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Dear SFU Undergraduates,

My name is Jas Randhawa and I’m running to be your next Simon Fraser Student Society President. Throughout my time at SFU, I’ve been a leader in the student community and have worked hard to improve engagement, campus community, and expand leadership opportunities on campus. Most notably, I’ve spent time spent the last year serving as the At-Large representative on the SFSS Board. My long history within the SFSS provides me with the requisite knowledge of the inner workings of the society. If elected, I promise to deliver on the following points, all of which are real concerns:

Improved Support for Student Unions and Clubs

1.) Growing and maintaining our support, funding, and communication between clubs and student unions in their initiatives is key to continuing to grow campus spirit. Student groups are the backbone to engagement and social life on campus. I believe expanding student involvement on campus would lead to students feeling a sense of purpose and community that would eventually lead to an increase in positive well being.

Continuity and Team Culture

2.) Every year, there is a board transition which causes turmoil and complications. Often, recently elected board members with no prior experience will look to restructure the SFSS. While the SFSS always has room to grow, I want to build on the great success of the previous board year by maintaining a team-oriented culture among board members, and using data and experience to drive our decision-making.

Enhance the Tri-Campus Community

3.) Enhancing community among the three main SFU campuses is critical. I will do this by ensuring the continuation of the Surrey Space Expansion initiative, a strong transition into the new Burnaby Student Union Building, by advocating for the development of new projects like the SFU Gondola, and through expanding mental health services on all three campuses.

Thank You for taking the time to read my platform and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me jaskarnr@sfu.ca.


Jas Randhawa


Slate: Shift SFU
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Hello members of the SFU Community,

Thank you for visiting my platform summary. For the full version, please click:

My name is Amar Singh and I am friend, student, family member, farmer, and change maker. I am driven by a deep sense to serve others that is rooted in compassion from lived experiences. The lived experiences coupled with the opportunities I have had with my Bachelors in Business Admin (double
concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation + Marketing) minor in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry make me an ideal candidate to serve as president.

Below I have summarized my platform which is based on the research I have done within and for SFU as well as from leading thought leaders and universities that have embraced social innovation to shift the role universities play in society (some may say that universities are being brought back to their original purpose). The three phases of my platform are:

1. SFSS 101: We will focus on building the brand awareness of SFSS. This means that we will actively be creating initiatives to inform students what the SFSS does. In doing so, students can approach us with ways they think we can better serve them.
2. SFU Community Development: We will focus on connecting the different silos in order to create a larger, more unified, SFU community.
3. Holistic Community Integration: We will focus on ensuring students at SFU have the greatest chance of success after university.

The vision is that we have created the infrastructure required to spark a shift in perspective (not just of what an SFU student experience is, but how we as humans fit in society). By building the relationship with students, they can approach us, the SFSS, and have their voices heard. This allows us, as the SFSS, to build a strong community on campus to shift how students see themselves. Instead of a number, they belong to a clan. Instead of being voiceless, they are empowered to pursue their dreams and create meaningful change in society.

Warm Regards,
Amar Singh
Shift SFU
E-mail: shiftsfu@gmail.com

I respectfully acknowledge I am a guest on the unceded Coast Salish Territory; the territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations.


Slate: Shift SFU

As VP of External Relations, my main focus will be on furthering affordable student housing initiatives, advocating for an increased indigenization of our campus, and building relationships with provincial student union groups such as the British Columbia Federation of Students.

Affordable student housing is an issue that the current NDP government is investing in, however, I believe student unions such as the SFSS need to play a greater role in this conversation. Allocating funds and resources to this initiative is simple, but we need to develop strategic long-term plans as a collective alongside other provincial student unions. Affordable student housing is critical not only for students, but also the greater Vancouver area as it takes pressure off of the current housing market.

Increasing the indigenization of our campus is an issue that is close to the hearts of many. Our campus is built on unseeded territory belonging to the Squamish, Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, Katzie and Kwikwetlem peoples, we need to do more to represent the Coast Salish People on their own land. Weather it is protecting our inlet from the Kinder Morgan pipeline, or reconsidering the historic individuals we chose to name our buildings after, all of these topics need to be spearheaded alongside the indigenous community.

Finally, as VP External Relations my main role is to be a liaison between SFSS and the various stakeholders SFSS interacts with. It is critical for SFSS to have a good working relationship with SFU, the provincial government, and services providers like TransLink. Our student body can also greatly benefit from working alongside organizations like the British Columbia Federation of Students and combining our lobbying efforts with other post-secondary institutions in the province.

Please feel free to email me at jga79@sfu.ca if you have any questions regarding my platform.


My name is Livleen Sidhu and I am a 3rd year business student. I am running with InspireSFU to be your next Vice President External Relations for the SFSS for the 2018/2019 year. My experiences include:

  • Vice President Corporate Relations for the Business Administration Student Society
  • Varsity women’s wrestler
  • Representative on our Student Athlete Advisory Committee
  • International case competitor for the Beedie School of Business

For the upcoming year I am determined to advocate for student needs and represent the under-represented. My main focuses for my term will be:

Improve and encourage the well-being of SFU students, especially by focusing on the issues of mental health and sexual violence

  1. Increase awareness of mental health through a mental health awareness week on all campuses
  2. Create mandatory workshops and procedures for how to prevent sexual violence similar to those required for NCAA athletes and SFU Residence students
  3. Leverage my role as VP External Relations by partnering with external organizations to increase the quantity and quality of services at SFU for sexual violence and mental health

Create a strong SFU culture on campus

  1. Engage students with our athletics program to host more events with Athletics and SFSS to imitate a campus culture similar to one in the US
  2. Implement more frequent feedback surveys from students to create more events on campus and on what issues to advocate
  3. Have student awards at our SFU Volunteer Appreciation Gala to encourage student involvement and to recognize the outstanding efforts of our student body

Represent the university in a professional and passionate manner to external bodies

  1. Continue the current relationships with other universities and organizations
  2. Develop the relations with the government even further to collaborate more on certain initiatives

This is not an all-inclusive list, but my main focus is to be an exceptional advocate for our students. I am determined to improve your well-being, foster an engaging culture on campus and to represent our university professionally to external bodies. Vote for me and InspireSFU!

Thank you!

More information:



I am Vikramaditya Chandhok and I am running to be your next Vice President of Finance in the upcoming Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) Elections.  Having firsthand experience of the challenges faced by students at SFU, my main goal will be to advocate for the interests of all students to the best of my abilities.

