December 6, 2021

Please note that the Campaign is now closed and we are not taking donations anymore.


Together We Stand

Burnaby, B.C. (December 6, 2021) – The recent floods and landslides across the province have had a devastating impact on Indigenous communities, vital infrastructure, individual properties, and have caused freight to pile up at one of Canada’s busiest ports. The situation is particularly drastic in southern BC. Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Surrey, and Sumas Prairie have seen the worst of the damage while Indigenous communities continue to be some of the most vulnerable populations affected. The situation may worsen in the coming days as a prolonged period of heavy rains is forecasted. 

According to Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) VP External and Community Affairs, Matthew Provost, “these extreme climatic conditions largely caused by climate change have had devastating effects on the environment and livelihoods of communities. The heavy rains have come at a challenging time when most communities are still recovering from the devastating damage caused by wildfires in the summer.”

As part of our response to take action, Simon Fraser Student Society, in collaboration with Simon Fraser University, Graduate Student Society, Chartwells, Nesters, SFU Childcare, Highlands Elementary School, Point Church, and UniverCity Community Association, are collaborating with regional and local partners to provide support to those impacted. Our hearts go out to everyone affected. 

Since Monday, 29th of November, we have being collecting donations:


Only NEW, unopened items and clothes with tags are accepted. This includes:

  • Beddings (blankets, pillows,), towels, and toiletries
  • Warm clothing including jackets, gloves, and boots
  • Underwear (new and packaged, men, women, children)
  • Children’s clothing (5 and under)
  • First aid and emergency kits
  • Flashlights/ matches and batteries
  • Power banks and charging cords
  • Camping supplies and storage containers
  • Baby formula and diapers
  • Toys
  • Walkers and canes


  • Opened and used items
  • Monetary donations


SUB level 3000, reception desk. 

Monday to Friday, 9am – 10pm

Advancing our commitment to our community, the SFSS Council has passed a motion allocating 10,000.00 dollars to meet the urgent needs and bring some relief to impacted individuals and communities. 

“Being proactive in emergencies is crucial and we hope that, as a Society, we will be able to support and help families and communities in the interim while thinking of long-term support to help rebuild communities,” Provost added. 

The effects of climate change now present urgent concern for rescue efforts in impacted communities. Inaccessible roads emphasize food insecurity for many in the province, especially those who are already in precarious situations. According to Jess Dela Cruz, VP Events and Student Affairs, “we know from experience that the situation is also worse for Indigenous communities because large organisations more often than not forget about them”. 

In particular, women and girls in these communities are most affected as they are responsible for feeding their families. Hence, it is important that donations such as this, target those most impacted and in need. Financial assistance gives families and impacted communities agency, allowing them to decide for themselves what they need the most. We also encourage students, staff and the entire university community to donate towards this worthy cause. 

As we stand in solidarity with those impacted by the floods, join us!