettable experiences

Thank you for taking your time to read my platform, for any questions you may reach me at or my full platform at

Sheldon Bond

Transparency – Representation – Advocacy

My name is Sheldon Bond and I am a third year First Nations Computing Science Student. I am an Indigenous student and community is a core value I grew up with. I am a student activist who values equity. I am a mature student and I have had the opportunity to lead teams on many different projects outside of academia from construction work  to the banking industry. I gained past board experience while serving as the Treasurer for CUPE local 4951 at the College of New Caledonia before I transferred to SFU in fall 2018. I am currently volunteering with organizing FAS Formal 2019 and an end-of-semester event collaboration between MSU, ESSS and CSSS.

The needs of each student are uniquely theirs. A solution for the Mechatronic students isn’t necessarily what the Engineering, Computing Science, nor Software Systems students need; each face their own challenges.

The most important part in being a representative is to listen to the needs of students on each campus.

For each departmental student union in the Faculty of Applied Sciences I will:

  • Consult and meet regularly with the various DSU’s
  • Be approachable and have open communication
  • Advocate for their specific needs

For the Applied Sciences Faculty, I will:

  • help facilitate interdepartmental events and activities such as
    • FAS dodgeball
    • Op Fair
    • FAS Formal
  • Collaborate to make end-of-semester events annual traditions
  • Continually engage with the Faculty about student needs and concerns
    • Regularly follow up with the faculty on issues brought up by the student advisory committee

As a member on the board of directors I will push for:


  • Strengthen transparency and accountability by implementing:
    • Transparency Standards and Student-Board communication policies
  • Work with VP Finance to modernize our archiving system


  • Advocate for three new positions on the Board of Directors:
    • Surrey Campus Representative
    • Vancouver Campus Representative
    • FIC Representative
  • Work with the incoming Sustainable Energy Engineering students to build a SEE Student Union

Student and Financial Support

  • Push for the Tuition Freeze Now campaign at SFU
  • Work with the Ombudsperson office to review and change FAS policy around mental health

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform. What it means to be in FAS is constantly changing, and what that change looks like depends on who we are, and what we stand up for. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to approach me on campus or online. I’m the one in the green frog spirit hood. | facebook: Vote Sheldon Bond: Applied Sciences Representative | Instagram: @sheldon.appsci.rep | CSSS Discord: Kraen#3685


Nick Chubb

Hi everyone, my name is Nick Chubb and I am a 4th year Applied Science Student who is running to be your next Faculty of Applied Science Rep.  I have experience as a Departmental Undergraduate Curriculum Committee member for the MBBSU and believe I can carry my knowledge of the school governance system properly to the SFSS board to represent FAS students.


Over my 4 years here, some of my greatest memories of this school come from events I’ve attended.  Through events like Frosh and the Fall Kickoff I’ve met or gotten closer to so many of my current friends and I truly want other students to experience the same thing I have.  I can’t help but feel a little bad when I hear people claim there’s “Nothing to do!” at SFU, because there’s always some event being hosted by at least one Student Union or Club; I hate to see us ranked lowest in Canada in student life.  As FAS Rep, one of my many goals would be to actively help events in any way I can, and to help Student Unions and Clubs within the FAS spread awareness of their events within the faculty to help increase turnout.  As well, I would like to advocate for some sort of centralized event system where students are able to see all school (SFU, SFSS, DSU, and club) events accurately.


Last semester me and several other interested students had a meeting with the SFU Parking Services director to discuss the price increases to parking around school, specifically the lot north of Blusson Hall, the apparent increase in tickets being handed out, and capping outdoor parking pass sales at 100, leading many more students (myself included) to have to pay either $13 a day for parking or find alternative ways of getting to school.  I think these changes instated this last year affect many students negatively and would like to use my position on the board to create a committee to effectively communicate with parking services to advocate for these changes to be reversed, or alternative options to be considered.

My goal as Applied Science Rep would be to attend as many FAS DSU (not just CSSS and ESSS, but also the Surrey based unions MSESS and SSSS), as well as WICS and WIE, meetings as possible so that I can properly and accurately represent the needs of all FAS students within the SFSS and to each other.  And as well to help welcome students of the new Sustainable Energy Engineering Program in the fall and help establish their student society.

I’ve truly learned to love this school over my years here, and I hope my involvement with the school, not just in person but also online, evidently shows that I only wish to make the school a better place.  Any students may feel free to email me ( or just message me on Facebook any time about anything that concerns them.

Thank you,

Nick Chubb.

Simran Bining

Hello SFU Students!

My name is Simran Bining, and I am running to be the next 2019-2020 Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Representative for the SFSS. I am currently a first-year student obtaining a minor in Sciences and a minor in Criminology. As the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Representative, I hope to encourage positive movements within the university, act upon the best interests of the students, and bring new and positive changes to the SFU campuses.