A few of the key highlights of my platform are as following:

  • More support for new clubs- New clubs require more support than the established ones. My plan is to propose a greater provision of funds which would further encourage the formation of more clubs and thus, engaging more students.
  • Enhancing transparency of the utilization of resources- In order to keep the members informed about the use of resources, I plan on using easy to understand formats and infographics.
  • Surrey Space Expansion-As we know about the upcoming Student Union Building at the Burnaby campus, I would like to propose one for the Surrey Campus as well as it is the right of our fellow students at the Surrey campus to have a space expansion.
  • Increase in the Mental Health Support- Another resource that is needed at both the Surrey campus and the Vancouver campus is that of Mental Health which we already have at the Burnaby Campus.
  • Smoothing the room booking system- while being the executive of different clubs at SFU, I understand that how difficult it can be to book a room at SFU for events. I plan on working towards improving this system and make it easier for the clubs to hold events.

Apart from keeping the members informed about the budget figures, I would also like to bridge the gap between SFSS and its members through taking on an active rather than a passive approach towards our members. This will provide an avenue for all members to clearly understand what SFSS does.

Thank you for taking your time to read my platform. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Email: vchandho@sfu.ca


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Hello SFU,

My name is Matthew Chow and I am running to serve as your next Vice President of Finance in the upcoming SFSS election. Over the last three years being involved in the community at SFU, I’ve acquired a passion to build into structure, systems, and most importantly, people. As such, I want to build into the SFSS to improve the distribution of resources to student clubs and organizations. I see importance of good stewardship when it comes to maximizing the value students receive.

My involvement in the SFU community include the following:

  • VP of Finance for the Business Administration Student Society
  • Vice-Chair for the BASS Celebration Gala
  • Finance Coordinator for the Business Administration Student Society
  • Mentor for the BASS Mentorship Program
  • Product Line Manager for Enactus SFU’s Refresh program
  • Various case competitions, club participation, and many events

If elected, as VP of Finance, my platform shall be as follows:

Support Financial Processes with Information Technology

  • Digitize documentation surrounding SFSS’s financial policies and procedures
  • Streamline communications between student organizations and the SFSS through a student-friendly resource approval system
  • Provide an online resource for technical skill-building, such as budget or grant writing training

Disburse Funds Objectively and Ethically

  • Evaluate current and previous budgets and financial statements
  • Create objective criteria around defining value for SFSS
  • Implement systems to process data analytics to evaluate the quantitative and qualitative impact of each dollar spent

Develop Student Union Building Resource Allocation Processes

  • Survey and analyze student value from various possible investments in the SUB
  • Provide equitable space and furnishings for FSUs, DSUs, and student organizations
  • Develop policies and processes around rental and usage of the space

Ultimately, my goal is to bring transparency into the SFSS’s policies and procedures and provide an objective standpoint for anything and everything passing through the SFSS. Thank you taking the time to read my platform!

Please feel free to contact me at mlc19@sfu.ca if you have any questions or concerns.


Hi everyone!

I am Sarosha Ali and I am running to make your experience at SFU memorable as your next Vice-President Student Life. I am a 3rd year Molecular Biology and Biochemistry major from the Faculty of Science. I have been working on campus to promote intercultural engagement with Global Student Centre and as a volunteer leader in SFSS for a year.

My platform illustrates the goals I would like to advocate in the upcoming year with the support of other SFSS board of directors.

Represent all SFU Students

  • Taking account of student views and feedbacks from frequent surveys and talks with SFU students
  • Zero-tolerance policy for any sexual assault taking place at SFSS level
  • Advocating long term plans for U-pass and health and dental plans

Advocate to create more opportunities

  • Providing more platforms for students to volunteer on campus with SFSS
  • Developing programs to support students with their ideas ranging from services, events to enterprises
  • Increasing support to clubs and providing sufficient funding to put their plans in action

Expand events to all the campuses

  • Expanding equal opportunities to all campuses
  • Dividing and executing the events throughout all campuses

Promote student well being

  • Advancing health care programs to facilitate social and emotional well being of students
  • Creating more comfortable and joyful environment on campus

Create diverse community

  • Organizing seminars to promote the concept of diversity and how it benefits SFU
  • Planning events to execute the learnings of the diversity and inclusion on and off campus

Thank you for your time invested in reading my platform. I would like to answer any concerns or queries regarding my candidacy. I have left my contact information below and would like to receive feedback. Feel free to contact me at any point.

Thank you.

Sarosha Ali: saroshaa@sfu.ca

#vote4saroshaali because everyone deserves the best out of their University years.


Slate: Inspire SFU

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Event page: https://www.facebook.com/voteinspireSFU/

Hello everyone,

My name is Reza Mardan and I am a Criminology student. It is my privilege to put my name forth for Vice President of Student Life. I am currently an At-large member in the SFSS Events Committee, through which I actively work on events and initiatives to engage the student body. Furthermore, I was one of the lead volunteers for the Fall Kickoff.  Being in the Events Committee has given me an insight into the operations of the SFSS and student needs. With that knowledge and experience, I am looking to further enhance student experience on our campuses.

In the coming year if elected, I am advocating for a more personalized SFU for students. I am looking to do that by:

  1. Social engagement
    • Getting involved with clubs in SFU is one the easiest way to find a group of people with the same interest. That is why I intend to work closely with clubs to expand their reach and get more students involved. One way would be to promote up coming events of clubs during SFSS events.
    • In order to develop the social life on campuses, there is a need for consistently hosting events of all scales in all campuses.
    • Social media and email are the fastest way to get in contact with a SFSS Board member. However, the impact that in-person conversation leaves is far greater than reading a text. With that in mind, hosting more meet the board events would be of great asset to future board members.
  2. academic engagement
    • With the help of SFSS faculty representatives, DSU, and FSU, I plan to develop the relationship of students with their faculties.
    • This includes more academic based events around campuses. Since social life and career development are both important component to University experiences, I would like to host more academic based events throughout campuses such as expert guest speakers.
    • I find it essential for students to get involved with their faculties, as it is crucial to be able to network and look for opportunities. Therefore; I want to host events with faculties and students.


Please feel free to email me questions at rmardand@sfu.ca regarding my platform.




Hello SFU,

My name is Tawanda Masawi, and I’m running to be your next SFSS Vice President of Student Life. I currently serve as a Vice President of the African Students Association, and previously served as a Student At-large on the Strategic Engagement Committee for the SFSS. I’m also currently a fellow at the Civic Innovation Change Lab where I’ve been exposed to methods in tackling systemic problems by applying design thinking strategies. My platform is based on 3 years of experience as an international student living on and off campus and transferred from Fraser International College to SFU.

Below are my promises to You!

