March 15, 2023

Whereas the appeals process for inappropriate advertisement is unclear under CMP-2;

Whereas relevant staff are not defined in the appeal process;

Whereas appeals of determination seem to be escalated immediately to Council according to CMP-2.2(a);

Be it resolved to strike CMP-2.2(a) and replace it with:

2.2 (a) All appeals to any such determination shall be directed to the Member Services Advisory Committee. If the appeal is dismissed by the Member Services Advisory Committee after the review of the case, a final written appeal may be submitted to Council.

Be it further resolved to strike CMP-2.2 and replace it with:

2.2 Relevant staff, as determined by the Communications Coordinator alongside with the President, shall establish a panel of at minimum, three relevant staff members, and make the determination of what constitutes excessive or inappropriate advertising. The decision of the panel must be submitted in writing to the parties involved.