If elected, I would focus on:

Increasing Student Engagement with Clubs and DSU’s

  • Clubs and DSU’s in FASS are facing hardships when trying to get first year students to come to their events. In my experience, I noticed that it’s hard to navigate and get involved with the faculty, especially in first year, it can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, I plan to start a conversation with DSUs/FSUs in FASS to combat this issue. This does not only include first year students, but all students in the faculty as well.
  • Promote student engagement in clubs and DSU’s. Hold information sessions and advertise the existence of these clubs. I would like to have an active relationship with these clubs and hold monthly meetings to discuss what they are planning and the difficulties they are facing.
  • Act as the liaison between the FASS students and the board, to provide them with as much support as possible. Propose ideas to the board on the behalf of clubs and DSU’s for funds, and other needs.
  • Partnership with representatives and student groups belonging outside of the FASS and present them with greater opportunities for collaboration. I plan to join the events committee if elected to give a stronger support to DSU’s or FSU’s on their major events. Collaboration is something I hope to achieve with FASS and the events committee. Also, working with SFU students outside my faculty, by organizing pub-nights and formals.

Greater Access to Physical and Mental Health Resources

  • I would like to join the Accessibility Committee to advocate for more physical and mental health resources available to students on all three campuses.
  • Promote and work alongside with the My Student Support Program (My SSP), to bring awareness of the mental health issues and emotionally support SFU students.
  • Work with Health and Wellness clubs and hold bi-weekly sessions in which students may communicate with peers. As well as, emphasize on the acronym SPACE. (Social connection, Physical health, Awareness, Contribution, Emotional health)

Transparent Communication between SFSS and Students

  • Due to the lack of a FASS representative last term, my goal is to rebuild the connection with SFSS and emphasize the communication with FASS clubs.

Thank you for reading my platform. I hope by taking a look at the goals I have listed, they will resonate with you as well. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Simran Bining

Jennifer Chou

Hi! I’m Jennifer, a psychology major and a student activist who values equity. You might know me as that girl who spams SFU Facebook groups. Sadly I can’t spam this SFSS site because there’s a word limit…but I can tell you those three words everyone wants to hear: VOTE FOR ME.


Because I floss my teeth every day.

That alone should tell you how responsible I am, but if you’re still not convinced, read on!

(There’s a TL;DR about my platform at the bottom.)


When I’m not on Facebook promoting FASS-related events, you can find me knitting on the 145 or tabling for the Society of Arts and Social Sciences. I love reading classic literature (Oscar Wilde is my spirit animal), writing short stories and poems (my short story collection is on!), taking photos of—and getting lost in—Vancouver, trying not to lose my glasses in mosh pits, making puns, and of course, getting involved in my faculty!

Past (Experience)

Communications and Marketing Assistant for SFU Health & Counselling
Vice President Administration of Society of Arts and Social Sciences
SFU Knitting Club President
FASS Connections Mentor
Surrey FASS FaM Mentee
Active Psychology Student Union Member
Embark Blog Writer

Present (Platform)

  • More mental health initiatives
    • Bring awareness to existing programs at Health & Counselling (Yoga, Meditation, Mental Health Nurses, My SSP)
    • Mental Health Mondays (with care packages) to complement existing Munchie Mondays initiative
    • Work with Health & Counselling and Hi-FIVE to plan a peer counselling program
  • Bring Society of Arts and Social Sciences and departmental student unions together for more collaborative events
    • More events like Fall Finale ($5 pub night with food and games)
    • Yearly formals
    • Easier event-planning for DSUs for program-specific events
  • Better inter-campus connections
    • Monthly faculty events in SFU Surrey (targeted at first-years) to complement the FASS FaM program

Future (Plan)

  • Mental health
    • Propose program ideas to board, allocate funds to it, recruit volunteers, and implement
    • I have already contacted some mental health groups on campus who are interested in the idea of mental health care packages
    • I have talked to Health & Counselling and contacted Hi-FIVE about the peer counselling program
  • Better communication and engagement in faculty
    • Continue going to faculty student union meetings
    • Meet with Brian Fox and student union executives monthly
    • Help various DSUs plan events like career nights
  • Inter-campus connections
    • Communicate with Rose Baik and other peer mentors about what the Surrey campus needs
    • Hold meetings throughout the summer to plan and implement events

Questions? Please let me know!

(Shameless social media plug incoming)

Facebook: @1999jen
Instagram: chou.jennifer
Twitter: @chouyic

TL;DR: As a FASS Connections mentor, VP Administration of Society of Arts and Social Sciences, and co-op student at Health & Counselling, I want to increase faculty engagement (Burnaby and Surrey) and promote more mental health initiatives and programs.

Full platform here:


Willson Leong


My name is Willson Leong and I’m in my first year of Beedie. I am running for the position of Business Representative for the SFSS Board of Directors! During my journey through SFU so far, I’ve been thoroughly involved in the Beedie community aswell as clubs.

