July 18, 2022

Whereas there are several minor errors in R-10 that require correction as they result in the policy being unclear and potentially incorrectly applied by future councils

Whereas there are several procedural errors in R-10 that are relatively minor in nature which should be corrected to ensure that our procedures are consistent with policy

Be it resolved to amend R-10.2 by striking the word “Committee” in R-10.2(a)

Be it further resolved to amend R-10.3 by adding a section (c) that reads:

(c) list a record of who voted in favour, and against or abstained on a motion, or if a motion passes unanimously.

Be it further resolved to amend R-10.5 by striking “Council designate” and replacing it with “designate”

Be it further resolved to amend R-10.5(a) by adding the word “The” to the front of the policy

Be it further resolved to amend R-10.5(b) by striking “byCouncil” and replacing it with “by Council”.

*R-10: This policy discusses how the SFSS manages its meeting minutes. This amendment fixes the grammar and vocabulary in the policy.