January 13, 2023

For December 2022, the SFSS executive team hosted multiple events for students to enjoy such as the Self-Awareness and Mindset Workshop, Pet Therapy, and Winter Holiday Warmup before the Holiday break. 

Once again, shoutout to our executive team and staff for their hard work during this short but busy month. Here is a recap of what happened in December:

  • VP External & Community Affairs attended a lunch with the Student Affordability Working Group along with VP Equity as an effort to foster SFSS working relationship with SFU for better student advocacy.
  • VP External & Community Affairs attended the Year End Celebration 2022 – International Services for Students. This was an opportunity to meet students who access international services for students and see how we can continue learning more about what we can advocate for and about the services that are currently offered.
  • VP External & Community Affairs attended the COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) Rally with the Graduate Student Society and the Teaching Support Staff Union. This rally was to ask for a cost of living adjustment from SFU.
  • VP External & Community Affairs also had an interview with CJSF where she provided studying tips, information about the SFSS and sang along the Associate VP External, Gabe Liosis.
  • SFSS Events team, led by VP Events,  in collaboration with SFU SER and SFU Ancillary hosted a Winter Holiday Warmup. It included a whole lots of games, food, drinks and so many other fun activities like Ginger Bread House making.
  • VP Events assisted with Pet Therapy on December 07, hosted Self-Awareness and Mindset Workshop on December 05 and organized two Christmas Giveaways.