My Beedie involvement includes:

  • ENACTUS Bright Ideas Mentor
  • MISA Corporate Relations Coordinator
  • Beedie Mentorship Program Participant

Being involved with these programs have taught me so many valuable skills, but more importantly it has led me to meet so many friends that I would have otherwise not met, and that’s why my first main efforts goes towards club involvement for incoming first-year students. From experience, a first-year student can be absolutely frightened from joining clubs as they enter their university life, and as a result there are so many missed opportunities and missed friends to be made.

I’d like to help incoming first-year by:

  • Create meaningful SFSS events that will engage new students to clubs as well as the SFSS
  • Easing the transition from high school life to university life through the leadership of the SFSS and senior students aswell.

I’d also like to give opportunities to students who missed their initial chance to get involved in their first year. There are many cases in which students regret not joining clubs earlier and thus never ever bother to get involved. Giving students the opportunity to become involved at any time is very important to me.

During my involvement in the Beedie community and clubs, I’ve also gotten a clearer perception of the disconnect between the SFSS and the student community -Beedie clubs in particular. My second main effort is to eliminate the disparity between the SFSS and Beedie clubs and provide clubs with the resources and support they deserve to grow and succeed.

I will do this by:

  • Creating more sincere and transparent communication between the SFSS and Beedie clubs
  • Making sure the issues and problems of Beedie Clubs are heard among the SFSS, such that the clubs will feel that they can genuinely rely on the SFSS when they have concerns

I want to make sure that each student enjoys their student experience as much as possible, and I firmly believe that involvement in school community and clubs is a strong component to a fantastic university journey. I want to provide these clubs a strong student society to rely on and provide the support and resources they need to grow.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Willson Leong

Abhishek (Abhi) Parmar

I am running for Faculty of Business Representative because I want to represent the Beedie School of Business. I am extremely proud of being a Beedie student. I want to be able to hear the needs of students, address said needs to the best of my ability and make students experience with the Beedie school of business the best it can be. I want to find a casual way for business students to try things like case competitions and other Beedie clubs. Make easier transition to clubs like CaseIT, JDC West, and Enactus. As a first-year student these big clubs seemed intimidating to me and I want to take that intimidation away for other students by giving them some exposure. Another thing I would like to do is improve the relationships Beedie has with other faculties. I would like to create more cross faculty events giving business students the opportunity to check out other faculties as well as job opportunities related to both faculties. I would like to acknowledge the advocacy being done for the gondola and will ensure the SFSS does our part in it. I would also like to point out the excellent work being done by Tuition Freeze Now. This is something I would like to strengthen as Faculty of Business Representative because Beedie students are being disproportionately affected by the proposed tuition increases. The Room bookings are something I would like to work on, building of the work of the previous Faculty of Business Representative’s work. There are currently huge delays and flaws in the booking system and I would like to finish the job that Jessica has put a lot of effort into. As a member of SFU’s senate, I can help make appropriate changes based on the feedback I get as the Faculty of Business Representative.

Thanks, Abhishek Parmar

Andrew Wong

Dear SFU Undergraduates,

My name is Andrew Wong and I am running to be your next Business Representative for the SFSS Board of Directors. Throughout my three years at SFU, I have always been involved in the Beedie community. My involvement began with an interest in HR and Accounting, where I joined the Human Resources Students Association. My commitment and loyalty progressed my entry-level position as a volunteer to a coordinator and finally to the Director of Finance. Additionally, I am currently finishing an 8 month co-op with the Canada Revenue Agency and determined to achieve my co-op designation. My involvement has nurtured more than enough knowledge to know how great Beedie and SFU is but what can be done to make it even better. If elected, my promises to you include the following:

Strengthen communication channels between the SFSS and Business students My goal is to provide as much opportunity for business students to have a voice that will be heard not only by me, but by my fellow Board of Directors. My commitment to holding weekly office hours will provide a safe, inviting system to promote two-way conversation. This will increase relations between the SFSS and students while providing constructive feedback to improve future operations for both parties.

Increase resources for Business clubs As a member of the Beedie community, you can never have access to too many resources. I will continue to lead Beedie club President meetings to ensure that they are supported by the available SFSS resources and continue to work in unison to strengthen community engagement. In addition, I plan to join the Finance and Audit committee while collaborating with the VP of Finance to advocate increasing available funds for these student-led organizations.

Create more events to spread awareness of the role SFSS plays in the SFU community Students have heard of the SFSS, but do they know what they do? I believe that hosting more events campus-wide will create a greater sense of school spirit and give students the chance to connect with their faculty representative and the rest of the SFSS. Additionally, it is our goal to inform the student-body how we can have a valuable impact on their personal and career-oriented goals.

