July 30, 2019

Last year the SFSS Board of Directors endorsed the work of the the Ban the Bottle campaign, a campaign raised by passionate students around eliminating single use plastics.
Now, the SFSS is also playing a part after being invited to a campus wide task force being led by SFU Ancillary Services and many other campus partners working towards eliminating plastics on campus.
The federal government has announced that it “is taking the following steps to reduce plastic pollution, working with provinces, territories, businesses, and others. This includes ongoing work through the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment to develop an action plan to implement the Canada-wide Strategy on Zero Plastic Waste.”

Now, the BC government is looking for public input. We invite you and encourage you to participate in the survey: https://cleanbc.gov.bc.ca/plastics

You have until September 18th to have your voice heard.

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