The Trans & Gender Diverse Guide to SFU


Trans and gender diverse students, staff and faculty face additional challenges when trying to fully engage with the SFU community. These challenges include having their gender recognized in communication with the university, engaging with classmates and professors, and finding washrooms where they feel safe amongst many other concerns. The trans and gender diversity project aims to inform trans and gender diverse students of how to deal with the challenges they can face in accessing the university.

The Trans and Gender Diverse Guide to SFU was worked on over several years by a number of different people. You can find the finished copy here as a pdf, or at several on-campus locations in a physical form.

If you have questions, please contact the Out On Campus Volunteer Coordinator at

SFU Queer History Project


The Queer History Project seeks to preserve and make available historical documents (including minutes, activities, workshops, event posters etc), and to conduct and record interviews with relevant current and historical participants in the queer organizing history on our campus. So far documents have been organized, and scanning is underway.

If you feel like you or someone you know would have something to contribute to this project, please contact our SFU Queer History Project Worker by emailing to discuss it and possibly set up an interview time and date.

Got Queer?


The Got Queer? campaign debuted in the Summer of 2010, and with great success! Based off the famous “Got Milk?” campaign, our campaign aimed to create awareness around campus about the many ways people identify, illuminating the natural diversity of our campus (and of the celebrity world!). It’s important to note that the twenty posters are far from the complete list of identities – in fact, the number of ways someone can identify is seemingly infinite!

Here, you’ll find posters for each term represented.


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