May 31, 2022

Whereas the Elections and Referenda Policy governs how the SFSS hold elections for Executive Officers;

Whereas IEC-1 highlights the composition of the commission as being one (1) chief commissioner, and four (4) commissioners;

Whereas the report on the SFSS Executive Officer Elections (2022) by the SFSS Policy, Research, and Community Affairs Coordinator (PRCA) highlights a recommendation to hire more IEC staff – from one (1) chief commissioner to two (2), and commissioners from four (4) to six (6);

Whereas increasing the number of Chief Commissioners currency would be in conflict with bylaw 13(7);

Whereas bylaw 13(7) allows for “no less than four other Commissioners”;

Whereas VP Finances and Services has been tasked to allocate the budget for an increase in IEC spending;

Be it resolved to amend IEC-1 standard composition to strike “four (4) Electoral Commissioners” and replace it with “six (6) Electoral Commissioners.”

Be it further resolved to strike, and replace IEC-1(12) with:

“Six electoral commissioners shall be appointed for the duration of any Society election or referendum.”

Be it further resolve to strike section in “Appendix: Deliverables” that refers to the numerical composition of the IEC, and replace with: “The purpose of this committee is to provide Council with a formal recommendation for the appointment of candidates to the position of seven (7) electoral commissioners: one (1) Chief Commissioner, (6) Electoral Commissioners.”