Campus Space – Surrey Space and Hubs in Student Union Building

The issue of space on all three campuses is a growing issue. However, Surrey campus lacks adequate space for students to create meaningful relationships. To create value for students my goals will be the following:

  • Social Hubs – The Student Union Building will help provide a central space for community building in Burnaby. But, there are spaces all over SFU that could be leased by the SFSS to create additional space to create social hubs, especially in Surrey and Vancouver, which will be my priority. To do this we will utilize the Space Expansion Fund. This can be done without increasing fees as the fund currently holds $2.2 million for expansion purposes. And, it collects over $300,000 a year which is enough to cover the operating costs of 30 spaces the size the copy center.

Bridge the Gap between Athletes and Students

There is much more to student athletes than their respective disciplines. Athletes play a vital role in creating school spirit and enhancing the average student’s life. Students as a whole also have a role to play in contributing to the student athletes success at SFU. Ultimately the two are dependent on each other. To address this impact gap, I promise to do the following :

  • Dedicate open and clear communication with the Student – Athletic Advisory Committee
  • Support student athletes with their Make-A-Wish campaign as they aim to create life-changing wishes for children with critical
  • Bring Make-A-Wish reveal to
  • Create school spirit by integrating athletes into SFU Orientation.
  • Work with SAAC in their new four pillar community strategy for the upcoming

Please find my detailed platform here http://www.sfu.ca/~tmasawi



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Hello everyone!

My name is Samer Rihani and I’m currently a 3rd year Populative and Quantitative Health Sciences student with a vision for something brilliant. As a student involved in numerous clubs at SFU, my highest personal endeavors include:

  • External Director of the SFU Blood for Life Club
  • Conference Facilitator at Red Cross Student Movement
  • Event Coordinator of the SFU Red Cross Club
  • At-large member of the Surrey Campus Committee
  • Volunteer Director of Students for Humanity
  • Committee Member/ Coordinator for Science FROSH 2017

Were I to be elected, some initial focuses for my term would include:

Creating a “Club Matchmaker” for prospective students seeking involvement:

The student body at SFU has constantly spoken about issues regarding social atmosphere and available ways to connect with others. Creating a “matchmaker” means implementing a simple online program asking students about their potential interests and hobbies outside of school and based on these answers, offering them recommendations and contact information to truly find what they’re looking for on campus.

Giving rooms in SUB building to clubs who need them:

The current plan will take HALF the available large-scale rooms and use them as bookable spaces for the general student body. This is a concern as there are plenty of spaces that students could potentially be using instead that SFU is not offering as study spaces (ex. 5th floor AQ). My goal is to leave all of the spaces in the SUB building for students who truly need a place to reside, while opening up areas around campus that are almost always empty and offering them as study spaces for students to book.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my platform! For those who are curious, feel free to reach me at: srihani@sfu.ca or my full platform at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IV2HMJEsr-Um-uEmKdYsIxBVYdzNAfRpFabPFxZvc8E/edit?usp=sharing

I am confident that SFU awaits to be in the hands of students who want nothing more than to guide it in the right direction. My name is Samer Rihani, and together, let’s Shift SFU.


Slate: InspireSFU

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If I am elected as your next VP of Students Services, my plan is to:

  • Expanding Recreation pass options: Currently, students living in Surrey or Vancouver that are taking all their classes in Burnaby are only eligible for a Burnaby membership. I want to propose a new plan, to allow access to a recreation membership closest to where a student lives.
  • Extend UPASS BC program: SFU is recognized as a commuter campus and the U-PASS reduces expenses to students. The extended Translink contract is going to expire in December 2019, I want to sit in the U-PASS student caucus to lobby for the extension of the contract without price increases.
  • New health and dental plan integration: I want to help ensure that the new plan successfully meets the needs of students and for the smooth and successful implementation and integration of the new plan.
  • Expand services to Surrey & Vancouver: We are a tri-campus university, yet our services are largely Burnaby-centric. I want to bring services such as woman center, out on campus, and the free legal clinic to all campuses by increasing workshops, including into the upcoming Environmental Engineering Building.
  • Online health & counselling services: Currently, students face extensive wait times to receive this critical service and claims regarding mental health visits has increased tenfold over the last five years at SFU. I want to pilot a new online service where students can book and obtain direct online help to meet the well-being and health needs of the students and to help alleviate the long wait times.
  • Online student booking platform: Currently, room request forms are completed by the SFSS General Office and take three to five business days to process. With the new student building, I want to help students and clubs to book a room quicker through an online

My goal is to identify, prioritize and address the issues that concern students. I will work towards enhancing the student experience by working with members of the campus community and beyond to provide services, programs, and meaningful opportunities that optimize student learning and success.

Due to word limit, check out my full platform on my Facebook event page.


Hello SFU Friends!

My name is Colin Fowler, and I’m a third year economics major and business minor running for the position of Vice President of University Relations on the Shift SFU slate.  I’ve served as Membership Officer for the Economics Student Society for the past year and Recruitment Chair for Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity.  This has allowed me to represent economics students to the department, design engaging events to bring students to the fraternity, and aid in creating one of SFU’s top career nights.  Throughout my time at SFU, I have consistently been called “dedicated.”  Should I have the honour of being elected, I promise to truly listen to the needs of the campus in addition to carrying out four policies alongside SFU.

I will ensure SFU keeps up with upgrades and maintenance

Many construction projects around SFU are late, such as the education building, while others like the AQ and library would fail during an earthquake. I will work with SFU to ensure maintenance and student space upgrades are occurring on schedule.

I will work with SFU, and others, to bring the Burnaby Mountain Gondola into reality

The Burnaby Mountain Gondola would bring a gondola every 40 seconds, 50% time savings over existing buses and five times the hourly capacity.  In addition, 144 and 95 buses could be rerouted to Production in a snowstorm.

I will ensure mental health is taken seriously

Wait lists at SFU Health and Counselling for those desperately seeking help are, by some reports, 9 months long.  I will work with SFU to ensure individuals are treated promptly.

I will support athletes and athletics

Numerous athletes have told me they want to have the same feeling of community within SFU that they do within the athletics community.  I will work to promote SFU’s Clan and athletes through game day events, better communication of game dates, and televising of athletics games throughout SFU. Higher student engagement in sports could end SFU’s reputation as a commuter campus.

I can be reached at cfowler@sfu.ca and my website, sfu.ca/~cfowler

Thank you for your time,

Colin Fowler


Slate: Inspire SFU

Dear SFU Undergraduates,

My name is Jackson Freedman and I’m running with the Inspire SFU team to become your next Vice-President of University Relations. I’ve gained experience working this year on the SFSS Board of Directors and hope to build on that experience in the University Relations position. The following are a few condensed ideas of what I believe to be important changes I hope to enact. An expanded version of this platform can be found on my Facebook event page.

