June 28, 2022

Whereas IEC-9 has procedural issues or omissions that result in either a lack of clarity on certain procedures, or procedures that are inconsistent with SFSS By-Laws.

Whereas these procedures outlined under IEC-9 should be corrected so that they can be unambiguously understood and consistently applied in the future, if deemed necessary.

Be it resolved to amend IEC-9.5 by striking the word “may” and replacing with “shall” 

Be it further resolved to amend IEC-9.6 by striking it and replacing with:

9.6. The IEC can verify the election of the Councillor in question is in line with the Society Bylaws and Society Regulation. If the Chief Commissioner of the IEC believes that the Non-Executive Council election in question is unverifiable, this must be communicated to the Chair of Council, and Council may order, by a 2/3rds majority vote, that a re-election for that position takes place