December 23, 2021

It is time to have Your Voice Heard!

Did you know that the Burnaby City Council votes on the Burnaby Mountain Gondola Project in January? Did you know that this vote is a pivotal decision that will determine if funds will be allocated for the construction of the gondola or not? Do you feel frustrated as a commuter when you are left stranded as a result of buses stalling due to ice or snow? Are you concerned about greenhouse gas emissions although you hope that the commute up and down the mountain becomes faster and shorter?

Then, it is time to have your voice heard! #GiveaStudentaLift

After years of planning, transportation experts argue that the Burnaby Mountain Gondola is the best long term solution to these transportation challenges and to a geographically challenging area such as the Burnaby Mountain Community. The construction of the Burnaby Mountain Gondola will provide an alternative route to get to campus while ensuring that sustainable development is taking place. Consequently, the SFSS, SFU and the entire university community supports the construction of the Burnaby Mountain Gondola.

We encourage students to sign on to this petition and let our councillors know that this project matters to YOU! Urban gondolas are not unsafe, unreliable, expensive, a gimmicky tourist attraction or inaccessible to individuals with mobility needs. Today, urban gondolas are highly versatile means of mass transport that are fast, reliable, safe, cost-effective and fully accessible. As many more people are expected to school, live and work on the Burnaby Mountain in the coming years, the Burnaby Mountain Gondola project is better suited to help deal with the projected transport capacity and better connect the community up the mountain with those below. 

As such, the SFSS calls on our elected representatives to carefully consider this viable project that warrants approval as they weigh their support for this project.