A Safer University

Increased visibility of SFU’s sexual violence policy

I will ensure that the newly enacted policy regarding sexual violence on campus is made as visible as possible.

Improved campus safety infrastructure

I will work with SFU to increase the lighting and CCTV camera presence on campus. SFU Burnaby campus is notorious for its dark parking lots and inadequate safety infrastructure.

Develop relationship between the SFSS and SFU Campus Security

I will build on the work I’ve done this last year to develop a working relationship between the SFSS and the SFU Safety and Risk Services department.

Expanded Mental Health Resources

Ensure students are at the heart of decision-making regarding mental health

I will sit on the oversight committee tasked with determining the future of mental health services on campus, and advocate for a student-centric approach.

Support mental-health focused student groups

I will engage with mental health groups on campus and further empower them to provide support and de-stigmatize mental illness on campus.

Increase visibility of mental health services

I will work to increase the visibility of mental health services already offered on campus.

Work Collaboratively with SFU Administration

Fostering a healthy relationship between the SFSS and SFU is paramount to the functioning of the SFSS. I will work to maintain this relationship, and also work to develop the relationship between the SFSS and student senators in order to approve our advocacy efforts to the university. I also hope to collaborate on major projects like the development of a Gondola up Burnaby Mountain.

Thank you and remember to vote Inspire SFU!


Preferred Name: Kia
Slate: Independent

Hi, my name is Kia Mirsalehi. I’m a third-year computing science major and I’m running for the position of Faculty of Applied Science Representative. I served as an executive of the Computing Science Student Society for over a year and have been Council Chair for the past two semesters. Due to my involvement with the faculty and the society I was fortunate to work alongside the four DSUs, the two women groups, and various faculty and SFSS staff, connecting with them and learning lot about the problems they face. My experiences put me in a unique position where I can communicate with and strengthen the bond between the faculty fairly easily, as I am already a known member, as well as advocating and creating the necessary change since I have been involved with the society and am familiar with its workings.

If elected I’ll focus on:

Space for Surrey Students
One of the major issues is that SoSy and MSE students don’t have any work or study space in Surrey. How are students supposed to solder or get their work done when there is none provided? Therefore, one of my major goals will be to get some space for Surrey students to work on their projects and study.

More Events
I think events are a great way to combat the idea that we’re just a commuter school as well as getting people to meet others and create friends. I plan on organizing and running multiple fun different events on all three campuses that allow students to enjoy their time at school while getting a break from studying, connecting with fellow peers.

Transparency is a huge issue, regardless of what faculty you’re in. For too long and in too many cases are students not clearly informed about how their money is being used and what initiatives are being work on. I plan on creating a database of easy to access documents that describe in detail exactly what is happening, as well as regularly updating students on major spending’s and decisions made by the Board of Directors on social media.

Thanks in advance,
Kia Mirsalehi


Hi, my name is Fuyu Li, I am a third-year Applied Science Student. I am running to be your next Faculty of Applied Science Representative. I am hoping for your trust and support to represent your voice on the student society.

Voting will be from Mar 20th-22nd on your SFU Connect email. Feel free to contract me by email fuyul@sfu.ca .

By being engaging and involving in different clubs and communities in SFU and the faculty of applied science, I have the drive and passion to use my skills and knowledge to represent your voice, and work for the changes you would like to see. My main involvements are:

  • Women in Engineering Network Event Volunteer
  • University WESST Executives’ Meeting
  • Science outreach volunteer
  • She Talks Vancouver Events Volunteer
  • Stress Reliever Club ex-president
  • Mini big fair volunteer
  • SFU residence orientation leader
  • SFU international students trip volunteer
  • Cambodia marine life program volunteer

If elected, a few of my goals are:

Fostering FAS community:

  • Have one-on-one mentorship program for first year-students, help them have better transition to university life
  • Create residence Applied Science Students Community :this academic community will help students building connection between Applied Science Faculty and residence

Offer Better Academic support:

  • Make more core courses (requirement courses for all major) in Applied Science available in Fall, Spring and Summer Terms
  • Have peer tutors for computer science courses based on the needs of students

Provide financial support:

  • Continue advocacy for Need-based grants as the SFSS allocates more of its budget towards bursaries for students-in-need.
  • Aim to increase bursaries from $3000 to $35000 for both part-time and full-time students.
  • Increase food bank

All SFU students are true inspiration and hope I will have the opportunity to inspire our university and faculty with your support.



Dear fellow SFU Students,

My name is Mehak Kalra and I am running to be your next SFSS Representative for Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. I am starting my term as a Senator of FASS this year and with your support I wish to go a step ahead and serve my community through the SFSS as well. I am running alongside a dedicated and experienced team, Shift SFU.

Some of the key highlights of my platform are:

Increasing Student engagement with clubs and DSU’s

I wish to involve more students into the existing clubs and promote formation of new clubs as well. Increased Student Engagement would make clubs more visible across the campus community. Furthermore, as a faculty representative I would work towards formulating a platform of increased collaborations between the clubs.

Support FASS Mentorship Program

I have personally benefited from mentorship opportunities available here in the faculty and I would work closely with Brian Fox, Coordinator Student Engagement to promote and support it so that there is greater outreach in the community for the program.

Advocating for smoother enrolment in required courses in FASS

As I represent my faculty in Senate as well, this is one point that I would strongly advocate as being the faculty representative of the student society. Smoother enrolment in required courses at FASS requires strong advocacy and I would work towards fulfilling this goal.

Support Society of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) with their initiatives

SASS is an important pillar of our faculty and over the year I would work closely with them to support their initiatives and encourage a greater connection between SASS and the SFSS.

I want to serve in this capacity so that I can bring forth the voice of our whole FASS community.

If you feel that these goals would help you personally or would have a positive impact on the SFU community as a whole, please vote for me and support me to accomplish them.


Mehak Kalra




Slate: Inspire SFU

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Instagram: @inspiresfu

Hello SFU friends!

My name is Kailyn Ng, and I am a second year student pursuing a degree in Psychology with Forensics certification. I am running to serve as your 2018-2019 Faculty of Arts and Social Science Representative on the Board of Directors in the Simon Fraser Student Society. My involvement in the SFSS Advocacy Committee has prepared me well to inspire positive movements within the university by acting upon the best interests of all students, while supporting and assisting clubs and student unions related to the Arts and Social Sciences.