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Andrew Wong

Silke Minami Billings

I am currently running for the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology Representative role on the SFSS board. As a third year Communication student and a first year Data Science student, having navigated the dynamic academic world of SFU, I have been motivated to work hard to help other students make the most out of their education trajectory. With my experience working as a Student Engagement Portfolio Manager for the International Association of Business Communicators this past year, I have had the great opportunity of advocating for Communication students from various institutions to increase student-centered workshops and events. I would like to continue advocating for students and work to create a positive difference as part of the SFSS board.

I would like to accomplish the following goals in my term as FCAT Rep:

DSU/FSU Support -> Empowering and supporting the Department Student Unions and Faculty Student Unions to ensure the unification of the faculty. This is best met by having monthly meetings to form a secure support system to help maintain goals.

Strong Relationships -> Building a strong relationship with the faculty and Dean of FCAT to fortify the academic environment and development of FCAT students’ progress. This would ensure a better degree of involvement from the faculty as I can more actively advocate for student-led initiatives.

Student Space in Vancouver -> Advocating for more opportunities and student spaces for Vancouver Campus students to feel engaged and motivated alongside the Burnaby Campus’ Student Union Building development. I intend on joining the Vancouver Campus Committee to help fortify their presence and to continue their expansion. The SFSS had a longstanding office in the downtown campus that was taken back by the university in Spring 2017, and I want to work to get this space back for students and make great use of it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Fiona Li

SFU students need a voice and leaders to listen and amplify them!

Hi I’m Fiona Li and I’m running to be your next FCAT Representative on the SFSS Board of Directors,

I am a Communications major and a SIAT minor who is constantly commuting between all 3 campuses. Students like me often feel disconnected from the SFU community and often feel disengaged. My turning point came when I joined the Student Experience Initiative.

The SEI aims to improve student life holistically, making changes that bridge differing student experiences. SFU is an incredibly diverse community with amazing students who have unique needs and what we need their own voices to be powerful enough to bring change. We need a public sphere where we can express ourselves AND listen to others.

My role is to ensure everyone has a mic, not to keep it for myself. My driving force as the representative for the incredibly multifarious FCAT is to ensure that CMNSU, IATSU, FSU, DSU, TSU, MSU, and VASU will always have a swaying voice and a compassionate advocate.

As your representative I will:

Bridge FCAT Student Groups

  • Joint networking nights and workshops between student unions
  • Develop events between FCAT student unions and clubs for larger dance, music,

film events Amplify FCAT Student Unions and Clubs Presence

  • Work with SFSS to improve communication and accountability towards FCAT student group
  • Sit on both the Surrey and Vancouver Campus Committees to better represent FCATstudents, increase joint events, and advocate for their needs
  • Incorporate FCAT groups into larger SFSS events to showcase student work at all three campuses Increase Funding for Student Unions and


  • Work with VP Finance to increase core funding to give student unions more autonomy
  • Increase club grant funding so more events can happen on campus
  • Develop a special fund for clubs and student union events that regularly have higher fixed costs

As a student who values cooperation and equity, I look forward to serving you as your next FCAT Representative.

Remember to check your email and vote from May 19-21!

If there is anything you want to talk about or want to grab a coffee with me please email me at

Thanks for taking the time to read my platform! If you want to support me, please go to

Emerly Liu

Hey SFU!

My name is Emerly Liu, I’m a second-year Education student, and I’m running to be your Faculty of Education Representative on the SFSS Board of Directors.

Through my involvement within the Faculty of Education as the President of the Education Student Association and student representative on the Faculty Council, I have gained valuable insight into both the student experience and the Faculty’s perspective. With my knowledge and connections, I want to work with students and staff to increase transparency in the Faculty’s agenda, and provide opportunities for student experience initiatives and participation within the SFU community.

Creating a support system for prospective teachers

A major issue within the SFU Education community is the disconnect between Faculty of Education students who are aspiring to be elementary school teachers and students in other faculties who are pursuing secondary school teaching. It’s difficult for the Faculty of Education to inform students outside of the Faculty of its announcements and resources, which has been increasingly problematic. To solve this, I want to create an open space, wherein students can share information and advice about volunteering/work opportunities, events, etc.

Collaborating with the Faculty of Education Dean and staff

While attending meetings with the Faculty, Dean of Education, and Undergraduate Programs, I’ve felt an immense support for Education students. I intend to continue to work closely with the Faculty and build strong relations with the incoming Dean to raise awareness for co-op options and design new ways for involvement, such as research assistant positions. These opportunities can equip undergraduates with the experience they will need for PDP and their future career in education, while increasing Faculty-student engagement.

Fostering a stronger relationship between the education faculty and the SFSS

As the SFSS Education Representative, I will act as a liaison between the SFSS and the Faculty of Education to communicate with students to ensure that their voices are heard and taken into consideration. I plan to collaborate with the Education Student Association’s succeeding President to organize events across all three campuses to enhance student social experience within the SFSS community by sitting on the events and Surrey committees.

