August 23, 2022

Whereas past practice for online campaigning during Executive Committee elections had been

Whereas online campaigning is a key asset for electoral success;

Whereas there are clear policies about physical campaigning literature, but less so for online
campaigning material;

Whereas the policy gaps pertaining to digital campaigning materials allow room for unfair
campaigning advantages;

Be it resolved to add an additional section 15 to C-4, “Approval of Campaigning Materials”, to
read as the following:

CP-4 (15) Campaigning literature and campaigning material shall be removed by voting period.
Regarding digital campaign materials, removal may entail:

a. a permanent deletion from social media platforms used for campaigning, 
b. a temporary archival or deactivation, un-listing, or privatization, of platforms,
c. a temporary unpublishing of websites that are tied to the campaign until the
announcement of the elections results.