July 14, 2023

The heat didn’t stop your executive committee from working hard this June! From working on our current initiatives to developing new ones, this team has been growing from the inside out.

Full summary of what happened in June 2023 below:

  • VP Internal has now completed 2 development sessions with the SFSS council. These sessions provide councillors with key skills so they can better serve students. She also has been continuing to work closely with Studentcare following the conference in Montreal to ensure that students are receiving the best possible healthcare services. 
  • VP External attended the Burnaby 2023 Clean Energy Summit where the opportunities toward a sustainable future was discussed and also attended the Climate Connect: Uniting Voices for a Sustainable Future Panel. The community fridge initiative continues to operate in the good hands of the VP External who also has been meeting with Student Unions to discuss common goals.
  • VP Equity also joined VP External at the Burnaby 2023 Clean Energy Summit and met with the Mayor of Burnaby. Committee applications were also reviewed to select members that would help contribute to benefiting students.