July 6, 2022

Whereas R-7 has numerous procedures in it that are completely inconsistent with established
practice by the previous chair(s) of council;

Whereas R-7 should be corrected to ensure that the procedures within it are consistent with
established practice, so that Council begins to follow the policy as written;

Be it resolved to amend R-7.21 by striking all occurrences of “Board” within R-7.21 and replacing it
with “Council”;

Be it further resolved to amend R-7.23 by striking all of R-7.23;

Be it further resolved to amend R-7.24 by striking “isnot” and replacing it with “is not”;

Be it further resolved to amend R-7.30 by striking all of it and replacing it with “The agenda, time,
and location of Council Meetings shall be published on the Society Website and/or Social Media
prior to these meetings.”

Be it further resolved to fix the indenting.

*R-7: Council Meetings