My involvement in the SFU community:

  • At-Large member of the SFSS Advocacy Committee
  • Advocated in numerous initiatives such as the Translink and UPass Referendum campaign, Needs-Based Grants campaign, and the #ItTakesAllOfUs campaign against Sexual Violence
  • Co-president of the Musician Impact Network Society (SFU Chapter)
  • Marketing Director of the Varsity Adventures Club (VAC)

If elected, I would like to focus on:

  1. Communicating with departments within the faculty to advocate for extended study spaces/ open study hours in faculty conference rooms for Arts and Social Science students.
  2. Encouraging student engagement by supporting and assisting student groups such as clubs, department student unions, and faculty student unions.
  3. Advocating for greater access to physical and mental health resources on all three campuses to ensure the well-being of all students.
  4. Working with the SFU student senators to advocate on behalf of a fall reading break for students.
  5. Advocating for increased co-op opportunities for the Arts and Social Sciences.

Lastly, I humbly ask for your support during the upcoming elections so that I can represent you and your best interests on the Board of Directors. Aspire to Inspire Simon Fraser University by joining the #InspireSFU movement with me!

Thank you for caring about student’s rights and interests.

If you have any questions/comments please do not hesitate to contact me at kailynn@sfu.ca

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Fellow SFU-ers,

Thank you for taking the time to check out my platform. My name is Ali Versi and I am extremely excited to be running as an independent candidate for the Arts and Social Sciences faculty representative at the SFSS Board of Directors. I am a third-year student majoring in Political Science and currently serve in the Political Science Student Union (PSSU) and have in the past worked with NGOs and various political parties. I am confident my experiences will be a valuable asset to this position. I am therefore asking for your support, to help me help you. I have recognized the concerns that students have been challenged by and I would like these to be addressed at the board level. Therefore, I am campaigning based on these issues:


As beautiful as our campus can get during the snow, too many times students have been stranded on campus struggling to keep warm while wondering how to get home safe. Unfortunately, SFU’s response to such weather conditions have not been prompt and timely causing extreme inconveniences to students. Therefore, I intend to advocate with the support of fellow board colleagues and with SFU for proactive measures to prevent such a situation from occurring again.


Don’t we all hate it when a required course for our major is full? Or even worse when it is offered once a year? It can get really frustrating and stressful. Therefore I intend to work in collaboration with the Student Senate to make enrollment more inclusive and accommodative. 


One of the concerns has been the low levels of student engagement in clubs and department student unions, therefore I intend to promote student engagement through providing more support to clubs and DSUs.


It is not common to hear of student unions collaborating in organizing events. Such events would be an excellent space for students from different departments to discover new  interests and explore other studies at SFU.


Thank you for your time and I look forward to your support. If you’d like to get in touch with me, please feel free to shoot me an email at aversi@sfu.ca

Have a great day!

Ali Versi.

Arts and Social Sciences Faculty Representative Candidate.


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My name is Jessica Nguyen and I am a third year Beedie student! I am currently running for the position of Business Representative for the SFSS Board of Directors. In my past three years at SFU, I have been extremely involved in the Beedie community in numerous clubs.

My involvement includes:

  • Competitors of Tomorrow (COT) JDC West participant
  • ENACTUS Bright Idea Mentor
  • ENACTUS Bright Ideas Curriculum Manager
  • Young Women in Business (YWiB) WISE Program Manager

Through these involvements, I was able to enhance and hone many skills and create meaningful connections. Furthermore,  I gained valuable insight on the the disconnect between SFSS and student.. My main goal is to close this gap enabling SFU to no longer be seen as just a “commuter school”. I want to provide student clubs with the necessary resources to help increase student engagement and involvement.

I know this can be done by:

  • Creating transparent and better communication streams between SFSS and students, with emphasis on the communication with Beedie clubs
  • Create more SFSS events throughout the year that will engage the general students but also educate on what SFSS does and who to go for certain support and resources
  • Reform the SFSS room booking system

I want to make the lives of the students easier and eradicate many of the barriers clubs may have to denies them reach the pinnacle of their success. I believe that by providing ample resources including support and strong communication to these clubs will strengthen community engagement and involvement. Furthermore, for the general students that I will be representing, I want SFSS to host many events throughout the year that will promote school spirit and allow students to connect with SFSS representatives so we are able to educate them on what we do and how we can help. As previously mentioned, my goal is to close the gap between SFSS and students.

Please let me know if you have any questions about my platform.



Dear members of my Beedie and SFU family,

My name is Raunaq Singh and I am a third year Beedie student majoring in finance and accounting and I am running to be YOUR next Business Representative. My SFU experience has been quite a ride so far and the most important lesson I have learnt is that it is vital to continuously keep evolving and to never be discouraged from setbacks.

I also was once a shy first year student who often was discouraged by the lack of a community up at SFU. I’ve walked the same streets that many incoming and present students often find themselves lost in. But I have some news for you, there is light at the end of the tunnel my friends. What I have learnt throughout is that once empowered, students can achieve wonders within our community.

Students at Beedie have all the potential to become leaders within the SFU community and with access to proper resources this can and WILL happen. My candidacy is not about making promises filled with rainbows and butterflies. It is about achieving real and measurable goals. It is about implementing change that is long overdue.

My term as the Business Representative will unfold in three stages:

Stage 1- Restoring formal connections between the SFSS and the Business Faculty. Unlike, past reps, I will consider it mandatory for myself to attend the all-clubs-President’s meeting to ensure the consistent flow of communication.

Stage 2- Invite capable Marketing, HR and Accounting students to sit on SFSS committees. This will increase opportunities for involvement and transparency. I’ll advocate to designate clubs as not-for-profit to increase access to resources.

Stage 3- Explore the possibility of projects such as the creation of mural art in the concrete corridors of our University, increase access to study spaces for Beedie students, lobby the senate for reducing 200-level Business course-curves, improve room-booking services.


Thank you for taking the time to read my plan. I can easily be reached at raunaqs@sfu.ca or 604-440-5212.

Let’s keep it real.

Yours Sincerely,
Raunaq Singh




Hi everyone! My name is Amrita Mohar and I’m running as the next FCAT Representative for SFSS. Currently, I am a second year undergrad majoring in Communication and a huge supporter of collaboration and innovation! I believe those two terms are what FCAT stands for and a #majorkey for success.