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform and for making an informed decision. For any questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me via


Emerly Liu

Lex Grandan

My name is Lex Grandan, and I am running as the SFSS Faculty of Environment Representative for 2019/2020.

I have been involved in both the Bachelor of Environment (BESU) and Environmental Science (EVSCSU) Student Unions last semester, making pizza for student union events, being an active participant in EVSCSU meetings, and helping create a welcoming space for all environment students. As an active student valuing equity and the Faculty of

As Environment Representative, I plan to:

Empower FEnv Students

  • Meeting with all FEnv student unions and environmental student groups to:
    • Summarize SFSS Board meetings, which will aid in increasing student awareness and participation in student affairs
    • Being accountable by discussing with all FEnv student groups what they expect from myself as their representative and meeting those expectations.
    • Continued transparency in the SFSS voting process by voting in the best interest of students in the Faculty of Environment
  • Continue partnering with FEnv student unions and environmental student groups by helping advertise events, fundraisers, workshops, and conferences of interest that the student groups organize.
  • Reinforcing student union independence from the SFSS by acknowledging the many services that student unions provide to students, and that the SFSS is indebted to them.

Push SFU to be Environmental Leaders

  • Work with advocacy groups such as SFU 350 and Embark Sustainability to get SFU to divest from fossil fuels, such as the $92, 920.80 investment in TransCanada
  • Research into and Increase Investment in renewable energy companies
  • Push for more funding for class supplies in FEnv programs
    • Hip-waders and lab materials for Methods of Environmental Science, and other courses

Environmental Engagement and Educate

  • Coordinating at least 1 Faculty of Environment-focused seminar per year on environmental issues involving social or technological change
  • Advertise services already available to students such as conference subsidies for students ($100 a year per student) and look to host more conferences at SFU.
  • Discuss with specialized courses about what speakers they would like to see at SFU to help support a term paper or project.

If you have any questions, or wish to look at my more detailed platform, feel free to contact me on these social media channels:

Facebook: @VoteLexGrandan
Instagram: lex.environment.rep

Check your email on election days (March 19th, 20th and 21st) for information on how to vote online and remind friends to vote!

Julian Loutsik

Better Frosh and Faculty Events

– Work closely with Faculty and Department heads to create and plan a larger, more inclusive Environment Frosh. This will help grow the faculty by creating meaningful connections for incoming students as well as providing more students with the ability to get involved by helping to create a greater frosh. In addition to helping create a larger frosh, I want to create more events for Faculty of Environment students. For example, a job fair for students who are at the end of their program to assist in the transition from school to the workforce. Creating a closer relationship between the faculty and the SFSS can increase the potential for more events that will support Environment students during their time at SFU and helping the transition to the workforce.

Advocate for a more environmentally conscious university

– Advocating and working with groups on campus that are promoting sustainability, I

would like to support the “Ban the Bottle Movement” to aid in growing this movement across all campuses. Furthermore, I would like to work closely with the university in creating a more sustainable campus. Also by supporting embark by consulting and working with them in the environmental programming of the new student union building. SFSS Sustainability

– Actively advocate for use of sustainable resources within the SFSS and SFSS

events. I plan to reduce paper waste within the society by not using printouts of meeting agendas and rely on the use of electronics to reduce paper waste. In addition, with events hosted by the SFSS I will advocate for the use of sustainable resources and materials throughout the events.

Vote for me

– I am passionate about the environment and will work hard for the students within the

Environment Faculty. I am an advocate for sustainability and look forward to working towards a more sustainable campus with the help of the students and SFSS.

Roopan Garcha

Hello SFU Friends!

My name is Roopan Garcha, and I am running to be your next Health Sciences Representative for the Simon Fraser Students Society. I am currently a first-year student in the Health Sciences Faculty. As the Health Sciences Representative, I hope to create a welcoming and reassuring atmosphere for students where they can openly communicate their concerns without hesitation and be provided with the best academic, financial, social, and health and well-being support.

If elected, my goals are to:


  • Work with the Health Sciences Undergraduate Student Union (HSUSU) to host diverse events to increase student engagement and connect students with career opportunities.
  • Provide a diversity of accessible events at our satellite campuses through revitalization of the Surrey Campus Committee and Vancouver Campus Committee.
  • Support the opening of the Burnaby campus pub and bring back on-campus pub nights. Additionally, look for alternative venues for campus pub nights at the Vancouver and Surrey campus to enhance the social experience for students.
  • Hold workshops or information sessions targeted to new SFU students to inform them about the countless number of opportunities available to them to expand their university experience.


