The SFSS is continuously reviewing and monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and we are currently available to support students virtually. Please view the services that have been modified to be more accessible for our members.

This situation is continually evolving and may impact the operations below. Check back regularly for the latest updates.

For general inquiries and additional questions, please contact the SFSS Student Centre (


Club approvals will be done as usual:

  1. Submit club proposal (you can request this from the Student Centre) and send email to
  2. Proposals are  reviewed by the coordinators and a further information form is sent out to the applicant
  3. Documents and Application are reviewed by the coordinators and approved or denied.
  • Coordinators will send you an email If further information is needed; however, if an in person meeting is deemed necessary, the application will be placed on hold until we are allowed to conduct in person meeting


Locker administration at this time will be put on hold. The locker renewals and turnover that typically happen in April/May will be put on hold until the SFSS returns to regular operations. Existing locker holders will retain their lockers until this time. 

Due to increased incidents and concerns over locker and common room thefts at Burnaby campus during this isolation period, we would like to remind you to secure your valuables and take the appropriate steps to verify missing items.

If it is safe for you to do so, we recommend removing valuable items from your locker. If you choose to enter campus spaces, please adhere to social distancing guidelines (ex. limit close contact with others, on transit and on campus). We should keep about two meters from one another when we can when outside our homes.

If your locker is located in the MBC, please note that starting Friday, April 3, 2020 the MBC will be closed the following times:

  • Monday to Friday: 6.00pm – 8.00am (the following morning)
  • Saturday to Sunday: All day closure (beginning on Friday at 6.00pm and reopening Monday at 8.00am)

Locker owners are welcome to contact security (at 778-782-7991) to verify the items missing. If any items of value were taken or personal information is at risk they should be encouraged to file a RCMP report at 604-646-9999 and ask for the reporting desk. 


Going forward, student groups who have money approved in their grants for gift cards (as prizes or speaker gifts) need to have a Gift Card Receipt Form completed, and must submit it with their Cheque Requisition forms in order to get reimbursed.

The top portion of the form must be filled out by the person receiving the gift card, and the bottom portion of the form must be filled out by the club or student union executive who is distributing the gift card. One form should be filled out for each gift card received. If a recipient gets two gift cards, they should fill out two separate forms.


Effective April 1, 2020 until further notice

While the SFSS operates virtually, cheque requisitions from vendors, clubs and student unions must be submitted via email as there is no drop-off option available. For expenses prior to April 30, 2020, cheque requisitions are to be completed and submitted before May 4, 2020. 


  • The SFSS finance office requires a completed and approved cheque requisition and clear invoices  in order to process payments. Please submit your cheque requisitions via email. Scanned copies or photos of invoices are acceptable. The submitter must send clear scans or photos with totals to their usual approver (see the guidelines below).
  • Clubs and Student Union requisitions must include an Event Summary Form, if it is associated with a grant request (Summary and Reimbursement Request)  
  • For student unions, minutes approving reimbursements to members must be included.


  • Complete cheque requisition. Forms must include a mailing address.
  • Send the completed form via email, to the usual approver:
    • Clubs send cheque requisitions to the SFSS Student Centre (, 
    • Student Unions send forms to MSC – Unions & Groups (
  • Receipts may be scanned or photographed, and attached to the email. The entire receipt must be included.*
  • Please limit attachments to 5 receipts/invoices per email. If you have a large reimbursement, please send additional emails with reference to your cheque requisition (ex. subject part 1/2, subject part 2/2).
  • Send one cheque requisition per email so that supporting documentation is attached to the correct form.

Failure to follow the guidelines may result in the delay of processing payments. 

*Note: Please hold onto the original receipts, invoices and documents that are submitted with the Cheque Requisition Forms for 2 years. The originals may be helpful in the event the scanned copies are not clear, and need to be presented at a later date. The receipts may also need to be presented upon the request of the SFSS Finance Coordinators and or external auditors.


At the time the items and categories to be approved will be reviewed on a month to month basis and will be in line with the government recommendations regarding COVID-19 best practices at that time. We are unable to approve any retroactive purchases (purchased before the grant was approved).

Other Funding:

Clubs Resource Funding and Petty Cash:

  • At this time the utilization of Resource Funding and Petty Cash for Clubs will remain the same. 

Student Unions and Groups Core Funding:

  • Core funds will carry over by request only. These requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Please email to look into your specific situation.


About the Program:

This program is for EMERGENCY NEED of food only. Please complete the form only if hunger is a pressing issue (to maintain food funds). This is a valuable and essential service to students, from students, and is intended to serve as an online food bank. Please consider modified grocery store hours during this time, and remember to practice safety measures to aid in the battle against COVID-19. Additionally, attempt to visit as infrequently as possible without resorting to hoarding behaviour. 