Why I would be honoured to take on this position is because:

  • believe in each student in this department and the goals they have
  • see the potential in what my position can offer and my ability to advocate for the departments demands
  • want to use my platform to ensure that each student reaches their goals and aspirations but also to have a great school experience

Three main goals that I have created that I believe will have a major impact not only on the FCAT Department but all students are:

  • Working closely with the Student Unions within the FCAT department, to provide them with resources and opportunities to reach their fullest potential
    • What that entails is being present and regulating monthly meetings with all Union Presidents
    • Creating programs and workshops for students to achieve tangible skills, and to network with industry professionals and,
    • Having a flow of communication between SFSS and the FCAT Department
  • Creating a smooth transition for first year students coming from post-secondary schools
    • This will be achieved my creating more engaging events and,
    • Providing resources specifically to these group of students to ensure their first year is a success
  • Supporting the health and well being of students with disabilities
    • Working with the accessibility and advocacy committee will allow me to support this group and get the services they need
    • It will also allow me to work with other board members, and for us to pull our resources together to create programs that are important to the students of SFU

Having experienced working closely with the FCAT Department as a VP Events Coordinator for CMNSU, I have built those required relationships and understand the struggles that this department is currently facing.



I am in my 4th year and currently completing the Bachelor of General Studies in Education program with a minor in Curriculum and Instruction.

I am running to become the Education Representative mainly because I recognize that the presence of each student in the faculty matters. Thus, I am interested in voicing the needs of the undergraduates within the Faculty of Education, whether that is for one semester or multiple.

  • I would like to aid students in regards to connecting them to resources that are offered by the university. Thus, I plan to continue working with the Faculty of Education Peer Mentorship program, which just started this year! I plan to develop a more prominent presence of the Education Student Association (ESA) on the faculty website and therefore, more students can easily access information about it.
  • I would like to foster a sense of community and sense of belonging that is inclusive of all the students in the faculty. Thus, I hope to work with various programs like STEPS Forward, which encompasses students with developmental disabilities to enroll in courses, pursue studies in academia, and engage in extra curricular activities.
  • I plan to find ways to engage students across all three campuses. Furthermore, this concern has been brought up by the students of the faculty during an ESA meeting. What sparked my interest in engaging students across all three campuses was because many Education courses are offered on all campuses.
  • I would like to strengthen and support the faculty of undergraduate students by communicating and collaborating with the Education Student Association. I hope to help increase engagement during events that the ESA and the faculty hosts. Thus, I would like to work on further promoting the ESA. Additionally, I plan on asking students in the faculty about their needs and concerns.
  • I recognize that the mental well-being of the students is incredibly important. Therefore, I intend to advocate for initiatives that benefit mental health such as study break events and puppy therapy.


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Hello SFU!

My name is Cameron Nakatsu, and I am a second-year Education student running to be your Faculty of Education Representative on the Board of Directors at the Simon Fraser Student Society.

With this opportunity at hand, I am extremely excited to work collaboratively to improve the experience of not only education students, but the whole undergraduate experience. With insight from a number of Education students, I would like to focus on the following important points, that I, with the help of the SFSS, will work towards.

Creating a Classroom Volunteering Program in the Faculty of Education

As the President of the Education Student Association, one of our main goals was to begin increasing the availability to volunteer opportunities for Education students. I want to work towards bridging the gap between SFU Education, and school boards, surrounding our University, to ensure that each student has an opportunity to begin a volunteering position as pleased.

Continue Building the Faculty of Education Community

While on my term on the executive team of ESA, I personally helped increase engagement in membership within our DSU. As such a small faculty, the Faculty of Education has the opportunity to build a strong community among all students and faculty. An event such as a Faculty of Education FROSH will ease this transition further, allowing connections among students of different ages and years to continue.

Improve the mental health and well-being for all SFU students

At such a stressful time in one’s life, I will ensure the health initiatives that target mental health and well-being in the University will continue to be supported. Further, I plan on joining both the advocacy, and accessibility committees within my time next year. In these committees, I plan to ensure that the experiences and well-being of all students are accounted for.

Above all else. my primary goal is to ensure that your time and experience at SFU continues on a positive note, and I will strive to make that happen.



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Hello SFU Students!

My name is Russell Dunsford, current co-chair of the Bachelor of Environment Student Union, and I would like to let everyone know that I am running for the position of Faculty of Environment Representative in the Simon Fraser Student Society. I am currently a second year REM student, looking into a dual major in Sustainable Business.

The primary issues to be addressed during my term are:

  • A stronger sense of community within the faculty
  • Increased student engagement and event frequency
  • Fall Reading Break
  • Mental Health Spending
  • Faculty Solidarity
  • Water fountain installation in TASC 2

First off, there will be an emphasis on safe, open events for all faculty students. These events will target a wide audience to ensure everyone has an opportunity to get engaged. In this way I would like to encourage the faculty to come together as a whole.

There will be pressure applied to the faculty to meet student demands. This includes a strong push for fall reading break. The other faculty service under close scrutiny will be responsible mental health spending, which I will ensure reaches all students equally.

The Faculty of Environment is currently in a very fragmented state. There is little communication between DSUs, and nearly no joint events. I want to change this by hosting joint events and improving the faculty liaison committee. We are a small faculty, so we need to work together to be heard.

Lastly, I hope to improve the quality of our faculty amenities, both for student convenience and environmental interests. This includes water fountains and bottle refill stations, which will decrease the plastic we’re discarding, helping us reduce our carbon footprint.

For any of these promises to come true, we need your help. I am determined to do everything in my power to make SFU a better place for you, but I cannot do it alone. If we all work together as a team, with a goal in mind, nothing can stop us from forging the best years this faculty has ever seen.


Slate: Shift SFU

Hello everyone!

My name is Yasmin Khalili and I am honoured to have the opportunity to run to be your next Health Science Representative in the upcoming SFSS elections.

I will soon be entering my 5th year of studies at SFU with a major in Health Sciences and a minor in Biology. During my time at SFU I have obtained a diverse repertoire of experience by taking part in Co-op, working in several research labs, assisting with SFU Recreation, writing articles for The Peak, and giving campus tours with SFU Student Central.

As the Health Science Representative, I want to give back to my beautiful HSCI family and be a part of making some big changes and improving the experience of all HSCI students!

My main goals as the Health Science Representative are:

  1. To build and strengthen tiesI plan on working closely with the HSUSU, Health Science Undergraduate Student Union, by bringing their ideas to the table at SFSS. Still, I understand that many HSCI undergrads are not a part of HSUSU and thus working solely with them would not suffice. I plan on advocating for students whose voices may not be heard, and by building further connections with professors who have been a part of the faculty’s growth.
  2. To increase connectionsHealth Science is a Faculty that is experiencing incredible growth in terms of number of students and classes offered. It is important that connections between student unions, clubs, and university professors continue to increase so that accessibility regarding opportunities available for students in maximized.
  3. To improve planning and execution of HSCI eventsBy working with the HSUSU I plan to build upon the events hosted for HSCI students so we can improve the student experience within our faculty! I also plan on collaborating with my peers in other faculties and creating a stronger sense of unity between faculties, while maintaining our unique identity.