  • Promote the importance of mental health by holding monthly destressing activities on all campuses and educating students about the various resources available to students regarding mental wellness.
  • Work with the health and counselling services to evaluate the newly launched keep.meSAFE Student Support Program (SSP) and work towards improving current mental health services and creating new ones.
  • Work with Studentcare, the SFSS Health and Dental insurance provider, to add additional mental health coverage.


  • Advocate through the federal provincial municipal lobbying committee for upfront needs-based grants to aid low income students in paying for their education.
  • Improve funding for the SFSS food bank to increase semesterly foodbank allowances to better support students.
  • Support the ongoing SFU Tuition Freeze Now movement.
  • Bring back the Angel Tree project to support students in need during the holiday season.
  • Continue on the work that has been started on the Open-Educational Resources program to promote adoption of this program by an increasing number of instructors.

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform. I encourage all students to read the platforms of all other candidates and make an informed decision. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me at


Roopan Garcha

Osob Mohamed

My name is Osob Mohamed, and I am a 4th year Health Science student here at SFU. In my time here as a student, a major issue that my peers and I both faced was the lack of community and engagement. As a commuter student myself, I understand what it is like to feel left out of the university experience when commuting takes up a majority of your day!

As a former member of the City of Surrey’s immigration integration committee, I fully realize how essential it is to hear from all sides when we need to reach a community solution. I am passionate about creating safe and welcoming spaces for marginalized students, and supporting social justice initiatives on campus.

As your Health Sciences representative I will push to amplify the voices of the student body, and always work in your interests to make your time at SFU the best it can be.

More Comprehensive Mental Health Initiatives for Struggling Students

  • Work closely with Health & Counselling to increase student access and knowledge of the mental health services SFU provides
  • Work to provide needs-based grants for students, without an emphasis on academic performances

Health Science Career and Networking Nights

  • Work closely with the HSUSU to host Career Panels and networking nights
  • Create relationships with volunteer and private organizations to provide students with more skill training opportunities


  • Tuition hikes will be up to 20% for international students
  • Work with my Faculty and Administration to
    • Pressure provincial government to freeze tuition increases for 2 years
    • Bring students out to the March 21st Board of Governors meeting where they will vote on the tuition hike

Transparency and Engagement

  • Around 2000 students voted in the 2018 general election, only 237 voted for the HSCI rep.  This needs to change!
  • After 3 years at SFU, I heard little of what the SFSS has done or decided on our behalf
    • Monthly updates to students for accountability, and open communication is what I’ll do
  • Partner with clubs and student unions to make sure concerns are being both heard, addressed and advocated for by the board in a timely manner

As your Health Sciences Representative, I will work only in the interests of students to make sure that your time at SFU is the best it can possibly be! Please feel free to contact me for any questions and concerns on the following platforms:

Instagram: osob.healthsci.rep


Jason Spence

Hi, my name is Jason Spence, thanks for viewing my platform! I’ve studied for the last four of my six university years here at SFU in the Department of Biological Sciences, and in that time, I have been seeking ways to improve our education and social life here on campus.

Early on, I got involved with campus life, joining several clubs, such as the Orchestra, and later Toastmasters public speaking club, along with my own Biology Student Union (BSU).

Fast-forward a few years, and I’ve been the treasurer and president of the BSU, the 4th-year representative and VP Finance of the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS), I lead the tenors in our Choir, and the brass in our Orchestra, and have expanded my involvement in student unions, making good friends across the Faculty of Science. You may have seen me mentoring new students, speaking at Welcome Day, organizing Science Frosh, or most recently, MCing the Winter Formal.

In this time, many of you have confided in me your thoughts on our specific Shrum-y needs, and I now seek the influence to enact your wishes. Given my experience, I am confident that I can bring the Faculty of Science’s unique issues to the highest level of student organization at SFU, and give us a voice in SFSS Board decisions.

Connect SFU Science:

It is a constant struggle in our faculty to find out what events and meetings are planned in our own departments, let alone all the others. Natasha Birdi, our current Science Rep, has worked hard to improve communication among departments, hosting monthly All-DSU meetings, and attending many individual meetings, and I intend to continue that trend, while integrating the new SFSS platforms currently being rolled out. I am proud to have been the very first student to enter a student group into CampusVibe, and I intend to have every Science student group on the new platform so that students will have no trouble finding both weekly meetings and larger-scale events.

Reduce Classroom Disruptions:

This past semester has seen a growth of construction around SFU, renovating Arthur Erickson’s unique architecture. While necessary, drilling and hammering continue to disturb students, particularly in and around the Academic Quadrangle, where most Science courses are held. If elected, I will work with James Bremner, the Plaza Renewal Project Manager, and other SFU officials, to reduce the disruptions to students, as construction continues through 2019 and 2020.

