May 11, 2023

The SFSS has seen some big changes in personnel as we bid farewell to last term’s executive office and welcome our new student leaders! Your executive committee has been hard at work onboarding the new executives who are already at work to bring you the best student experience possible. Read on for the full outline!

See below for a recap of April updates:

  • The President attended the Democratic Networking Conference and was able to network with fellow student advocates across Vancouver. They also participated in interviewing candidates for a temporary SUB building coordinator role.
  • Our VP Internal was quick to find their footing within the SFSS and has prepared numerous plans on how to improve the organization’s structure and communications which will be presented in future council meetings. They also made a council on-boarding course available through Canvas which cut expenses. VP Internal also gathered input from past executives and staff members with the goal of improving the SFSS work culture and the environment of council meetings.
  • In April, our VP External continued to work on the Community Fridge Project which provides food security for individuals during difficult times. They also attended the Burnaby City Address Conference with Mayor Hurley. There, they learned about the upcoming plans for the City of Burnaby and gathered information on upcoming developments and how they would affect students.
  • VP Equity & Sustainability contributed their efforts in discussion with VP Internal on the use of Canvas to eliminate costs and make orientation more accessible for councillors. They have also started researching and planning out initiatives/events for the upcoming year and saw the motion to bring free menstrual products to the SUB pass (as worked on by the previous VPI, VPUAA, VPES)
  • VP Events & Student Affairs completed council onboarding with the previous VP.