March 19, 2021

The March 16, 2021 Atlanta Spa Shooting comes amidst a disturbing global wide rise in violence and discrimination directed against the Asian population, with six of the eight victims killed being Asian women. The SFSS condemns anti-Asian racism in all forms, and stands in solidarity and compassion with the diverse Asian community. We hope to provide some resources for support options, as well as information for our members.

While we and others use the term “Asian” broadly, we acknowledge that here the term Asian is referring to people of Central, East, and South East Asian descent.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant and difficult impact on Asian communities, across the world. In Canada, Asian communities have experienced an increase in hate crimes and racist incidents during the pandemic, especially against seniors, with more than 800 incidents recorded by Fight COVID Racism. There has been a 717% increase in reported anti-Asian hate crimes over the past year in Vancouver, with the actual number of unreported hate crimes likely to be higher. 

This week’s mass-shooting attack is a direct result of the build up in anti-Asian racism and increase in hate crimes since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. When discussing this horrific incident, we also acknowledge the intersectionalities of race, class, and working status that put these victims in an extremely vulnerable position in society. From the increasingly prevalent stereotyping to systemic discrimination, we must interrupt racism and other forms of connected oppression as soon as we recognize it. 

It is important that various communities act in solidarity with one another against white supremacy, as many of us each engage in anti-oppressive efforts in some form. Our struggles are connected, and we will only be liberated from colonialism, classism, misogyny, and all other forms of oppression if we work together in our different capacities. 

The only way forward is to take care of ourselves as we fight the white supremacy that enables this type of horror to escalate to such a level. Hearing of mass shootings targeted towards your own community can feel unsafe, infuriating, and heart-shattering. See the section below for some internal SFSS and SFU services, as well as external mental health resources available to you. Informational resources are available for activists and allies too.


SFSS & SFU Support Options

Take Action: Donate and Support

  • Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice
    Donations go towards grocery subsidies and grocery delivery for low-income seniors, language access, disability assistance, and intergenerational community events.

Informational Resources

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