Improve Student Space:

We are in exciting times as the opening of our new Student Union Building approaches, putting student space on the minds and agendas of many campus groups, as it is re-shuffled throughout campus. I will advocate for a coordinated All-DSU proposal under the shared space model to have Science students among the first wave of groups in the SUB. As a long-time member of Biology’s small, windowless student union room, I know how important expanding and improving our collaborative space is to student wellbeing and mental health, especially for a commuter campus.

Peak Questions and Answers

  • Why do you want to be a part of the SFSS?

As I have increased my student union presence (see q3), I have found that I genuinely enjoy governance, and adjusting procedures to increase efficiency. Through getting to know so many colleagues in science, many of whom have become friends, several important issues have come out of our conversations (platform:, and I believe I am in a position, with my experience and love of our faculty, to make those needed adjustments. I am committed to improving the social life and academic access for science students, and restoring trust in the SFSS that it can effectively support students.

  • What is the biggest issue that your faculty needs addressed?

Earlier this year, I was convinced that the biggest issue for science students was a lack of connectivity between science departments. It’s still a large issue, and I plan to streamline the entire disbursement of information so more students can get involved in meetings and events. This year, though, with construction increasing around science classrooms, and more unpredictable weather stranding students in transit, I expect classroom disruptions will be the biggest issue for science students in the 2019-2020 year. I will work with SFU officials, and get involved with gondola advocacy to guard classes against disruption, especially unexpected disruptions.

  • What kind of relationship do you have with the DSUs in your department, and how do you plan to develop that relationship?

Since arriving at SFU, I have been involved with science student governance; early on, the Biology Student Union elected me as treasurer and more recently as president, where we hosted social events and maintained academic resources for students. I met colleagues in the Physics and Chemistry departments and learned from initiatives like MBB’s study sessions. As the current VP Finance of the Science Undergraduate Society, I have had the opportunity to meet students across even more departments, to understand the breadth of science needs. I will continue and increase my involvement in DSU meetings, and host all-dsu exec meetings.

Kasey Stirling

ʔéx kʷ n̓ (Hello!) My name is Kasey Stirling and I am a fourth year Molecular Biology and Biochemistry student. I am Indigenous and my ancestry is Nlaka’pamux (Interior Salish), Mi’kmaq, Métis, and Acadienne. I have been a student at SFU since 2013, so I have seen much growth within the university over the past six years. However, I have not seen much growth or change within the Faculty of Science during this time.

As the Science Representative of the SFSS, I will introduce more comprehensive mental health support for science students. I also deeply wish to introduce more Indigenous perspectives within the science curricula at SFU. Science students should be able to feel a sense of community within the faculty which would encourage them to engage with each other and advocate for themselves.

Since 2018, I have been a Student Representative of the First Nations Student Association, which has given me a greater understanding of the SFSS system, opportunities to lead people, and the chance to run events.

In SFU, I have worked as a research assistant in Dr. Nancy Hawkins’ asymmetric cell division lab in the MBB department since 2014. During August 2018, I attended a week-long internship for SING Canada (Summer Internship for Indigenous Students in Genomics Canada) which encouraged student activists to explore the framework of science and question how Indigenous perspectives may be equitably integrated within that framework.

As the SFSS Faculty of Science Representative, I will advocate for the following:

Comprehensive Mental Health Support

  • Consult with science students through surveys and DSU outreach to determine what additional mental health support they need and present those findings to the Health and Counselling Services (HCS) and the Faculty of

Indigenous Perspectives within Science Curricula

  • Invite Indigenous researchers within STEM to participate in presentations and seminars for students, researchers, and faculty
  • Advocate for more discussion within courses on Indigenous research methods and the impacts or traditional research on Indigenous

Increasing a Sense of Community, Engagement, and Advocacy within the Science Departments

  • Partner with Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) and Departmental Student Unions (DSUs) to organize more frequent, casual, community-building events like study sessions, movie nights, and game
  • Implement a Science Student Advisory Committee to allow students to directly communicate with SFSS Student Council, their Department heads, and each other to advocate for their

As an Indigenous student in the STEM fields, I will bring a unique lived experience and perspective to the position of Science Representative at the SFSS. I have worked in lab settings and I have felt the pressures that a student in the Faculty of Science faces. As a representative, I will advocate for the needs of science students by first consulting with the students to determine what those needs entail.

kʷukʷscémxʷ (thank you) for taking the time to consider my candidacy. To contact me further, please email me at, check out my Instagram, and see my Facebook page Vote Kasey Stirling: Science Representative.

Simran Uppal

Hello SFU Friends!

My name is Simran Uppal and I am a first-year student in the Faculty of Science. I am running for the Faculty of Science Representative on the Board of Directors for the Simon Fraser Student Society. Running for this position will enable me to further improve the SFU community along with maintaining an environment that enhances the social experience of students at SFU. I assure you I will prioritize all requests and concerns from students, as well as other faculty members. If elected as the Sciences Representative I will:

Increase Science-Related Research, Career, and Volunteer Opportunities

  • Work with the Faculty of Science and Science Undergraduate Society to organize more career and research fairs to allow science students to network with industry professionals and professors.
  • Inform students in the Faculty of Science about various volunteer opportunities, clubs, student unions, and committees to encourage student involvement.