To learn more about my platform please check out the link here!

If clicking the above does not work, please copy-paste the below into your browser:


If you have questions about any of the above feel free to drop me a line anytime!

Yours warmly,

Yasmin Khalili
B.Sc Candidate | Health Sciences
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Senate Committee Member | SUAAC
Simon Fraser University
ykhalili@sfu.ca | (778) 929-1357


Hello SFU Friends!

My name is Christina Loutsik, and I am running to be your next Health Sciences Representative in this year’s SFSS elections. I am currently a second year student in the Health Sciences faculty. I have involved myself in various events and initiatives over these past two years in order to bring about a positive change on campus. I have volunteered for SFSS events, and I am currently serving as a chair of the Hi-Five Mental Health Movement at SFU. I hope to use a position on the SFSS Board of Directors to build on my previous experience and improve student life in a number of ways.

If elected as your next Health Science Representative, I will:

Improve student mental health and wellbeing:

  • By working closely with organizations such as Health and Counseling Services (HCS) and Hi-Five, I plan to provide more resources, and look for ways to incorporate more mental health workshops and activities on all campuses.

Work with DSU’s, Clubs, and Student Groups:

  • Work with the Health Sciences Undergraduate Student Union on events and initiatives to improve the student experience within the Health Sciences faculty.
  • Work with student groups outside of the Health Sciences faculty to provide greater opportunities for collaboration.

Improve financial services for low-income students:

  • Advocate for Needs-Based Grants to ensure that all students are able to focus on their classes, rather than focus on paying for them.
  • Advocate for Open-Source Textbooks in order to save students hundreds of dollars.

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform and for making an informed choice. I firmly believe that SFU and it’s students have the potential to form an engaged and involved student community at every level – my goal is to inspire students to build on this potential and make SFU the best possible place it can be. I want to make sure that SFU is the university that us students deserve.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at cloutsik@sfu.ca.


Christina Loutsik





My name is Natasha Birdi, I’m a 5th Year Applied Physics Major. I’m running for Science Representative because through my involvement:

  • with the Science Undergraduate Society,
  • as a Physics Outreach Volunteer,
  • and as an active member of multiple Science DSU’s

I have come to understand that a strong social community is the backbone of a successful, engaged student body.

I intend on working closely with DSUs to include DSUs in the conversations and decisions from the BOD . I will implement:

  • Direct communication between SFSS and DSU executives on the outcomes of BOD meetings through a mailing
  • Continuing my active presence in SUS, and at the DSU Exec Meetings
  • Increased face-to-face interaction with the Science student body to break the disconnect between the SFSS and general Science students

Science DSUs have been incredibly successful this year with increasing attendance and event frequency. Personally, DSUs have played a massive role as to why I have become so engaged. I’ve gained lifelong friends that share a common passion to make student life as fulfilling as possible, for each other, and for incoming students. It’s why we make Science FROSH the biggest event of the year.

With all the hard work our DSUs and SUS are putting in, we should be showcasing these communities and their events to all of SFU.

I promise to advertise DSU events and meetings through every avenue possible to increase reach even further. We need:

  • A revamp of the SFSS’ calendar to automatically include not only SFSS and SFU events, but also DSU events, meetings, career nights,
  • Sharing of this calendar in a monthly advent post on social media, and in e-mails to all students in the faculty of science

My goal is to encourage not only departmental engagement in the sciences, but also highlight the interdepartmental collaboration that has taken off this year. It is my hope that with outreach to a greater number of students, more will see the opportunities available to find people they connect with, and become engaged both within their university and beyond.

Sincerely, Natasha Birdi


Hello SFU Undergraduates,

My name is Prince Cheema and I am a second year Molecular Biology student in the Faculty of Sciences, and I am running to be the Science Representative for this years SFSS Board of Directors. I am running for this position to help fellow students become more engaged and comfortable within the SFU community. As a fellow undergraduate I understand how difficult balancing academics, extracurricular involvement, and mental health can be. I would like to hear from and work alongside all students to help make improvements to our community in any way possible.

In my time at SFU I have had the honor to meet many new people and built many relationships along the way. My personal experiences at SFU include:

Research volunteer in the Faculty of Biology

When I first began my journey through university I knew how important it was to get involved and I was privileged to be able to help a graduate student in the Faculty of Biology, with their Masters project. This opportunity allowed me to see practical purposes in regards to my degree, but also to build on my own personal skills.

Vice President, SFU Chemistry Student Society

I was honored to have been elected and serve as the vice president of the Chemistry Student Society. The Chemistry Society, along with other Department Student Societies work on engaging students to help them better integrate themselves within their desired field of study.

If elected I would like to be a voice for the students, and work alongside students to address any issues such as:

Increase opportunities for students to engage on campus

  • Make getting involved in DSU’s easier
  • Increase the amount of volunteer opportunities within departments
  • Work alongside current DSU’s to have cross-departmental events

Advocate for the expansion of study space across all campuses

  • Optimize the amount of open study space, by reorienting existing features and possibly introducing more tables.
  • Advocate for extended open classroom hours.

Enhancing the academic experiences for SFU students


If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to contact me at anytime at gscheema@sfu.ca.


Hello SFU!

My name is Mohammed Ali and I am a fifth-year international student studying Kinesiology and Education. I am running to be your next At-Large Representative along with my team #ShiftSFU to create a more connected campus community between SFU students, residence, the Clan family and Fraser International College (FIC).

While I have been at SFU I have always been engaged in various capacities with the Society and associations. For example:

  • Student At-large on the Accessibility Fund Advisory Committee in 2015/2016
  • Student At-large on the Finance and Administrative Services in 2015/2016
    • SFSS Council Representative for the SFU Residence Hall Association (RHA) for the last 2.5 years
  • Currently the RHA President after serving as VP Finance for 2 years

If elected, I will help in fostering open communication between the Society and the student body, to understand student issues, and to help find solutions the Society can provide.

Here are few of my goals:

  • Raise awareness about the Kinder Morgan tank farm expansion project
  • Involve Council Representatives in addressing student needs
  • Advocate for Needs-based-grants and the Gondola project
  • Promote academic, social, financial, and health support for students in line with the Society’s mission statement

I am running in this election with a team of dedicated individuals who all want to make the SFU community UNIFIED!

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform, so that you can make an informed vote!

