July 6, 2022

Whereas R-5 has several minor errors and typos/spelling mistakes that need to be corrected to
ensure the consistency of the policy with established practice;

Be it resolved to amend R-5.1 by striking it and replacing it with:

5.1. Proper operation of a democratic student organization requires that students elected or
appointed to Council or a Society Committee be duly responsible to the membership.

To this end, it is imperative that:

Be it further resolved to amend R-5.3 by striking R-5.3 and replace it with “Members of Council and
Society Committees shall not:”

Be it further resolved to amend R-5.3 by adding the word “the” in between the words “at” and
“Council” in R-5.3(c)(v);

Be it further resolved to amend R-5.4 by striking the phrase “- with Council or Council initiating the
proceedings for removal.” from R-5.4(c)

Be it resolved to renumber the policy accordingly.

*R-5: Ethical Standards of Conduct and Conflict of Interests for Council and its Committees