July 6, 2022

Whereas concurrently serving as an executive of a group that operates within the SFSS and as an
SFSS Executive could give rise to potential conflicts of interest;

Whereas By-Law 13(3) outlines a basic framework for preventing this, although there is no
enforcement measure outlined within any council policies;

Whereas one method of ensuring that these rules is a stipend reduction under R-4;
Be it resolved to amend R-4 by adding a new heading “Conflict in Seats Held” that contains a new R-
4.17 that reads:

4.17. Executive officers may not sit as an executive of a Faculty Student Union, Departmental
Student Union, Constituency Group, or Club at the same time as they are a member of the executive

Be it resolved to amend R-4.17 by adding a new subsection (a) that reads:

a. The stipend of an Executive Officer will be reduced by $100 where they fail to comply
with this rule.

Be it resolved to renumber the policy accordingly.

*R-4: Stipends and Stipend Reductions