June 27, 2022

Be it resolved to strike NP-3.2 and replace it with: “No candidate is permitted to run for more than one position during the Executive Committee

Be it further resolved to strike NP-3.3 and replace it with: “Proposed candidates must
conduct themselves in accordance with the Elections Referenda Policies and Bylaws set out
by the SFSS. Breaching said regulation may be escalated to the IEC.”

Be it further resolved to add NP-3.3(a) to read as: “3(a). As per SFSS Bylaw 13(3), elected candidates cannot hold department student union
(DSU), faculty student union (FSU), constituency group (CG), affiliated student group (ASG),
or club executive seats concurrently to their SFSS Executive Officer terms.”

Be it lastly resolved to strike “Board of Directors” in NP-3.6 and replace it with “Executive

*”NP” refers to “Candidate Nomination and Referendum Question Submission Policies”.
This policy describes the eligibility criteria for someone to qualify to run for an Executive Committee position. This amendment will clear up the language and make it more direct, we are also standardizing the policy with election practices and our SFSS bylaws.