Development of a Surrey Science Undergraduate Society:

  • Due to a majority of DSU’s and FSU’s being concentrated on the Burnaby campus, our satellite campuses are often left disengaged from the SFSS. The Science Year-One Program at SFU Surrey has a large amount of students in the Faculty of Science, yet there exists no DSU or FSU at this campus for students in the Faculty of Science who wish to become involved in their faculty. Therefore, I will advocate for the formation of a Science Undergraduate Society based in Surrey to enhance student involvement in this campus.

Strong Advocacy

  •  Work with student groups to advocate for the development of a Gondola that connects the SFU Burnaby campus to Production-Way skytrain station to enhance transportation of SFU students.
  • Support the ongoing work of the Tuition Freeze Now movement to limit the financial burden students face when paying for a university education.
  • Promote mental health awareness and support on all campuses by organizing stress relief activities and implementing new recreational activities, especially during exams week.

Increased Campus Wide Events

  • Work with the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) and other science-based DSU’s to host a diversity of events that engage all types of students.
  • Build a strong relationship with science-related student unions and clubs, and support the development of science-related events at SFU’s new pub called the Study Public House.
  • Bring back the SFSS Fall KickOff concert with top artists and bring back pub nights on all campuses to enhance the social atmosphere at SFU.

I truly believe that being a part of SFSS is an exceptional opportunity to complete these goals of providing the student body with opportunities to engage with members in their faculty. My ultimate goal is to allow the voices of students to be heard and to address their needs through actionable goals. I sincerely hope that with my assistance, students will be able to have a more enjoyable experience at SFU. Thank you for taking the time to read my platform. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at

Yours Sincerely,
Simran Uppal

Maneet Aujla

Hello SFU,

My name is Maneet Aujla and I am a second year student. I am running to be your next At-Large Representative to create and build a sense of community amongst everyone at SFU.

While I have been at SFU, I have been involved in various capacities within the Simon Fraser Student Society and the university.

  • Student At-Large on the SFSS Events Committee (2018-2019)
  • Member of the Active Bystander Network (2018-2019)

If elected, I will help in creating a connected campus community and create change regarding student issues through the SFSS.

Here are my goals:

  • Developing a stronger social community on campus

○ Improve the culture at SFU through events to create a better social environment and decrease the feeling of SFU being a “commuter school”.

  • Improving the safety on campus

○ Residing on campus, within a dorm, I have come to realize and personally experience just how unsafe it feels to be outside at night on campus. Thus, I will advocate for better lighting and clearer pathways all over campus, with a particular focus on SFU residence.

  • Raise awareness on issues regarding sexual violence

○ With my past experience volunteering with the Active Bystander Network, through the Sexual Violence Support and Prevention Office, my goal is to advocate for increased awareness and understanding of sexual violence through workshops, events, and initiatives.

Here is the link for my facebook event page:

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

Sincerely, Maneet Aujla

Rayhaan Khan

Hello SFU!

My name is Rayhaan Khan and I am a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in Business and minoring in Psychology. I am running to be your next At-Large Representative to foster a more connected university experience.

I have endeavored to become more engaged in various capacities at SFU. In particular, I have served as:

  • Chair for the Hi-FIVE Movement for Mental Health
  • Committee Facilitator of the SFU Red Cross Club
  • Student At-large of the SFSS Events Committee

If elected, I will help to create a more fulfilling SFU experience by increasing collaboration and fostering stronger communication between the SFSS and their DSUs/FSUs and clubs, as well as working closely with the MySSP Advisor Committee to increase awareness for mental health resources.

Here are a few of my goals:

  • Advocate for the SFSS to give more support and resources to its DSUs/FSUs & clubs, including increased funding to all student groups. Increase funding for student groups through member groups reform, and ensure that the SFSS continues to expand the support and services that cater to these groups;
    • Additionally, I will participate in the University Committee in order to advocate for better treatment of student groups at SFU – specifically, improved catering and food options on campus, student-focused pricing, and better room booking processes. SFU needs to take our student groups seriously.
  • Improve process and communication with respect to student groups
    • Working closely with the Student Union Resource Office and SFSS clubs coordinators to improve communication with student groups across the board
  • Raise awareness about the various mental health resources on campus and reduce the stigma surrounding using them
    • Participate in the Accessibility Committee in order to support mental health initiatives, carrying on my work from the Hi-FIVE Movement
    • Work to promote and expand mental health resources within the model of a Health and Wellness initiative

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform so that you can make an informed vote!

Link to my Facebook event page:

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at