This food bank service is open for SFU Undergraduate students and FIC students ONLY. SFU Graduate Students are not eligible for this program. 

To promote the safety of students and staff and to adhere to social distancing guidelines, we have made some changes to how food vouchers will be distributed. Starting April 6, 2020 all food vouchers will be mailed out to your home address. You will not be able to pick them up from SFU Campuses. Please make sure to provide your full information in this form; otherwise we will not be able to process your request.

For the Fall 2020 Semester, you will only need to make ONE request. You will be given a one-time lump sum. You will not be able to make any more requests for the rest of the semester. Please fill out the websurvey here:

If you are in need, you can also refer to Embark’s Food Rescue Program at Burnaby campus.  Embark collects healthy yet imperfect-looking produce that does not meet the selling criteria of supermarket chains and redistributes it to the university community for free or by donation. Food is collected from Nesters Market and distributed at SFU Burnaby at Embark’s Learning Garden, on the south side of TASC1.

If hunger remains an issue for you, please contact your local food bank in the meantime. You can visit to find a food bank that will be able to assist you.


Are you facing the challenge of meeting your daily needs on a reduced income? Register for the #SFUFoodHub to collect free, weekly groceries every Wednesday at Burnaby campus. You must register weekly, by the end of each Tuesday, for pickup on the following Wednesday. More information here:

More information and registration for pickup here:


We are proceeding with legal clinic meetings by phone during the regular scheduled times. Please email the Student Centre ( to book an appointment.


  • You can stay in touch with SFU’s LGBTQ+ communities on our new Discord server, which can be accessed by any SFU/FIC student at
  • Many of our events will move to Discord, including LGBTea, The Game Agenda, and Movie Screenings. As well, you’ll be seeing some new events there, including a Breakfast Club and Netflix viewing parties
  • Our peer support has moved from Lipsi to Discord, where you can access support from other students as well as OOC staff
  • Our newsletters will have an increased focus on good news items, webinars available to support wellbeing, and ways to support and connect with our online community. You can sign up here:



  • View the COVID-19 Women’s Centre resources here.
  • Connect with the community (SFU students of all gender) through Discord:
  • We will be working with Health and Counselling, as well as SVSPO, for online services to the community. Stay tuned for updates.
  • Feel free to contact the Athena, the Women’s Centre coordinator at for the following:
    • Research services. Email Athena if you’re looking for specific resources in your area.
    • Emotional support/referrals. These are usually conducted by zoom and Skype but phone calls can be arranged as well.
    • “Ask a gardener” Q&A for new gardeners.
    • Help with job searching, editing your resume and cover letters, and improving your interview skills.
  • We are working on setting up multiplayer online games (suggestions are encouraged) and hosting zoom study/chat sessions with students. Reach out to Athena if you’re interested.


Update as of August 26, 2020:

U-Pass BC Planning for Fall

Since the decision was made to suspend the U-Pass BC program for the 2020 Summer semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Simon Fraser Student Society, Graduate Student Society and SFU have worked with TransLink, and the other public post-secondary institutions and student associations in Metro Vancouver, to reinstate the program with appropriate eligibility adjustments. We are happy to announce that as of September 1, the U-Pass BC program will be resuming.

For students enrolled at SFU in the Fall semester (online or in-person courses) and currently residing in Metro Vancouver:

The program will resume on September 1 with terms and conditions identical to those before the Summer term suspension. Your U-Pass BC will give you unlimited access to bus, SkyTrain and SeaBus transportation at the rate of $42.50 per month, collected as a $170 student fee alongside your Fall term tuition. In order to access your U-Pass BC, you need to acquire a Compass Card and make a request each month using the U-Pass BC website. Pre-existing exemption categories will continue to apply, which you can learn more about here.

For students enrolled at SFU in the Fall semester but not currently residing in Metro Vancouver:

You will be considered ineligible for the program and you will receive a refund of your U-Pass BC fee, credited to your SFU student account. You will need to follow these steps to ensure you get a refund, and it is important that you do not request the U-Pass BC through the website linked above as that month’s pass and fee will be irreversible. Please allow a few weeks for SFU to process the much greater than normal numbers of ineligible students.

If you have any questions or problems setting up your U-Pass BC, please contact the SFU U-Pass BC office at or 778.782.6930.


      V I R T U A L  P L A T F O R M S  T O  U S E 




  • View the Simon Fraser Student Society/Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) Safety Plan here.
  • View the Student Union Building Safety Plan here.