December 3, 2021

Whereas the SFSS has the ability to set policy around the collection of SFSS student activity fee including exemptions;

Whereas the STEPS Forward program supports SFU students with developmental disabilities to complete university courses;

Whereas these students are registered in SFU courses and SFU considers them to be undergraduate students;

Whereas STEPS Forward has approached the SFSS requesting that their members become full members of the SFSS;

Whereas students are only SFSS members where they pay an activity fee;

Whereas STEPS students take courses that SFU’s system designates as audit courses;

Whereas in the early 1980s Forum (Board of Directors) passed a motion to exempt students solely taking audit courses from paying student society fees;

Whereas the SFSS has not been in the practice of collecting student society fees from students only enrolled in auditing courses;

Whereas FP-1 Student Society Fees was not amended to reflect the motion or the practice of not collecting fees from students only enrolled in auditing courses;

THEREFORE Be it resolved that Council begin charging an activity fee for students enrolled in the STEPS Forward program so they can become SFSS members by adding the following sentence to FP-1 following the current s. 1.13, and renumbering the policy accordingly:

“1.14 Students only enrolled in auditing courses are exempt from all student society fees, excluding students enrolled as undergraduate students through SFU’s Inclusive Post-Secondary Education partnership with STEPS Forward, which students will be charged Student Society Fees.”