September 8, 2022

The executive team had an engaging summer with numerous projects and events taking place. Members were able to come together and enjoy gatherings organized by VP Events and staff, such as the Parasite Movie Night and Asia Cup 2022 Screening, as well as celebrate new beginnings like the grand opening of the new SFU Dining Hall alongside VP External. During the month of August, VP External also gave efforts to revive the Tuition Freeze Now campaign, and members were able to memorialize the addition of two SFSS recommendations into the 2023 BC Budget Consultation Report. A tuition consultation was held with SFU, SFSS President, and VP Finance, which aimed to ensure SFU understands the SFSS position on affordability for students. 

VP Finance and VP Internal met to discuss logistics for the new Gaming Lounge in the SUB, and were able to secure a sponsorship with RedBull for the lounge. The Gaming Lounge is set to be furnished for opening in the near future, which will provide a much-needed space for students to gather and enjoy esports. As we say goodbye to summer, we would also like to extend thanks to all executive and non-executive council members and staff for their valued support this season!

Keep reading for a full summary of what happened in August:

  • Memory Express Sponsorship Agreement approved by Council for the SFSS Gaming Lounge in the SUB. After years of delay, the deal is finally approved!
  • Associate-Vice President Hours Policy adjustment to minimize free-labour exploitation. AVPs are unpaid students who help Executives with their workload. It used to be required that AVPs work 15 hours minimum per week, it is now 10 hours maximum per week.
  • AGM Agenda Outreach Survey has gone out to ask the membership what they would like to see on the SFSS AGM agenda! 
  • RedBull Sponsorship meeting was held to discuss logistics for the Gaming Lounge. The deal should be approved in early September!
  • The Freezie Initiative was provided for students during heat waves 
  • VP External attended the Mehndi Night by Climate Recentered
  • The Tuition Freeze Now Campaign was brought back to the discussion table with SFU
  • VP External attended a meeting for the Post-Secondary Funding Review