June 29, 2021

Trigger/content warning: genocide, religious percecution 

Sat sri akaal and assalamu alaykum,

The month of June is a time of grieving in the Sikh community as it marks the beginning of outwardly genocidal policies against Sikhs in India that continue to have profound implications to this day. The Simon Fraser Student Society recognizes the violation of human rights and organized and systemic violence carried out against the Sikh population throughout India in 1984 and beyond. 

As members of a religious minority, we as Sikhs would also like to take this opportunity to stand in solidarity with our Muslim community members. As we remember 1984, it is imperative to recognize that religious persecution continues to occur and it is all of our responsibilities to fight for justice and equity. We condemn the act of terror against Muslims that occured in London, Ontario and recognize the impact it had on Muslims worldwide. These atrocities have resulted in intergenerational trauma, which manifests within generations of our elders and within ourselves as well. The impact of this trauma continues to resonate with students today. Our struggles as religious minorities are very much interconnected and we will continue to fight for all of our rights to practice our respective religions free of persecution.

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