July 6, 2022

Whereas numerous updates are required for R-3 to make the policy cohesive;

Be it resolved to strike By-Law 4(10)-(16) and By-Law 5(3) from “relevant bylaws” and replace it with “bylaw 7.”

Be it further resolved to strike “By-Law 4(10)-(16)” from R-3.1 and replace it with ‘bylaw 7.”;

Be it further resolved to add an extra space in R-3.6 “office hours in-personor electronically on the
SFSS website.,” to read as “…in-person or…”

Be it further resolved to rename the second R-3.7 section as subsection “a”, as it is subsidiary to the
first R-3.7;

Be it further resolved to strike “Exit reports shall take the place of work reports for the Spring
Semester which must be completed before the end of Council term.” from R-3.7;

Be it lastly resolved to strike the words “isn’t” from R-3.11 and R-3.12 and replace them with “are

R-3: Duties and Responsibilities of Executive Officers, Stipend Requirements