September 24, 2020

This is an ONLINE ONLY event.We talk about consent a lot, but really: what does is sound like, what does it feel like, and what are the rules? How can we get great at consent? Get useful, real info and resources and support from Options for Sexual Health’s director of education.This event is free to all SFU/FIC students that are self-Identified women, and non-binary people who feel this is suitable for them. This event is only intended for the SFU/FIC community.

****This is a workshop of a sensitive nature. Please be respectful of others who may feel shy or vulnerable.******

Facilitated by: Kristen Gilbert, Education Director from Options for Sexual Health.

Please be aware that while this is intended for the SFU/FIC community, by nature of this being on a public website, others may end up joining in and we cannot assure privacy. By clicking on the link and joining, you acknowledge that you are participating in a public online event. Upon entering the online space, your microphone and camera will be automatically turned off. You may choose to turn these on if you would like. By registering for this virtual event, you agree to participating in a respectful manner, which contributes to building a safe and welcoming space. You acknowledge that any disrespectful or harassing behaviour may result in your removal or banning from future events. Online Well-being Etiquette • This is a judgement-free zone. Instead, let’s share kindness. If you choose to share comments, positive and supportive comments to other fellow students are welcome! • Respect the virtual environment – turning off your microphone when you are not speaking helps with managing the bandwidth we all share and allows more people to virtually connect. • Self-care – this is your time. There is no expectation to share your thoughts with others or say anything if you choose not to!

If you have any concerns, questions, or comments, please email:

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