January 4, 2021

The SFSS Board concluded the Fall semester with a productive month of December. This month, the board met once for a 5-hour long board meeting. The meeting started off with a presentation from SFU350 who have been working on divestment (removing and preventing investments in the fossil fuel sector) of SFU’s endowment. SFU350 is proposing to:

• Restrict the fossil fuel investments of the current Board and future Boards.

• Position the investments of the SFSS well in light of declining oil prices and stranded asset risks.

A motion was raised and passed regarding the SFSS Board of Directors to sign the collaboration agreement with UTILE. They are asking for collaboration with the SFSS to generate data regarding what the students think about student housing. A motion was raised and passed that authorized the HR and Personnel Committee to strike and appoint members to the Hiring Committee for Black Student Support Center – Coordinator (SOCA’s Support Staff). The board also passed a motion for the SFSS Board of Directors to sign the Post Graduate Work Permit letter stated to MP’s and Immigration Minister of Canada. The letter urges the government to renew the work permits and also insists the government to include part-time work towards the 1-year work.

The Board met for the development session on the 4th of December to discuss some ideas regarding the Collective Agreement and the operating hours of the SUB.

Our Accessibility Advisory committee is working on an accessibility audit for the SUB

 and hiring an Accessibility Designated Assistant. The Events Committee has planned out some interesting events for January which include, stock market 101 & Bullet Journaling Workshop. The Governance Committee is working on a quick SFSS Administrative Policies review. The SFSS Board would like to wish its members a very happy new year!

December timeline:
[2 December] Bob Ross Paint Night
[4 December] SFSS Board Development Session
[8-9 December] Christmas Lantern Workshops
[11 December] SFSS Board Meeting
[16 December] SFSS Council Meeting

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