July 6, 2022

Whereas R-8 is referencing the wrong bylaws;

Whereas it is unclear who can fill in as an alternate at council meetings;

Whereas alternates under bylaw 6(24)(b) and (c) are entitled to the same voting, speaking, and in-
camera privileges as regular directors;

Be it resolved to strike “bylaw 17(7)” from “relevant bylaws” and replace it with “bylaw 15(7).”
Be it further resolved to add:

“8.2 (a). As per the membership definition of the SFSS Constitution, any and all, alternative
councillors must be in good standing of the Society and must be an undergraduate student at SFU.”

Be it further resolved to add:

8.3(a). The appointment of alternate councillors must be communicated to the President and VP
Internal and Organizational Development prior to the alternate’s attendance at the Council meeting.

8.3(a)(i) The groups shall provide the alternate’s or alternatives’: full name, student number,
and student email.”

Be it lastly resolved to strike “bylaw 17(7) from R-8.6 and replace it with “bylaw 15(7).”

*R-8:  Alternates