February 12, 2021

The Simon Fraser Student Society has set aside $10,000  to spend on student-driven initiatives, programs and resources. We’re asking students and staff to tell us how they’d like us to spend it.

By asking for your suggestions, we hope to make our budgeting process more transparent and encourage marginalized and underrepresented members to participate in the decision-making process. What would improve your experience with SFSS? Pitch your ideas below! 

We’re looking for ideas that will help drive our strategic plan forward. Tell us how your idea aligns with one (or more) of the following pillars. The examples given may be funded by other areas of the SFSS budget, but are provided to give context to the pillars:

Student Engagement – Events and activities that connect students with each other and connect students to SFSS. Improving communication between the executive committee and the student body.

  • Examples:  Virtual Events (trivia nights, cooking workshops, bullet journaling etc), Concerts/Performances, Pancake Breakfast, Town Halls, social media 

Student Wellbeing – Initiatives that improve or support student physical, psychological, or emotional health

  • Examples: Workshops on stress management, mental health awareness training, providing the SFSS Foodbank program, exercise classes, Student Health and Dental Plan, legal clinic

Student Financial Health – Initiatives that help students save money, provide students with money, or teach students how to manage money effectively

  • Examples: Tuition Freeze, bursaries, money management workshops, 

University Relations – Advocacy and initiatives that communicate student needs to the University and provide avenues and resources to help get those needs met. Listening to and amplifying the voices of undergrad students in their relationship with SFU

  • Examples: Letters to SFU Administration, Students Need Space Campaign

Government and Stakeholder Relations- Developing strategic relationships with municipal, provincial and federal governments and community agencies with the intention of making student voices heard 

  • Examples: Gondola campaign, sending representatives to lobby government on behalf of students, #studentsagainsttmx

Organizational Development – Improvements to how SFSS functions in order to better serve its membership.

  • Examples: staff training, changing/streamlining administrative processes

We are a student-led organization that represents and advocates for the interests of the 25,000+ undergraduate students at SFU. We are your not-for-profit support network and voice at SFU and provide services and support to make your student life better. While it’s not within our capacity to allocate budget to change processes and infrastructure within SFU, we can advocate SFU administration on your behalf.

We will collect and review your ideas, choose several suggestions using established criteria, then we will give you a chance to rank the selections and determine how the budget will be spent. Submit your suggestions here by February 26, 2021: bit.ly/SFSSParticipatoryBudget

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