April 4, 2023

The executive committee has been actively involved in various events and initiatives throughout March, demonstrating their commitment to students. From collaborating with student groups to organizing events and supporting important causes, our executive committee has been making a positive impact on the SFU community. Read on to learn more about their accomplishments and contributions.

See below for a recap of February’s updates:

  • VP Finance did a budget review with the incoming VP Finance.
  • Our VP External & Community Affairs was actively involved in various events and meetings related to advocacy and community building. They attended the SFU350 Celebration, which marked the progress of the club in advocating for SFU divestment. They also had a meeting with MP Jagmeet Singh to discuss international student fairness. In addition, they hosted the breakfast program and attended various events, including SASS movie night, the Holi event, International Women’s Day Breakfast, and social events with the English Student Union and the International Studies Student Union. Their engagement in these events highlights their commitment to equity, sustainability, and community building at SFU.
  • In March, our VP Equity & Sustainability was actively engaged in various events and initiatives related to equity, sustainability, and community building. They collaborated with the Ukrainian Student Society to organize the “Stand with Ukraine: A year of fight for freedom” event. They also wrote an official letter to support FNMISA and had a meeting with SFU Equity Director to discuss menstrual products programs. In addition, they passed a $500 ESC grant to support a menstrual product program trial month. Our VP Equity & Sustainability also attended the Holi event and International Women’s Day Breakfast, demonstrating their commitment to celebrating cultural diversity and women’s empowerment. They are also preparing for the Mental health run event, which will take place on April 15th in collaboration with the VP Events & Student Affairs. Through their active participation and leadership, our VP Equity & Sustainability is making a positive impact on the SFU community.
  • VP Events and Student Affairs amped things up in the month of March and hosted one of the biggest events of the year: HOLI. On top of that major event he planned the upcoming “Run for Students’ Mental Health” event and trained the incoming VP Events.