Link to full platform: http://www.sfu.ca/~maabdelh/

Link to my Facebook event page: http://bit.ly/VoteMo4Large

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me at Mohammed_Ali@sfu.ca

#VoteMo4Large #VoteShiftSFU


Hello SFU,

My name is David Evans, a fourth year honours physics student, and I’m running for the position of At-Large Representative on the SFSS Board of Directors. Coming from the small yet tight-knit physics department, I have learned a lot about what it means to be a community. Over the last year, I have served as the Physics Student Association’s representative on the SFSS council, giving me great exposure to the inmost workings of the Society, as well as allowing me to work closely alongside the executives of the PSA.

If elected, my priorities will include:

Improving Access to Mental Health Resources

During my time at SFU, I have heard innumerable complaints about on-campus mental health resources, often centred around wait times and other inefficiencies that make scheduling an appointment extremely difficult. This is a serious issue that needs addressing. If elected, I will work to solve these issues, and ensure that those who need help can reasonably attain it.

Open/Affordable Textbooks

While not included in the fees students are charged each semester, expensive, mandatory textbooks prove a substantial part of the costs of university. If elected, I will advocate for the use of more affordable, or open, textbooks.

More Accessible Events

While the weekly campus pub nights are an excellent start to improving the culture of SFU’s so-called “commuter campus”, I believe more can be done. This includes the implementation of additional events throughout the week, designed to give students more opportunity to experience all the SFSS has to offer.

Fall Reading Break

Many universities across Canada have begun implementing, or considering, a break in the Fall semester to give students relief during a stressful time of year. The current SFSS Board of Directors is also interested in this possibility. If elected, I will continue to support this initiative.

And More!

The role of At-Large Rep is to represent the student base as a whole. If you have a suggestion, let me know! Perhaps your idea can receive the support of the SFSS.

Thank you for reading my platform, if you have any questions, Email me at daevans@sfu.ca


Hello SFU Students,

My name is Wareez Ola Giwa, I am a 3rd year international student pursuing a major and a minor in Psychology and Education respectively. I am running to serve as your 2018/2019 SFSS At-Large Representative. My decision to shoulder the all-important faculty representative responsibility despite other reasons, stems from being currently involved in the affairs of my student union as a co-undergraduate student representative on the Chair’s Advisory Committee for the Department of Psychology. I have also been involved in different SFSS initiatives over the years. The following are the projects I plan to bring on board for the next year if I were to get elected.

Enhance Classroom/Facilities Directory.

The first obstacle every new and returning student face each semester is the dilemma of locating their classrooms and other available yet unknown faculty/departmental facilities. One major way I plan to tackle this is to advocate for interactive classroom/facilities directory (Interactive maps). Impacts of this include but are not limited to students being well aware of the facilities and resources available to them. It reduces confusion and hassle of getting around campus and also allows easy transition into university life for new students whilst familiarizing current/returning students with these facilities.

For the sake of staying within word count, remaining intended projects can be found on my actual event page on Facebook. Make sure to check it out to get a sense of what I stand for. For now, I will leave you with the bullet points.

  • Create More Opportunities for Hands-On Learning.
  • Extended Library Hours on Surrey and Vancouver Campuses
  • Promote FSU, DSU and SFSS clubs Engagement.

Thank you for taking time to read my platform. The ultimate goal if elected as your next At-Large Representative is to promote a strong sense of community in SFU by building on existing projects and also introducing new initiatives. I urge every student to make an informed decision when the voting period begins. If you have any questions feel free to email me at wgiwa@sfu.ca

Facebook: Wareez O. Giwa

#VoteOla                                                                                             #VoteInspireSFU


Slate: Inspire SFU

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Allocate a portion of Events budget towards smaller events on weeknights for all ages. The community would benefit from events on campus which are alternative to pub nights. Students will not have to leave campus to participate in regular organized social events.

Allocate a portion of our Advocacy budget towards advocating for an SFU Gondola. An SFU Gondola is better for the environment. Students will have access to safe transportation to and from Burnaby Mountain on snowy days. I would also like to allocate a portion of our Conferences/Lobbying budget towards advancing the steps taken to acquire an SFU Gondola.

We believe in the value of needs-based-grants, as such, we have decided to allocate more money towards bursaries as we continue to advocate for needs-based-grants. I would like to increase Bursary contributions from $30k to $40k. I would like to also increase our food bank contribution from $14 629 to $20k to help combat an under-supply of food in food banks during the summer months.

I would increase funding for student clubs to expand the populous of engagement within the community. SFU prides itself on being the “engaged university”, the SFSS must actively promote policies which are consistent with the University’s values.

I intend to introduce a greater variety in nightlife events on campus. More specifically, I would like to introduce multiple new series of events to take place in conjunction with the already pre-established “Pub Nights”. Going about this with an open mind, and formulating decisions based on the feedback of the community will be the only way that this is conducted. I will be joining the events committee to assure the maximum effectiveness of my intents.

Finally, I intend to maximize on our new building in the Fall of 2018. I will ensure a smooth and extensive transition into the new building. I would like to make the student union building the new “Hub” for students. Incorporating forward thinking values, I will do my utmost to ensure that students expectations are upheld. I would like for the new building to have a healthy balance of leisure and work


  1. Advocate for Percentages on Transcripts:Many SFU students intend to pursue Dental school, Medical School, Pharmacy, Law school, or Graduate studies. The current 4.33 GPA system used at SFU is incongruent with the system used by other Canadian universities, namely UBC. At UBC, letter grades are converted to percentages when applying, such that the lower grade boundary is used, not the middle of the range. Because of this, SFU students are at an enormous disadvantage when applying to professional school, especially UBC School of Dental Medicine. By listing the percentage next to the letter grade on transcripts, there will no longer be a need for conversion, and SFU students will finally be on an equal playing field.
  2. Advocate for more time between Last Day of Classes and first day of Final Exams Period:SFU is one of the few universities that doesn’t afford students ample time to review before Final Exams. At UBC, Final Exams begin nearly a week after the Last Day of classes, whereas at SFU, students only have one day to review before Final Exams. This greatly affects the academic performance of SFU students and places us at disadvantage with respect to almost every other Canadian university.
  3. Advocate for Burnaby Mountain Gondola: Refer to External Link
  4. Advocate for limited parking permit sales:Every semester, students pay several hundreds of dollars for indoor and outdoor search permits, only to arrive at school and spend half an hour searching for parking space. Currently, SFU parking services oversells parking permits, leaving students out of time and out of money. Should I be elected to the SFSS, I will strongly advocate for setting conservative limits on the number of parking permits sold every semester.
  5. Advocate for Fall Reading Break: Refer to External Link

External Link Here.